Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Black Panthers want a Black State

Freepers love the New Black Panthers, and the NBP loves them back. NBP says all the things Freepers are sure blacks are thinking, and Freepers say all the stuff the NBP is sure whites secretly want. When you're obsessed with fighting, how could you not love such a perfect villain?

So the NBP say they want to form an all black state in the US, and make it sovereign. They suggest some southern states as a starting point. Freepers get excited that maybe the racial war is at last acomin'! They they fit in their own fantasies and scapegoats, as Freepers do on Civil War threads.

They also continually mix up New Black Panthers with Black Lives Matter. Funny, that - acronyms can be so hard, and they all look alike!

jsanders2001 is taking this about as seriously as it should be, though a lot more 1980s racist:
Black Hitler is delusional. Plus the South doesn't want to smell like jheri-curl
Freepers must defend their base. Gaffer is from Georgia, I guess.
Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

Georgia, huh? You suckers had better bring a whole lotta damn guns when you try to get outside Metro Atlanta or the other black governed cities. You'll be in for a surprise.
DCBryan1 is sure his place would shoot the darkies too:
Georgia, huh? You suckers had better bring a whole lotta damn guns when you try to get outside Metro Atlanta or the other black governed cities. You'll be in for a surprise.

LOL...same here in the Ozarks.

The Kudzu Kummandos will make short work of the ferals. Coons, coyotes, and opossums will be really REALLY fat.
Bitsy's locale would also band together  and beat back the dusky horde:
Louisiana? I don’t think so. You better bring a lot of fire power and wait until you get a load of our swamps! We are not going to roll over like your president thinks. Go to Africa where you are from and do something with your lives and your land. I don’t think your relatives have been keeping it up lately.
I did chuckle at Buckeye McFrog:
We might let them have Atlanta though.

We already know it burns really well...
Crazy old Diogenesis is sure the DOJ is behind this. Also concentration camps?
The DO”J” directs the sedition of America.


Any American whoever trusts the likes of Holder,
Obama, Ayers, Comey and Lynch and expects
justice is as a fool.
Concentration camps are coming sooner.
USCG SimTech reads a lot into this half-baked plan:
Isn’t it interesting that BLM seeks to establish a parasite just like sharia law. A parasitic government within a government. A parasite that will MUST the host to survive.
elcid1970 has a State he hates:
Is Devil’s Island available for sale or lease? Perhaps we could relocate these anti-American rebels...

Nah, send them all to ultraliberal Hawaii. They’ll love the climate plus mixing it up with the Hawaiian “bruddahs” who own the place.
elcid1970 is ready for the return of the racist shame that was 'sundown towns.'
Being from south of the Smith & Wesson Line, I recall from that time a sign seen on country roads that read, “Don’t let the sun set on your head.”

Yes, it’s come to this. Thank you, Obama.
bert is pretty sure Baltimore is all like The Wire:
Baltimore is already occupied by the criminal black drug and political subcultures.
HomerBohn shows up with the usual racist boilerplate.
Negroes need welfare.

Most refuse or are incapable of learning. IQ’s are rock bottom and there are no jobs today for which they can qualify. No motivation means that they turn to drug dealing, pimping or robbery to get money.

Many, unfortunately, will be supported by those of us who pay taxes. They will continue to have children born without fathers. The mothers will have no idea who the fathers of their children were.

Perhaps someone will come up with a solution to our ‘diversity’ problem that politicians continue to crow is our greatest strength. It may take centuries.


  1. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3468761/posts?q=1&;page=1

    Turns out what a lot of freepers most want from their dream fascist candidate is interior decorating change?

  2. It should be noted that NBPP has nothing to do with the Black Panthers except the name. They are listed as a hate group by the SPLC

    1. That's what I like about the NBPP, they are the perfect counterpart to FreeRepublic ...

      Impotent white racists vs. impotent black racists. Ihope they DO go to war with one another and leave the rest of laughing at them from the sidelines.

      And "Kudzu Kummando" ?
      That must be DCBryan1's gay porn name.

    2. To hear ya'll tell it; the perfect
      counterpart to Free Republic is
      already functional - DEMOCRATIC

      Every other word is the "F" word on
      DU and more juvenile crap, even from
      DU'ers as old as I am.

      I notice, ya'll are trying to IGNORE
      the ELEPHANT in the room!

      Namely, HITLER-Y's "DEPLORABLE"

      President Donald John Trump
      President of the United States of

      Twinkie King

    3. Pretty sure she is in better health then you twinkie...

    4. The racist WRINKLIE filth of FreeRepublic also uses the F-word for every second word ... and the N-word for every other word.

      Every other statement by the RimJob himself is "FU__" where the blacks are "BO", "MR", "TC", "HC", etc.

      FreeRepublic ... home of the wrinkliest infantile cry-babies in America.

    5. I'm really tempted to change my Freeper Madness handle now to Kudzu Kummando. I laughed so hard.

  3. "Perhaps someone will come up with a solution to our ‘diversity’ problem..."

    A Final Solution?

    1. That would be the plan I imagine they'd have.

  4. Two Muslim women attacked in New York by a christian-zealot nutcase.

    Freeper filth offer their condolences and sympathy ... NOT !


    1. If this woman is an Albanian Christian, her family likely endured far worse for many decades.
      That should be part of the investigation process.

      Oh, is that how our justice system works now?

    2. Makes me glad to have two 9mm insurance policies to show any of those troglodyte scum who think liberals will roll over for evil.

    3. Neither do I see any FM'ers offering
      their condolences & sympathy to the
      two Muslim women attacked in New

      POT? KETTLE?

      Twinkie King

    4. You're too fat and wrinkled to have any opinions, STINKIE.

  5. Does anyone have insight into how the Freepers are responding to the good economic news regarding household income?

    1. I predict they will call all good economic numbers government lies, but no movement I can see this evening.

    2. They will probably bitch about not getting a cost-of-living increase (COLA) in their Social Security. Because they are economic geniuses.