Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Spotlight: JLAGRAYFOX

Another of Free Republic's angry optimists, his enthusiasm never leads to sufficient commitment to make him care when he's proven wrong.

In fact, he rarely touches on facts at all, preferring empty cheerleading or empty declarations to the usual Freeper style of using ginned-up delusional evidence. When he does hit-up facts, he keeps it to one, often off-topic nugget.
His profile was written during the 2012 election and waxes over Goldwater. He's been posting about Obama's soon-to-come downfall!!! since at least 2010, and it hasn't stopped him.

He takes particular interest in the black vote, for some reason, and will post predictions that blacks will be voting Republican at last!!! every national election. He also can't seem to let go of President Obama, and has decided he's behind the Hillary campaign somehow. And I hope you like Benghazi, because he sure does!

Also likes to talk about how people he disagrees with are 'on the reefer' and 'gotta get real' an amusing amount. And, of course, everyone's Hitler.

Only Trump can save us from our evil allies
IMHO.....I am with Mr. Trump!!! Just look at what a mess both the world and our country is in because of the policy of maintaining the faild past. We live in a new, ever fastly changing world. Many of our allies have not met their both their military or financial, obligations in pacts or business agreements and they need a comeuppance from the USA!!!!

Obama/Clinton has bankrupted our nation and just continues to throw money away...all with no positives in return. Trump is a man of action!!! Those like Obama & Clinton....that lead from behind are destroying our country.....I’ll take DJT any day of the week, over these losers and America haters!!! Go Donald J. Trump!!!
He watched C-SPAN once. TRUMP!!!
A side bar.....Have you all ever witnessed the House & Senate voting on a bill? I am talking about the actual vote...not the discussions, pro & con. The House has limits on the times for voting, fifteen or five minutes....the Senate is unrestricted!!!

A House vote always goes way past the time limits by as much as an hour, and the can get a one to two hour nap before all the Deadbeat Representatives & Senators cast their vote!!! In a private business board meeting a vote take about three minute, if that long!!!

Now...this is a small item...but it the way our government employees drag everything out. When Donald J.Trump is elected POTUS....I know he will not stand for this gig, in a New York minute. Just imagine the amount of waste of time and money POTUS Trump could save the American taxpayer as he amkes government operations more efficent and cost effective....a word these elected buffoons, know nothing about!!!

I’m 100% behind Donald J. Trump for POTUS....”Make America, Great Again!!!”

Folks in New Hampshire today, pleas do not disappoint the american people as the voters in Iowa have done. Iowa had the chance to make america great again....and they blew it badly, IMHO!!! Vote today for Donald J. Trump!!!
Benghazi melodrama:
Look, folks, Obama must go, and....the Democrat Party must be the unit that removes him from office and fires Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta. The Dems should march down to the White House today, and demand that Obama resign immediately. And...if he does not resign, then the Dems should immediately began action to impeach him.

The blood of our tortured and murdered public servants drips from Obama’s & Clinton’s inept, anti-American hands!!! The “four” Americans slaughtered because of Obama’s inept weakness and failure to give them protection were worth one hundred times what both Obama & Clinton are worth. May both Obama & Clinton burn and rot in hell for eternity for causing the deaths of these fine, young, patriotic Americans. They both belong in bonding kinship with likes of the Devil himself!!!

And....friends, if the Dems take no action, we should defeat everyone of them at the polls, come November 6, 2012!!! ABO!!!
Donald Trump does not lie...but Barack Hussein Obama & Hillary lie 100% of the time!!!
...mega seconds? Like 10 days?

Putin takes over the world:
The end game...Putin wipes out ISIS...The Russian Federation then rules Syria...and down the road apiece....then, the Russians take over Iran, and rule the entire Middle East an establish a tight relationship with Israel!!! Obama has been out fleeced by Putin....big time!!! I have told the American people many times....that the day would come when they would rue the day they ever elected Muslim, POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama!!! Remember, I posted this....Putin will soon rule, the Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Iraq...and the Putin will go after eastern Europe!!! Obama, the American moron POTUS has nary a clue!!!
How Trump would change Congressional rules is left as an exercise to the reader.

He doesn't even go with the usual Freeper litany of evil, preferring to go straight to personal shots.
Donald J. Trump is America’s last chance to survive as a great nation. When I Iook and listen to a sickly appearing person (Hillary Clinton), that presents herself in person, with dissheveled, uncombed, hair and no make-up, as she addresses the American Legion, A VP, Joe “Plugs” Biden blabbering nothing worthwhile, in front of a few union goons, forced to attend his presence, by their leadership and, the brainless, braindead words out-of-the- mouth of that idiot Clinton, VP, nominee, Tim Kaine, I cannot believe that the American voters would even consider these misfit, fools & idiots for anything more then a carnival side show......they certainly do not come close to POTUS caliber!!! Go figure!!!

Hatred of Obama, McConnell:
Like I said...i cannot stand Mitch McConnell...he sank Ted Cruz & Mike Lee when both men were dead right about failed Obamacare. but....having said that....

i cannot even stand to hear “traitor” Obama open up his “Pajama Boy” mouth. The very sight of him disgusts me!!! I can never forgive his “Benghazi” abandonment of our four public servants...left to die in terror and pain...and, now the VA gig of killing our military veterans by Obama panel choice!!! IMHO....Obama and the entire Democrat Party must be defeated politically...right now!!! McConnell...we can easily take down later.
In 2012, maybe the return of Palin?
Methinks you folks should keep your powder dry and keep your yaps shut. Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan may just spring Ms. Palin on the convention floor at the absolute last minute for maximum exposure and to screw the liberal, Obamabot, left-wing, media dirt bags.

Based on the massive turnout of voters for Romney/Ryan wherever they went Saturday & Sunday and the dismal rally attendance at every Obama campaign stop... I would say Palin, speaking at the last minute, would be a stunning good move, and would bring the convention to a fever pitch!!!
Bad economic numbers, yay!
Dismal numbers for Obama, Clinton & the Democrat Party!!! Job creation dropped more then 100,000 jobs from last month...the economy is growing at a snails pace. Time to dump all Dempcrats politically. They have failed our nation, miserably, time after time, on so many different fronts.

Go Donald J. Trump!!!
The Democratic Convention was awful, Trump's sure to win now!
The DNC is a “never-never” land fantasy. I rate it a “D-”!!! It is naught but, filled with nutcases living in the past supposed, glory & total failure of their liberal, socialist credo!!! Their beloved Obama/Clinton, media cannot save them this time. The American people have caught on to their scam, from A-Z. And....that egomaniac, Obama, that deadbeat Tim Kaine, the idiot of the universe, Joe Biden...think they done good....they are dreaming in their self-created fantasy bubble. Little or, no bounce for Clinton from this fantasy convention of low life democrats, America haters and bigots!!!
Hillary gonna lose for sure:
I love watching Hillary Clinton, the shouter, rant & rave!!! If she only knew how bad she looks and annoying she sounds. Good news is, no one is listening, except her few loyal malcontents that show up for her useless rallies. Not many there today.......even with the “Bern” there, Ms. Clinton could not fill up a high school gym with her supporters!!! She is going the get the political spanking of her entire life come, November 8, 2016!!! Can’t wait for Trump to debate, the “Witch”!!!
Screw the polls!!! Trump will soon be ahead in all the polls!!!
Fact: “Real Clear Politics” is so out of touch with the real world poll numbers, it is the biggest laugh of the century!!! Something is terribly wrong in the Clinton camp!!! Trump will be leading nationally by 5-10 points within the next two or three weeks. The American voters will not tolerate a candidate that is truely a phantom, hiding in the closet, in reality. That gig just ain’t gonna work!!! Dems....broom Crooked, felon, Hillary Clinton, now,..or, go down with her!!!
Trump will carry New York:
I really do believe Donald J. Trump will carry the state of New York. Trump will carry all of upstate NY, all of Long island, NY, possibly Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, NYC. Those areas are enough tobgive Trump a large victory in NY state.

Folks, please pay attenion and take heed to the political rallies that Trump puts forth in NY, on Long Island, Uptstate, Staten Island, etc. These events will be massively attended. In addition, the Trump “NYC Street talk & ways” that Trump owns...sends a message to all street New Yorkers,,,that he is of them, from his head to his toes. And....believe me,they love him, just for that!!!
The real test of popularity is rallies!!!
IMHO.....All the money in the world and all the media bias in favor of Hillary Clinton cannot and will not save her. Folks, Newspapers, Radio and Television have come and gone, now being actively, replaced by the internet and soicial media. Tons of high dollar funded political ads have little effect these days.

But since the American Revolution...and still going on strong, today, politicians of all sorts, have always held and presented “Rallies” to American voters. A candidate who does not hold powerful, highly attended, rallies, can never expect to become POTUS. It just ain’t gonna happen.
Primary turnout is more important than any poll:
Morning Joe is a total non-player in the game of politics...and, his horrible viewer numbers tell the entire story!!! Shucks, Joe, take a gander at the yesterday, Florida primary numbers, which outpaced the Democrat primary numbers by some 350,000 votes. Ya know what that means. It means Donald J. Trump is going to win in Florida and Marco Rubio wiill, handily be re-elected to the US Senate!!!
Once Hillary wins the nomination, she is doomed!
I was pushing Biden...because, he is the dumbest man in the universe.....but, at the end of the day, Hillary Clinton, will be crowned Queen of the life low, traitor Democrat Party!!! In fact, she will be much easier to beat then Biden and the Obama Democrat vermin that would have pushed him!!!

Clinton, now has no competition, and she will get lazy, evil, hateful, listless, dull & boring as time moves on!!! If Donald Trump gets the GOP nod...he will slaughter Clinton politically as well as devastate and destroy the current Democrat Party vermin!!!
Full panic mode.
Look folks, The Obamabot/Clinton/Democrat vermin media is in full panic mode!!! They will say and lie about anything to stop the destruction of both failed POTUS Obama and the political implosion of the Democrat Party. However,....nothing they do or say will save the Obamabot “hate America” political vermin and serial lie teller, Hillary Clinton!!
Panic mode in 2014, too.
The media is in total panic stage as November 4, 2014 draws closer!!! They will throw anything against the wall to save Obama, the moron and would be America destroyer and his low life Democrat ain’t gonna work this time!!!! The “Palin” campaign they have now undertaken...goes nowhere...and once again they look like fools and idiots.
2013 Obama is already a lame duck!!!
Just like I’ve said....Obama is already a “Lame duck: POTUS!!! You poor folks that hail from Connecticut have been used, abused, fooled and led to the chopping block by buffoon Obama!!!
He has learned nothing since 2012:
North Carolina is gone. Obama will lose every Southern state, including, Virginia, Florida and Texas. And....his losses of other states mount as every day passes. Remember, I predicted a few days back, Obama will only carry between eight to twelve states and lose the POTUS in a landslide defeat. He is on his way to a massive defeat. And....even better....he will take many other Democrat political hacks with him.
African Muslim Obama is why Iran took over Iraq in 2011
according to the African Muslim Obama destroy America plan, Iraq is to become part of Iran the moment the USA military departs. Yes, the Obama plan to turn the entire Middle East into a radical Muslim bastion of America hate is right on schedule!!! And....just as African Muslim Obama wishes, Israel will be isolated, surrounded by legions of Obama’s “Muslim Brotherhood” brethren!!! And....African Black Christians, watch your back. Obama has you in his sights!!!
Word has it, the Chinese hate Obama:
Inside info has it, that Obama made no headway at all!! The Chinese can’t believe that Americans could be so dumb as to elect this power hungry, ego maniac, despot, Obama to the POTUS!!! They are laughing all the way back to Beijing, China!!!
Open Season on Americans.
It is Open Season on in the USA and across the world!!!

- Benghazi, Libya - Hillary Clinton...Who cares????

- Fort Hood, Texas - Obama - Just an ordinary work place shooting!!!

- Boston, Masssachusetts, Murdering Terrorist Glorified by Rolling Stone Magazine!!!

- Washington, DC - Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood at work doing the Obama, Hope & Change???

America wake up!!! Ur losing your country and your freedoms under the failed leadership of Barack Hussein Obama!!!
250 troops to Iraq!!!
Obama lies once again!!! Last Friday, Obama, the serial lie teller, told the American people there would never be any USA troops (boots) on the ground in Iraq....and this evening....he is sending 250 troops to Iraq!!! Enough said!!!
A petition to Jail Obama over the VA would totally work!!!
will any American or American organization put forth a “country wide” petition calling for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama? This VA scandal is matter how you look at it!!! Obama should not only be impeached...he should spend the rest of his useless life in prison!!! We need a petition like the “Obamacare” petition of last year’s sponsored by United States Senators!!! I believe millions of Americans would sign it!!!
Remember when Obama took the nomination from Hillary in June 2016?
But...I have changed my mind. Paul Ryan is but an poisoned, ant on the wall in the overall scheme of things....therefore I believe DJT is better served by letting him Rant & Rave as Obama’s GOP surrogate!!! Look.....the nutcase, self-lovng, egomaniac, Obama has moved to dispatch Democrat POTUS nominee, Hillary Clinton to the back bench, her, being told by Obama.....”you do not mutter one word, unless I approve its use”!!!

Bottom linr Clinton has ceased to be the Democrat POTUS nominee. Obama has take that position over....because he is in full panic mode as he watches what little legacy he has, disappear down the toilet drain!!!
3 months later, September 2016, Obama was still about to sabotage Hillary
Obama has placed the Clinton POTUS run on hold........while he figures a way to replace her, as the Democrat POTUS candidate. Hence, no Clinton political rallies.
More Obama vs. Hillary:
Sounds far fetched....but...maybe not. IMHO....I kinda believe that POTUS, Obama has really had enough of the Clintons, and wants them to disappear into the sunset of obscurity forever. Obama lives for only one thing...his legacy. Hillary Clinton and all th Clinton crimes they have committed, is an open threat to him gaining and holding a somewhat decent legacy (There will be nothing for Obama in history but a failed legacy, in reality).

As such.....Obama has ordered, IMHO, FBI Director, Comey to spill the baens on Hillary & company. folks....take notice that Obama is low profile these days, and, has been out-of-sight for sometime now. he has onlt appeard with Clinton at one rally. He says he will campaign for her through all of October....but, I doubt thar, because, Clinton/Obama campaigning together will neither drew more Clinton suppoters to her failed political or real voters to her cause. that spells a bad POTUS ending for POTUS, Obama.

I think Obama will dump her and upgrad either Tim Kaine or Joe “Plugs” Biden to become the Democrat, POTUS nominee, and with that, the Democrats will lose the POTUS slot, the Houss & the Senate.....and begin to prepare for the next mid-term and following POTUS election.

Obama will overwhelmingly lay the blame for the Clinton failed POTUS run, solely at the feet of the Clintons. End of story!!!

Go Donald J. Trump....ONWARD to full victory!!!
Mr. Comey:
Director, Comey is simply the tool and lackey of Obama, Clinton, Lynch and the entire “crooked” Dmocrat Party. They should all be fired and charged with treason to the United States of America!!! Mr. Comey has neither backbone, sense of justice, dignity, dedication or loyalty to his country and its people.

If Comey has any sense of histroy and self worth left,....he will immediately reverse his call, and charge Hillary Clinton with the criminal felony charges, she so richly deserves
Destroy all liberals:
Folks....until Obama, Clinton, the entire Democrat Party is totally destroyed, politically, this mayhem, murder and terrorism will continue, unabated!!! Obama?Clinton, etc,. have chained the African-American community into permanent poverty and slave plantation mentality, for the sole purpose to destroy the American Republic. How’s that Kenyan, POTUS, Obama “Hope & Change” working out for you America? GO DONALD J. TRUMP.....Make America Great, Once Again!!! Onward to complete POTUS victory in November, 2016.
Blacks gotta get real!!!
This Bill Clinton move on Kendrick Meek is directly coming out of the White House. It just shows how Black folk mean zilch to Obama, Clinton and most Democrat kingmakers!!! Democrat vermin just need the Black man’s vote to stay in office. Sadly, Blacks just don’t see it, plus they are terribly misled by their “Black” leadership!!!

So...Black Americans gotta get real (they won’t)!!!

But, for the other 87% of American voters, the handwriting is clearly on the wall!!! The Democrat Party must be totally and finally destroyed come next Tuesday, Election Day, 2010. Americans, with their votes must dismember the entire Democrat Party from head to toe!!! Shucks, we might even get a little bit of assistance from Black Americans who finally have come to see the light of freedom, liberty, education and opportunity!!!
Wake up, black people!
Herman Cain is da man!!! Allen West is da man!!! Mia Love is da woman!!! Not the Kenyan, Muslim, Slavemaster & Slave Seller!!! Black folks, wake up!!! You done been had by Obama and his hate America ilk!!! Being adrift at sea is no way to go through life!!! Sad!!!
Yeah...he was all aboard the Cain Train back in the day, for exactly one reason:
First, none of the other POTUS nominee candidates are Black Conservatives!!! You gotta be kidding me to ask this question. Obama is terrified of Herman Cain!!! Cain must be destroyed in any way, in any manner, and... Obama, Axelrod and the media are doing all possible to kill Cain off. God forbid this Black American gains the nomination as GOP nominee for POTUS and garners 20-30% of the Black & Hispanic American voters, which he will. It’s political curtains for Obama and a good portion of his Democrat Party as a good number of Blacks will desert the economic slavery plantation of Obama and his slaveholder Democrat Party!!!

Herman Cain, I know, we all know, how painful this awful, hateful, charade is hurting you and your family in many negative ways. Washington & Lincoln, who both took terrible abuse of all natures during their trek to greatness, you must stay in the race, win or lose. The collective, destroyers of the American Republic, Obama and his “traitor” Democrat Party cannot be allowed a victory of destruction on your behalf. Hang in there, Mr Cain!!! The American people have your back covered and, I believe your family will see and support the greater cause you are fighting for. It is not only freedom, liberty and opportunity for America, you seek, but.....a greater cause in freeing the Black economic slaves, held captive on the Obama/Democrat slave plantation. Finally, a Black American will have the chance and opportunity, like Moses, leading the Jews, to lead Black Americans, enmasse to an America that practices equality & individual, multiple, diverse opportunities and resulting success for all its citizens!!!
Obama and Common both hate white people:
You are right, the Obamas are cut from exactly the same cloth as Black racist “Common”!!! They hate White people, they hate Women, they hate Italians, they hate Police, they hate GW Bush, they hate America. The “brother” Common loves The Obamas, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louie Farrakhan, Van Jones, etc., all sworn America haters. How’s that for “Hope & Change”, Americans???
Trump went to a black church, and JLAGRAYFOX cried:
The tears rolled from my eyes as I watched the entire church ceremony, the heartfelt,spiritual, loving, words from the magnificent Pastor, the sincere, hugging within the congregation and the words rendered by Donald J. Trump. Folks....IMHO. God is speaking to us...he has sent us a “man-for-all-seasons” to save the American nation, all of us, and indeed, the entire world....too!!! Go Donald J. Trump!!! We....the American people are with you!!!
Martin Luther King would LOVE Trump!
Martin Luther King.......with caution.....would say.”People, let us listen, let us question.....we must never close our eyes, our minds, our hearts, to a man (Trump) who comes with positive message and action plans for radical change for our betterment in this great American Republic”.
The US Military is still cool.
The chairman of Amtrak appears, looks and sounds like he is braindead!!! Another Obamabot appointee!!! Is the train engineer being portrayed as another “Gentle Giant” like Obama’s “son”, the would be cop killer, Michael Brown???

The only thing and organization the USA federal government can run effectively is the USA Military!!! They fail at everything else!!! The powers that be up to Obama should be giving the third degree to this, at a minimum, careless train engineer. Instead they are coddling him like he was a saint!!! He must have something really good on Obama & Company!!!
Rare pessimism - Only our military are not 'wimps to the maximum.'
We only have one “great generation” left in America, our military.

Our President is an American hater, as is his wife, the Democrat Party is composed of America haters and destroyers of this great country and the Republicans are whimps to the maximum.

When I think of Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Rand on Japan, the Battle of Midway.....and on and on in both theaters, Pacific/Atlantic and European I see greatness and sacrifice made wllingly by millions of Americans in and out of the military.

America is no longer that nation. And....what is left of it, Obama and his traitor Democrat Party are working their hardest to destroy all of it. Sad for America, and...sad that the American people are such fools. Well, history repeats itself, Rome fell asleep at the wheel and died. America, I fear is on the same path with lots of help from Obama and his disgusting ilk of America haters, calling themselves Democrats!!!
Hillary voters have got to be high on reefer!
If there is any American that votes for this bad health farce of a woman, Hillary Clinton......they have to be high on reefer, stoned drunk. Or just plain insane!!! Go figure!!!
Obama's gonna reefer up before his debate with Romney!!!
Obama is already preparing his reefer “Mary Jane” puff, or....maybe something quite stronger for the foreign policy debate with Mitt!!! Count on Obama being stoned out of his mind.

I know I would would to be stoned if i were directly responsible for the murder of four fine American public servants because of my personal neglect and in action!!! Innocent American Blood drips from the hands of Barack Hussein “Muslim Brotherhood Adoree” Obama and SOS, Hillary Clinton. period!!! Obama must go!!! ABO!!!
Obama's high to the max on reefer!!
Any American that watches and believes this flim/flam man, POTUS Obama is either a nutcase or is drugged to the max with reefer!!! The man (Obama) is a total waste of time and his wife is even worse!!! Failure at anything he touches is his forte!!!
Guess what the press is high on?
LOL.......Yahoo and the AP are high on reefer!!! Obama/Biden are toast, come November 6, 2012!!! Bank on it!!!
Jewish Obama voters are stoned:
Any American Jew that votes for Obama is either insane, stoned, drunk .....or high on too much Kool-Aid consumption!!! I cannot believe that any objective Jewish person would even consider voting for this head to toe, “Jew Hater”, Barack Hussein “Muslim Brotherhood” Obama!!!

Every time I spent time in Israel during my life and see the faces and smiles of little innocent Jewish children playing or being pushed in their carriages by their moms & dads, I could any American Jew vote for this demented man, Obama, that would allow iran to destroy all Jews in a NY moment....and never think twice about it!!!

Shucks, cold, evil hearted. America hater, Obama could care less about our murdered Ambassador and three other American public servants slaughtered in LIBYA by his Muslim buddies, why should he care about a bunch of hated Jews being sent to the Iranian delivered nuclear gas chamber. Sad!!! Sad....that so many American Jews will betray their people, their culture, their history and their heritage!!!
Evil Jewish Haters:
Yes.....there is no doubt that Obama & his wife MIchelle are evil, deadly Jewish haters!!! Every time I see or hear Stephen Speilberg kissing Obama’s butt I LMAO.....for Obama really would love to destroy him in mega seconds when Obama thought the timing was right!!!
Hitler lives!
Hitler lives in Obama & Holder!!! Two haters of America at work, provoking race riots. Yep....American done real good, electing these tyrants..Obama & Holder!!!
Obama wasn't in the situation room for the Bin Laden raid - he was out Stalinning around!
Joe Stalin & Adolf Hitler used to do this all the time, doctor photos to remove the folks they had murdered from history. expect any less from POTUS Obama. Obama, Hitler, Stalin, one and the same!!!
"I'm not saying Obama is Hitler...but hes Hitler."
Actually, Obama security equals that of Adolf Hitler who had 55,000 SS troops guarding & protecting him.. Obama is a tyrant and dictator in the same vein as Adolf Hitler. I will not call Obama another Hitler, but he is certainly in the same league league with him as the third Anti-Christ (Obama by the way is truly an African Muslim and worshipper of “his” “Muslim Brotherhood”, the murderers of thousands of African Black Christians!!!). I suggest you good folks tune in to the History or Military cable channels and catch the documentary “Hitler’s Bodyguards”!!! The parallel between Obama & Hitler is remarkable!!!
Justice Ginsberg - worse than Hitler.
She is worse then Hitler...she should resign...she can no longer judge anything...objectively!!! Talk about Nazi & Facist lunatics....she belongs right in there with them!!! What a low life witch. She and Hillary Clinton.....fine examples of human vermin...right along with Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama!!!


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  2. "When Donald J.Trump is elected POTUS....I know he will not stand for this gig, in a New York minute."

    I've seen liberal folks (I count myself as one, not that I believe Trump would ever give up that kind of power, just trying to be clear) claim that Trump will realize that the presidency isn't what he thought it was and leave it to Trump. AKA, exactly what this dude is saying above, but I assume it's not what he meant? I'm guessing that he, like many Freepers, thinks the president is an elected dictator who can change congressional rules with a snap of his fingers.

    1. I meant Pence. Leave the presidency to Pence.

  3. "The only thing and organization the USA federal government can run effectively is the USA Military!!!"

    Yeah okay.

    1. I just have to laugh at people who make statements like that.

      The military has incredible amounts of bloat and Byzantine rules in it.

      The officer corps has people who care nothing but jumping over each other to make O6 or O7. The enlisted ranks have plenty of people who just show up for a paycheck.

      It's like any other large company. The same politics and events are in play in the Air Force as they are at Intel.

      Meanwhile some really low level cabinet agency is doing what it can and getting by with budget cut after budget cut and very little manpower. AKA the very definition of efficiency.

  4. Anyone know what's up with the name
    Justice League of America
    Metal Gear?!

    1. He likes hiding from reality in cardboard boxes... for America?

  5. He uses, an unusual amount of, unnecessary, misplaced, commas in his, writing, doesn't he?

    1. It almost, makes me read, his words, in Bill Shatner's halting cadence in my mind.

  6. For the love of God, someone please tutor JLAGRAYFOX on the use of commas. Reading, his sentences, gives me a headache.

    I also hereby, declare that I don’t ever need to hear, these words, or phrases again:
    serial lie teller (how ‘bout just “serial liar”?)
    Muslim Brotherhood

    And finally, it must really frustrate him that all of his candidates got trounced multiple times by someone who was “stoned, high on reefer.”

  7. Clinton Campaign Stunner – Dismal Attendance For Hillary Clinton Key Note Address in Kansas City:

    Too bad the pic that they have shows the crowd at 2:43 and the speech was in the evening.

    They seem to think that crowd size = votes.

    A vast majority of people who vote have never gone to any kind of political rally.

    1. They thought crowd size would determine the 2012 election, as well, when President Obama was pulling smaller crowds. Howd that work out for them?

  8. President Donald John Trump
    President of the United States of America

    Hitler-y is GOING DOWN!!!!!!

    Several "movie stars" are leaving the U.S.,
    or so they say IF DJT is elected.

    Promises, Promises.

    Vice-President Mike Pence
    V.P. of the United States of America

    Do ya'll have the "vapors" yet?

    You do?! - My work here is done. For now.

    Twinkie :o)

      MOO-MOO QUEEN of WRINKLEBAG-ISTAN (aka FreeRepublic) !

      Oh please, STINKIE ... please please continue to visit Freeper Madness after the election in November !

      I mean, after you recover from your explosive diarrhea induced coma when Hillary wins, of course !

      And please, invite your friends HARLEYBITCH and OINKS to come too, ha ha ha ha ha !!!

  9. "Obama will only carry between eight to twelve states"

    freepuses never learn ...

    WENDLE: "I think we can win all 50 states."

    Fai Mao: "I don’t think there is any way Trump wins California. Probably not Minnesota or Hawaii. PIAPs will take 10 or so states."