Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

MrBambaLaMamba jokes about his slow-motion double genocide plan.
Solution to Current World Problem -

1 - Conscript the immigrants
2 - Start land war in Asia
3 - Conscript more immigrants
4 - Start new front in Asian land war
5 - Goto 3
Reverend Wright wants everyone to know Rihanna isn't hot:
Wonder if [Singer Chris Brown] sports neck tattoos?

He does indeed.

of course, Rianna (sp?) is no prize either
Trump Girl Kit Cat is really angry at Obama over black people:
This CRAP is getting to be rediculious this SO CALLED black POTUS has done more to divide this DAMNED country than ANYONE EVER could have!!! I DISPISE this BASTARD!!!
LibertarianLiz wishes black people understood that agitating for change only makes you angry. Status Quo is the key to happiness!
I think that BLM has been one of the worst things to happen to poor black Americans. They don't help them improve their lives; they simply get them angry at other people who are always blamed for their situation.
More Obama pardons. rdl6989 gives kudos for unsupported racial assumptions:
I'm going to go out on a limb and say all the cons were of the same pigmentation, right?
Is that raciss of me?

No, you’re just telling the truth.
Bogie knows who has to moderate all three debates:
Sean Hannity is the only acceptable choice.
reasonisfaith is trying to make alt-left a thing:
What Is The Alt-Right? | Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux

you’ll soon recognize that that Soros’s alt-left—mostly made up of klansmen, Bill Kristol, Hillary’s campaign staff and the media—will not be able to fabricate a nonexistent rift between Trump voters and constitutionalists.
Arthur McGowan fantasizes that Hillary's too sick to debate:
Hillary is physically incapable of standing for two hours.

They will have to pump her so full of drugs, what comes out of her mouth is going to be, I think, unprecedentedly demented, even for her. I’d love to see her just start giggling and talking about the pretty colors.
W. is left with nothing but calling Obama gay:
Obama Wants to 'Ramp Up' Commitment to Admitting Syrian Refugees

Stick the ramp up 0bama’s bunghole. He’d like it. GDMF!
Proving it's a meaningless epithet, VRWC For Truth calls the overly heterosexual Anthony Weiner gay:
Children’s Services launches Anthony Weiner probe

The faggot enjoys probing ...
Speaking of meaningless epithets, odawg just yells Alinsky:
From article:

“Trump, 70, would be the oldest person elected president, but his health has received less coverage over the election cycle than apparently unfounded speculation he will drop out.”

Such a sentence reflects a certain type of stupidity is insufferable. I am sure it is an Alinsky tactic.
DoughtyOne argues racial history ended in 1970.
I think they should study his close connections to Senator Byrd, George Wallace, Orville Faubus, and the KKK.

As I understand it, he was very close to the worst racists from the end of the Civil War on.

He fought the end of segregation, the equal treatment under the eyes of the law, and was fiercely opposed to Blacks attending all White schools in the south.

Oh wait. That was the Democrats from 1865 to the 1970s. Never mind...
DoughtyOne is also confused that anyone can support Hillary over Trump:
When you take a look at Hillary and a look at Trump, it baffles me what people see as negative about him that rivals the avalanche of negative things we know about her.

There's this continuing meme out there that people hold a negative view of Trump. I'm here to tell folks, that Trump is a saint compared to the Devil's spawn that has been only one step ahead of the law for 30 years.

Trump is a very capable man that has operated a world class company for decades without criminality that we know of.

Stop this Trump negative talk. It's just silly.
WENDLE is pretty sure traitor McCain stole his primary:
This guy was a collaborator with the enemy in Vietnam. He met with Isis in Syria. He wants amnesty for illegal aliens, He is a traitor, 
How could anyone vote for this scum bag? I don’t believe it. The FBI told us today that the Arizona voter computer was taken over by hackers ( Democrat like the DNC). this is madness!!
...does xzins understand how critical mass works?
The Iranians better get their asses in gear. Within the next 90 days I imagine Trump will put together a comprehensive plan for sinking their entire damn Navy in one day. Their Air Force in a week . And their nuclear capacity in a week and two days.

Mosquito drone delivered micro nukes
mazda77 is pretty sure Trump's constant self-contradiction is a clever anti-media ploy:
If you notice, they lend to the left’s current narrative by not stating the details of their immigration plan other than to keep repeating that they will enforce the laws. By canceling the expected speech on Thursday, they lend into the pins and needles the left is setting on ready to pounce once the expected “force” plan is announced, so they just continue to chatter about it raising the awareness of when it is finally given.

For most in the chattering class, they do not know what the laws are or are unwilling to report them. They will be forced to admit what the laws are when the Trump campaign finally comes out with their plan and cites actual statutes which gives the left nowhere to go but to again try to lie about it. But, most will be forced to see the truth, again.

In the pond fishing world, they call that hook, line and sinker.


  1. I like how the freepers who are always going on about Civil War 2 and hanging all Democrats from lamp posts and nuking San Francisco and spending half their social security checks on ammo, literally poop their moo-moos every time black people have a protest demonstration.

    1. The Bill of Rights was written by and for white people. The fact that it covers other Americans is incidental. What, you think it's some kind of Living Document? People of color get to live here and enjoy freedom like white people do only because of their Christian generosity.

    2. Especially the indians, or as PC police like to call them, "native americans" (no, they don't get capitalization).

      Am I doing it right?

    3. "native americans" is just more PC nonsense. They're not Christians, so they never deserved any property rights. Let alone capital letters.
      Pretending to be an asshole, even for a short spell, gives me acid reflux.

  2. "When you take a look at Trump and a look at Hillary, it baffles me what people see as negative about her that rivals the avalanche of negative things we know about him."