Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary's gonna die, be replaced by body double

All of Freep is swirling in conspiracies about Hillary's health. As is often the case, the lack of supporting data just allows for a wider range of possibilities to be considered. In fact, Freepers are actively disbelieving everything the Hillary campaign puts out, meaning the data they have to work with is limited to whatever videos Drudge sees fit to put out.

This has moved beyond making the usual hateful partisan hay to a Freeper obsession. Freepers love finding their own pet conspiracies, they like the idea that the woman is frail and Trump dominates health, and Freepers really do want Hillary to suffer and die. So now it's become self-driving, and will continue independent of any political benefit - they cannot stop themselves.

The other remarkable aspect is how repetitive this is - thread after thread is filled with Freepers copy-pasting their favorite past posts and graphics with even the few original posts being more of the same. I can't tell if it's a party atmosphere or compulsively going through the motions.

Savage Beast starts us off strong with assassination speculation:
Could Hillary be a victim of Arkancide? You know-—you live by the sword...etc. etc.
Helicondelta took over this thread, and also took a bunch of contradictory positions:
Well, I think she is only running because her donors (Saudis, etc) already paid upfront via the Clinton foundation. If she were to get out for health reasons they might go after her family.

The safest course for her will be to throw the election. She is exhausted. She can barely stand up. 4 years as president will be torture for her.
So Hillary didn't want to run, but can't drop out. Helicondelta also thinks she could drop out:
This is great. Hillary is a ticking time bomb. She won’t last much longer.

The worst case scenario would be for Hillary to come clean about her health, drop out, cry and endorse Biden. I believe in this scenario Biden might be unstoppable. If Hillary continues to lie she wont win. She is not fooling anyone anymore.
Helicondelta further thinks Hillary uses girls as crutches:
I am not convinced that thing walking out of Chelseas apartment was not a double

She had to lean against a little girl so she wouldn't fall again:

Why would that little girl be by herself in front of Chelsea's apartment?
Molon Labbie seriously speculates that Hillary has secretly died and now there's an inhuman double:
All joking aside, what if she really kicked off today and the handlers are just trying to figure out to break it to the nation?

You know, pneumonia took a turn for the worse, so on so forth, all the while no one has seen her...

And know some folks her get wound up about it, but I am not convinced that thing walking out of Chelseas apartment was not a double, to many things don’t match.
magua hauls out Benghazi:
Hillary’s 9-11 and this time it is about the video. Poetic Ambassador Stevens.
flaglady47 requires proof of ridiculous things:
I want to see some proof that Hitlery was ever even seen by her Doctor on Friday, as claimed (when and where was the meeting and where was the Press that day?). Where is the confirmation of a chest x-ray taken on that day, ordered by her Doctor and done by a Lab, the only way to give an accurate diagnosis of pneumonia? Where was the prescription filled for antibiotics that were allegedly prescribed to Hitlery by her Doctor that day and presumably filled. Where is the paper trail for all of this, hmmmm?
grania once had really bad pneumonia, which means Hillary must have the same thing:
Six years ago I fainted in a parking lot. When the EMTs revived me, they asked if I wanted to be checked out at an emergency ward, and added that when someone collapses they ALWAYS go to get checked out.

If little folk like me follow this protocol, why wouldn't hillary? She's been having medical issues, and it's only sensible to have them checked when an episode occurs.

PS: It was a very bad pneumonia, involved lung surgery, a long hospital stay, and after that 30 days mostly in bed at home on a very strong antibiotic. And I'm in pretty good health and was 64. hillary could've died because neither she nor anyone who advises or protects her has as much sense as those EMTs called to help me that day!
Do the math was also really sick once, and it wasn't like Hillary. Thus Hillary is lying and should die!
I had pneumonia this winter, I only went to the er because one of my lungs collapsed. I never fainted or had trouble walking. The hag has something else, or she is chronically ill. May she find peace with GOD soon.
SoFloFreeper tries to pivot to Trump being secretly the best but the media covers it up:
You haven’t asked tough questions of Hussein, and you are barely speaking about Hitlery.

Meanwhile, the Republican nominee can calmly say something innocuous regarding a Muslim family and suddenly he is raked over the coals.

The Republican nominee can suggest that ENFORCING THE BORDER LAWS is part of his plan, and you call him a hatemonger and racist.

The Republican nominee can speak about illegals committing crimes and bring on stage families who have suffered...and YOU NEVER SEEM TO WANT TO INTERVIEW THEM.

The Republican nominee can attract men and women of different races, socioeconomic status, veterans (a 19 point lead in a recent poll), and you never put them on your shows, mention them in your stories, or interview them.

I s’pose you are all gearing up for October when your original little tin god will hit the campaign trail for the sick old lady. Got your pens ready to transcribe every word he says like it is gold?
poinq is pretty sure everyone is a Freeper:
Nobody believes the press either. While they waited for the new more believable lie, they were frustrated because the internet had the story and they had no unified story to sell.

And most people won’t believe that Hillary has pneumonia.
Ray76 just posts his silly confusion about how secret e-mails work on whatever random thread:
Speaking of her e-mail server...

This past Wednesday at NBC’s “Commander In Chief Forum” Clinton said “I communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system” than her personal system.

What system she was referring to? What e-mail address did she use on this system? Or did she lie to the vet, the Forum, and the U.S.?

She needs to answer these questions.

I don’t care that she’s falling down in the street, she needs to answer the questions. She’s well enough to go out on the sidewalk and hug a kid, she’s well enough to answer the questions. Don’t let her worm out of it.
Just when you think birthers have turned to healthers, Savage Beast wonders if Trump can just cancel everything since 2008.
if President Trump should appoint an ad hoc committee with subpoena powers to investigate Obama’s credentials and establish proof of ineligibility to hold office, he could make the case for ex post facto impeachment and nullification of all of Obama’s actions.
sodpoodle is sure pneumonia is contagious, and is sure Hillary spits on all children she sees:
Did she see her grandchildren at Chelsea’s apartment and did she sneeze, cough and spit all over them??
quesney wins the concern trolling award:
This woman is being dragged through the campaign like a commodity rag doll.

She's being used... just like she's used others (her voters). She's being used by the Democratic Party, by her own husband.

Her life is being treated as disposable - she's treating her own life as disposable -- just like the lives of all those inner-city blacks Dems get to vote for them despite screwing them over and destroying their lives time and time again.

This is a terrible thing to see on so many levels. It's like a metaphor for the Democratic Party. It's almost poetic in a really twisted way.


  1. Yeah, the body-double thing appears to be having a moment on FR. Here, butterdezillion's grand unified theory regarding plane crashes to cover up Obama's falsified birth certificate has been overtaken by an even crazier (and less pleasant) freeper, RX, who is now adding a planted mannequin into the mix:

    Butter, of course, jumps into the new conspiracy with both feet.

  2. It would take three fat ladies to make one body double for STINKIE TWINKIE !!!

    1. Ur momma so fat, her body double is a triple

    2. Goddamn, thas SICK!!!

    3. Ay-nony-nony should probably check themselves into the burn unit after that sick burn....

  3. "May she find peace with GOD soon."

    because freeperville's passive (and not so passive) aggressive fatwas have worked so well these last eight years ...

  4. Wait, wait, wait! If they got a body double, wouldn’t that one be healthy? Or is (s)he faking?

    In all seriousness, with all the hand shaking and traveling, etc, it's amazing only one president had died of illness right after taking the oath. Especially in the age before antibiotics.

    Why aren't more candidates taken with walking pneumonia? We need answers!

  5. Is Butterdezillion going to commit suicide now that Donald Trump has stated that President Obama was born in the United States? (Right after saying he wouldn't say if he was born in the united states?)

    Trump defiant as poll numbers rise, won’t say Obama was born in United States

    Trump and Birtherism - update

    PS: Freepers cite Scott Adams (Dilbert) quite a lot. I can't figure out why. Freepers seem to quote his analyses without being sure whether or not he sides with them.

    1. From what I can gather Adams has been pretty kooky for a while, especially about women.

      He is using fancy words to say that Trump cannot lose; that's Freeper catnip.

  6. Wow, you're right. I did some searching, and it wasn't hard to find.

    Scott Adams to Men’s Rights Activists: Don’t bother arguing with women; they’re like children.

    I wonder how I never heard about all that before?

    1. I was replying to Ozy above . . .