Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Gay State Conservative works really hard to imagine every Muslim as a cartoonish villain in every moment:
Muslim Mayor Throws Out First Pitch at Met Game

I'll bet he imagined himself throwing a grenade into a group of infidels.
Garth Tater seriously thinks Hillary Clinton is an irresistable force for death:
Computer Specialist Paul Combetta Who Deleted Clinton Emails May Have Asked Reddit for Tips

Paul needs to IMMEDIATELY throw away his cell phone, empty his bank account (cash, small bills), buy a ticket on a Greyhound bus to somewhere faraway, get off half way there, hitchhike to a town 50 miles away, buy a train ticket to somewhere far away, get off half way there, buy a bicycle and a sleeping bag, pedal down the road as far as his legs will take him, throw the bike in a river, walk off into the woods as far as he can go and sit down and PRAY that Hillary doesn't win in November. If she loses he might live to see Christmas. If she wins he's a dead man no matter what he does.
dp0622 has a wife now? Anyhow, he uses her death as an excuse to imagine a murder spree:
wife used to work pretty much where chelsea bomb went off. But it happened at night so she wouldn’t have been in danger.

She’s still shook up and she works at Columbus Circle.

God help any and all muslim “obama youths” if anything happens to my wife.

Cause I wont be rational at that point.
Cobra64 wants to firebomb the Middle East:
Find out the villages where these snakes came from back in Islamistan and drop a JDAM in the town square.

Deport the suspect and jail the guilty. Clinton wants to bring in more and disarm us. Trump won’t put up with this nonsense.

Yup. Do a Curtis LeMay on them as he did to Tokyo.
I'm also a fan of the anti-due process slogan: "Deport the suspect and jail the guilty."

Speaking of Muslims getting no rights, aces explains that true patriots ignore Equal Protection of the Laws:
with america first mentality, the rights of muslims do not exist , it is not worth losing one life to prove some idea of twisted morality of america’s goodness.. You muslim? go away, if they are not here, they cannot kill us, rape us, enslave the moohamaden perv dance on our graves..get it? 
It is the only solution, block by block, camp or deport
Camps, huh? America contains at least 20% Nazis, but for Muslims.

newnhdad thought the media was going to cover up the bombs in New York and New Jersey:
Another in a series of mooselimb attacks in the US. I wonder how the media will cover-up the three attacks yesterday. How quickly will they be blaming Trump..
TigerClaws really enjoys using his imagination to shore up the surprisingly tenacious right-wing story about who violent yahoos are all voting for:
Active shooter on Elizabeth Avenue in Linden, New Jersey

One less vote for Hillary.
ShivaFan calls football terrorist, and will now only enjoy the fun of following stocks and bonds!
To hell with the NFL. I will watch stocks and bonds, instead of the NFL and their hate America and hate cops agenda. The LOGO of the NFL is:

[NFL logo.jpg]

So that is the US Flag motif used in their logo. But if the NFL has the gawl to now dishonor our US Flag, screw them, they are dishonoring our flag by allowing these scum to spit on all of us and our flag, so I say they should not use our flag in their logo, either. Take it off and use the ISIS flag instead, scum bags.
Texas Songwriter's paranoia about Muslims seems specific to McDonalds:
Do you get 72 virgins if you poison a group of Americans by lacing their food with a substance, or does it have to be a violent event? I won’t be eating at McDonalds.
Bryanw92 explains that the Commie left is still a little capitalistic:
The “Progressive” future is capitalism for the elites, communism for the masses. And that’s how every great socialist experiment winds up.
Rome2000 continues to abuse the term 'terrorism.'
Economic terrorism perpetrated against the American working class.

Pearls Before Swine has the latest long-form diagnosis of Hillary, eye edition:
She’s at a handicap if she has focal fusion problems, because she’s trained herself into this wide-eyed, focus switching routine. I guess she’s such an unappealing person that she took a lot of lessons on how to project empathy, which is why she developed the bug-eyes, the artificial enthusiasm, and the fake big smile.

Part of that routine is shifting her gaze around the crowd to try and make it look like she is appealing to everyone. And, you have to do it in at least two directions if you’re using dueling teleprompters, as if you just read from one, you look robotic.

If you combine this training with a brain-induced tracking deficit, you’re likely to get the weird eye tracking seen in this video. After all, she did wear major prism eyeglasses for a while, with the really thick prism on that weak left eye.

None of this would matter if she wasn’t pretending to be healthy enough to be our President. But she is... and she’s not.
Mr. M.J.B. will not have any Freepers badmouthing Putin!
The whole ceasefire charade is just Putin trying to jerk around and embarrass the United States.

Sounds exactly like Hitlery’s talking points.
At this late hour, ScaniaBoy seriously thinks Hillary is going to cancel the debate. Because of the NY bombing, I guess?
 Will Hillary really try to debate Trump at all. Even with the most biased moderators ever, I cannot see how the Democrats can recover from this catastrophe.
Taxman knows the best rants are weirdly repetitive:
Hitlery the Harridan is a LIEberal!

LIEberals LIE!
kearnyirish2 must turn to fantasy to otherize blacks as much as he needs to:
Unassimilated Orcs living in a foreign land, with humans speaking a foreign wonder they’re bitter. Even with their millions, once they’re in civilian clothes they are as dangerous as any other ‘hoodrat Orcs.
fuzzylogic tries to get Freepers on board the Milo Yiannoupoulis train by apologizing for his gayness:
...per my other posts. Don’t take the gay part too seriously, he uses it to his advantage.

He is a Christian, doesn’t know why he’s gay - but if he can use this angle to reach young people I’ll support him. God is using him.

I’ve never seen liberals destroyed so quickly.
Sorry dude, Freepers these days don't embrace people who merely share their hate. They've become much more insular than that!

Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America found a reddit thread that ties Benghazi to the Clinton foundation. Seems legit to him!
Reminds me of the 'conspiracy' leaks by someone at the FBI on 4chan:
Things that make you go 'OH SH*T' here:

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