Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Wow. PAR35 thinks Iran and Afghanistan veterans can get fucked:
My sympathy is an order of magnitude higher for Vietnam era (and Korea, and WWII) draftees than it is for someone who voluntarily invited themselves to the party.
cynwoody doesn't like democracy much:
Any measure that makes it easier to vote should be opposed.
Campion has had it with racist stereotypes...of white people:
Seems like the Germans entire national history has either been being a burden to others or to themselves.

Wow, stereotype much?

Should we talk about the English treatment of the Irish and Scots, or about what France inflicted on the rest of Europe in the Napoleonic wars, or Russia's colonial treatment of most of its empire, or Japan's ... ?

Let him who is without sin ...
stillfree?, though, sticks to his guns - Germans were rude to him once so he knows what those people are like:
Why do they think they’re in charge? I spent time over there traveling, and they’re still pissed off we kicked their asses in two wars. They hate Americans.
rightwingintelligentsia is pretty smug about Arkansas going Republican:
Looks like he’s really beating the pantsuit off her in her erstwhile “home state” of Arkansas.
Even after a poll shows Trump ahead in a state, Red Steel cannot help unskewing even more:
Meet the Emerson college pollsters. They look interchangeable with the Huffington Puffer Posts editors and writers. So add plus +5% to Trump's totals cuz their loony liberal bent.
Today's too good to be true EBT story brought to us by Gaffer:
I was at WalMart yesterday morning. Buying my stuff for cash. Two young females with iPhones, nice purses, clothes and very well coiffed were buying a bunch of junk food and sweets crap for kids plus some goodies for themselves. They pulled out the Georgia Peach EBT card and paid for the junk and then pulled out cash to buy their cigarettes. Neither of them had ever been on the paycheck side of a job but drove TWO cars there. I guess they had their little rug rats in the free Pre-K school daycare in my state. Bitches.
HypatiaTaught has diagnosed Hillary as ugly and partially paralyzed:
I see she is back to the “oven mit” look.

However when I look at her face when she is raising her right thumb, her eyes are a miss. Especially her left side of face, almost like a mini stroke and partial paralysis.
LibFreeUSA joins the new Freep mantra - who cares what Trump's doing, Hillary is evil:
You can view the Trump speech this way.....

A ferry exploded overseas. VanShuyten isn't saying it's Muslims, but it's Muslims.
In the third world, anything can happen to a ferry. This was leaving Bali, so it probably wasn’t muslim terrorism.

But it might have been.
DoughtyOne yells that the Internet is America's damn it, and we should be in charge of it!
We never ever turn it over. Period.

We developed it. It’s ours.

Someone has to administer it, and it might just as well be us.

This is being transferred because all our elected officials, every single one, wants an international body to censor us so they can claim they didn’t.
JB dead, Illary.

Grams A
Interestingly Trump was on Fox and Friends today and they asked him about his weight which was reported at 267 lbs. Trump corrected them that he weighed 236lbs.

For a guy 6’ 3” that is not that fat if at all.

The media is making it all up.

He’s a women’s kind of guy, unlike most of those skinny wussie twits running around now, particularly in DC.
doug from upland has a great plan! I wonder what he thinks of Michelle Obama's initiatives?
I proposed that Americans lose a billion pounds. That is 20 pounds for each of 50 million people. Start by walking everywhere you can. My local Vons is about a mile away. I try to walk there every chance I can instead of driving. Wear a backpack and get a couple items. And the family can walk together, making them closer. Childhood diabetes has become an enormous problem. Losing weight definitely helps.

Trump should take the lead urging people to lose weight and be healthier. AND CUT HEALTH CARE COSTS. He can begin a walking routine and millions will follow it. And, of course, wear your Trump hat or shirt while walking.

I envisioned sponsors donating backpacks to those participating. With a big logo on a backpack, that is great advertising.
Erm, what Trump ads is Scott from the Left Coast seeing?
Trump has all positive ads...Hillary is in the sewer.
varina davis has a very convenient definition:
Ms Mable has no idea that the thing we used to call Welfare doesn't exist anymore:
They’re always talking about how social security is going to go broke, but they NEVER say WELFARE is going broke.

There seems to always be enough money to hand out to people that won’t work or pay taxes.
Karoo complains that Social Security hasn't had more taxpayer money funneled in:
I haven’t heard one thing about SS. But the elderly here in Appalachia really have been hurt (like those in inner cities) by no “raise”.

I really do have faith that Trump will address the issue in time. First things first - I keep telling myself
Childless ridesthemiles is not happy at anyone not like her getting additional benefits:
There is a segment of the USA population that gets screwed with all the benefits for ‘children & their parents”.

I am female. 76 + years old & still doing some part time work.

I NEVER had any children.

Every time a woman was out of work to have a kid or another kid, the work load just increased for all of us. When she came back to the job,the time off the doctor’s visits, etc, were legendary.

I was punished by these kids of laws for NOT having any kids. Discrimination-——

IF you want to work-—then WORK——

IF you want to have kids-—then have kids.

NOT BOTH. Yes, Virginia-—you CANNOT have it all. Choose!!!
caww takes what I see as one of Hillary's greatest triumphs and sees it in a very different light:
How I will always see Hillary Clinton....during Bengazi hearing...her contempt and utter disdain for the committee members representing the if she is above any accountability to anyone....let alone the people.


  1. "This is being transferred because all our elected officials, every single one, wants an international body to censor us so they can claim they didn’t."

    Is he kidding?!

    The internet was made for people like him!

    The internet is the quickest way of knowing who is an absolute idiot. Why would ICANN choose to close people like him down?! The world isn't concerned about people like Freepers- useless and impotent. In fact the best thing that ever happened to the conspiracy theory was groups like Free Republic! It's a very fast way to disseminate really bad information and uneducated opinion. It's the fuel that is the conspiracy theory!

    1. It's really adorable how they think that there is such a thing as some Internet Headquarters that can impose its will on the Internet, or that it's possible for there to be a global "kill switch" somewhere. They vastly, vastly overestimate how much power ICANN has.

  2. Total gay hypocrisy

    They will latch onto anyone and anything if it fits their narrative.

    1. Milo Yianopoulis is a bitchy gay, and, in freeperville, bitchiness outweighs heterosexuality.