Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Bringbackthedraft hilariously argues Trump is thick-skinned:
Trump has tough skin, he’s not a soft skin liberal, he’ll take the punch, but Kaine may not like the payback.
Cruz bent knee to Trump. Democrat_media will not forgive!
I hate Cruz for being a traitor against America
The Freeper reaction to the Tulsa shooting was mostly 'black thug musta deserved it' with a bit of bonus sexism supplied by the likes of donna:
She shot because women have fewer muscles than men and thus women are more fearful.
Brooklyn Attitude also feels free to let fly about how women cops be:
Female cops are a useless waste of resources and the product of liberal feminist politics. 
They cant run fast enough to catch anyone, cant fight, cant restrain/cuff unruly suspects. They also cant be left to patrol by themselves in rural areas. 
IIRC the rules of engagement regarding when weapons could be used were relaxed because female officers had no other options. Of course the same rules then had to be applied to male officers. Basically police depts are paying the same price for a much less capable female officer than a male officer.
WENDLE has a debate prediction:
Holt will sand bag Trump. Then Trump will EAT HIM FOR LUNCH LIKE HE DID LAUER!!
editor-surveyor is apocalypse-calling:
We will have world government in a little over 8 years, when Yeshua comes back with his newly married bride to crush Obama’s gang!
ClearBlueSky argues for exterminating Muslim babies:
IMO Muslim children ARE poison. Just like baby rats were during the Plague. They carry death. 
Of all the pictures of ‘refugees’ I’ve seen I’ve seen no children. Just military age MEN. Invaders. No. 
The enemy’s children ARE poison. How many have been used to attack our soldiers? Don’t let them into our country, don’t feed them don’t pity them. The ‘homegrown’ Muslims are killers too. Don’t BREED enemies.
No Socialist knows Trump has probably done some bad stuff. But who cares when Hillary is the worst evil ever?
I REALLY hope we don’t see any republican or Trump hack info before the election. I’m sure they all have skeletons.
Go ahead, hal ogen.  Try it:
Is it lawful self-defense to “run down” rioters surrounding your vehicle?

The things you should say to the police: I want a lawyer. I feared for my life.
Hulka tells a totally true story about the power of the VW Bug:
In the 60’s, my dad was leaving Walter Reed and drove right into a race riot. My father observed a vehicle in front of him stop for the mob and was attacked and smashed and the driver being yanked out of his car.

My father told me that when he saw that, he downshifted his VW Beetle, hit the gas and the rioters both bounced off the hood and dived out of the way.
Toespi is Zaprudering every Clinton appearance:
I just saw a The recent speech of Clinton on the Tarmac. She has what appears to be a crosswise scar right below her thyroid. It is pretty well concealed in a neck wrinkle. It is either from a trach or she could have had her thyroid removed. Possible?
MHGinTN had bought into the Clinton health BS, and thus must conclude the real evil power is Tim Kane
I am convinced she is the chosen vehicle to bring Tim Kaine into power over America. She is expendable )with the reward of being named the first female president, draped over her inertness) in order to insert the degenerate socialist Kaine into power.
Kickass Conservative has never heard a liberal argue, so he makes one up:
A White Female killed the Black Man.

Hillary Clinton is a White Female.

Don’t Vote for Hilary Clinton, she is just like the White Female that killed a Black Man.

Just using Liberal Logic.
originalbuckeye cites Zero Dark Thirty for the unquestioned Freeper truth that CIA head Brennan is a Muslim convert:
Please be aware that Snopes is far Left.

I don’t know what they said about Brennan, but my first clue about him was during the movie Zero Dark Thirty. Do you remember (during the movie) a man running down the hallway at the CIA and opening a door, only to find a man down on a prayer rug with his rear end in the air? That was Brennan......and then he was promoted to be the Chief of the CIA.
bgill makes the tired old 'free not free' argument that I'll bet was thrown around since 1790:
America is the land of the free. They’re all free to leave.
CivilWarBrewing knows the problem blacks have with authority is slavery, not that authority has been shooting them lately:
It's time to EDUCATE BLACKS TO OBEY COP'S COMMANDS. This is THE problem! Blacks believe that OBEYING orders from authority harkens back to SLAVERY. THIS MINDSET NEEDS TO CHANGE or these shootings by police will NOT stop.

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