Sunday, September 4, 2016

Deleted from Freep

A little bit ago I became curious about what sort of posts got deleted from Freep nowadays. This is, of course, difficult to search for online, mostly turning up curiosities like What screenname does Zawahiri use while surfing FR?.
An I didn't want to spend a year cataloging every deleted comment I encountered.

Luckily, I have something of a personal archive of Freepers posts which contains a few deletions I took the time to highlight.
The main pattern seems to be complete inconsistency.

bert's call to kill all blacks was too much. Or was it the denial that white Democrats exist?
if there is a coup against Trump it is open season on all democrats and they can be identified by their black skin.
txhurl's deleted comment isn't something Freepers from  rarestia to bert to coon2000 to all the eishes for an American Pinochet. Hell, it's all LeoWindhorse posts about!
Why can’t I wake up to the news one day that a coup d’ etat has happened in my sleep?
zzwhale's blatant antisemitic slur does seem outside of the mainstream though. Not that he's banned, though!
the stench is overwhelming.......
RitaOK's call to assassinate the President is usually done a bit more subtly, like calling for Israel to do it. Or mixing it in with paranoid conspiracizing. Or at least adding a bit of history!
I’m going to say something that’s not popular and I might get banned from FR...But somebody’s gotta have the nerve to say it..

Obama needs to be taken out permanently! He has created this chaos, hatred , murder , and misery in this country he needs to pay the ultimate price! And yes I pray that there will be a hero among us to do the job!
gaijin's blatant desire for Americans to die so Americans vote right is usually couched more as a dark prediction, with the desire being in the subtext.
New Black Panther Leader on Milwaukee: This Is A War

I hope they hurt MANY innocent middle-class whites (and others) and I hope it ALL gets on TV:
They are HELPING us.


Secret Agent Man casual racism was I guess a bit too pithy:
best thing any white can do is avoid blacks like the plague.
Usually, of course, only certain blatant slurs are magic enough to be racist. mkjessup strays too far:
Speaking of that Comrade Zero, let's see your LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE so we can know what YOUR actual name is? Does it match any of the stolen social security numbers that it's been linked to?

TWELVE EFFIN BUCKS you Kenyan porch monkey! That's all it takes!!!!!
mkjessup really loves saying 'Kenyan porch monkey!'
Lead by example, you pathetic Kenyan porch monkey, dismiss your Secret Service detail and tell them you no longer need their protection for the rest of your term.
Not that Free Republic itself isn't okay with the phrase if they're just quoting someone - Chicago Teacher: NRA Wants 'Porch Monkeys' to 'Die' 


  1. For every "deleted" comment, there are 20 just as bad or worse that stay now-a-days.

    FR has not been properly moderated for over a decade. There was a time (back when JimRob had dreams of actually creating a real political organization) that FR had paid moderators almost 24 hours a day, who would keep it clean, sane, and family friendly.

    1. Genuine curiosity here: do you know that for a fact, or is that assumption based on observation?

    2. For a fact ... back in the days when FR was setting up regional chapters, having conventions and organized events.

      JimRob was actually strict about keeping up a respectable facade. I know a bit about the organization then, and the moderation heirarchy.

      The harpies of today are but a weak shadow of the back-stabbing scheming harpies of those days, ha ha.

  2. President Donald John Trump
    President of the United States

      President of the Wrinklebag Club of America (aka FreeRepublic)

  3. An interesting development with mkjessup...

    He made a clear threat regarding Gary Johnson. The post is here:

    Two days later, he says he's terminally ill and is leaving FR. Interesting, because I know of several people who notified the Johnson campaign of his threat.

    "I'm taking leave of you all":