Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

IronJack councils all to temper their hate of Muslims with paranoia:
Don't post your intentions on Facebook. Don't attack slimes in groups. Don't harass slime spawn (until they're old enough to don a blast belt and kill infidels). Avoid broad daylight and surveillance cameras.

You can do a lot more damage with a little discretion than you can if you let your justifiable anger take control of your reason. Tame the hate and make it work for you.
Fantastic! Cletus.D.Yokel thinks Hillary is already dead:
My personal perspective?

She’s died on 9/11. They are propping up her doppelgangers thru-out the country.
She’s DEAD, Jim!

Good news, tho! I have a new grand-daughter!
MIA_eccl1212 knows it's not blasphemous if you compare Trump to sci-fi Jesus:
he IS a good sport!

perhaps even the Kwisatz Haderach!
Beagle8U has a great plan based on some great analysis:
Hillary is often shown against a Parkinson's calming blue back drop. A blue venue is required for a sustained performance.

The convention was blue for hillary. By looking at the floor, she could calm herself and shakeoff the oncoming tremors and trance

Alas, at the 911 gathering there was no blue

Trump should insist that the debate be held in orange/purple poka-dot room.
Points for originality! aces calls the Clintons a pair of maggot-rapers:
Hillary Clinton’s inner Orwell comes out in CREEPY tweet about her plan for our children

I would not leave a maggot around them, they would rape it
MayflowerMadam is having fun with adding Hillary body doubles everywhere:
And the second body double is waiting at Chelsea’s, while the primary body double is deliberately scheduled for a performance in LA, for deniability.

If you add that to the fact she was taken to Chelsea’s instead of a hospital (hospital is SS protocol), it’s easy to make some sense of all that happened. Have the impostor stashed at Chelsea’s “just in case”. Turns out, it was necessary.
Jim Robinson explains that it's not birtherism to call everyone else birthers:
Oh, CR@P. Are we going to hash this all over again? Where’s ButterDeZillion when you need her? It was a severe case of tainted evidence that went nowhere, is going nowhere and will go nowhere. Too many footprints.

No, just pointing out the irony that this entire birther issue was started by Barack Obama himself. And I believe Hillary herself used this born in Kenya issue herself when she was running against Obama in the 2008 election.
maggief is onto some other conspiracy about Hillary faking up her crowd numbers:
Hillary Was Fake in Greensboro! Green Screen Fakery!
CaptainAmiigaf thinks the problem with the EU is that in the wake of the the race-fueled World War 2, they didn't double down on White Supremacy.
The EU “may” have been a good idea. Uniting to a degree countries with tragic history of wars against one another could work ONLY if populated with people of a EUROPEAN history and culture. But the project would take time to solidly come to completion.

But bringing in MILLIONS of so-called refugees/ immigrants has destroyed their dream. These millions came, refusing to adopt the languages, customs, religions, mores and attitudes of the HOST.

Our country, years ago, showed how it could be done as the vast immigrant waves filled a virtually empty continent with people who, whithin a couple of generations became AMERICANS.

In Europe, the last thing the newcomers want is to become EUROPEANS.
HiTech RedNeck really gets to the heart of what birthers are really saying:
The worst problem is not even where Barack was physically born — when he was unaware of anything else — but where his soul called home. And THAT very clearly wasn’t the USA.
poinq also explains that birtherism is OK because in his world liberals are responsible:
Look Obama is the first Birther. And Hillary was the loudest Birther. If Obama didn’t lie about his birth place to get bigger speaking audiences we would not have this issue at all.
Bubba Gump Shrimp saw a bunch of Hillary tweets about Trump's birther past, and is pretty smug:
Hillary goes into meltdown, begins a twitter storm.

Hillary got SHLONGED and the media had every camera broadcasting live while it happened!

They are melting down!
He thinks Hillary does her own tweets! Adorable!

Red Steel is one of many Freepers holding out hope President Trump will birther it up:
They can never destroy ALL the evidence in a case of this magnitude. For example, Obama will never possess a valid SS#. He will never pass e-verify.

Then there is the evidence outside the US. Obama can’t destroy that.

If that’s so Trump can build a case. Obama better make a home in the Middle East or Malaysia hehe.
In a totally real story about how unemployment benefits actually work, AzNASCARfan's boss told him that Obama raised unemployment taxes too high for him to ever hire anyone again.
I was talking to my old boss awhile back, Now a client every now and then. I asked him if he ever thought we could get back to where his business was pre-2006 crash with having over 25 employees (at a structural engineering firm)

He is 5 years older than me at 56 now and told me he would never have regular employees in an office ever again because of this 99 weeks of unemployment. He received something from the state and the percentage they will take in taxes from any payroll would be so exorbitant for so long to repay the fund, that he simply could not make the business work. The company should have been a viable business providing good incomes for many families for many years, it should be a crime that government has single handily destroyed it, while propping up others that were "too big to fail".
Nate Silver tweeted that there were not deaths in that NY explosion yet. GilGil pouts that he's trivializing the injured:
Nate Silver is very cavalier with the lives of 29 people. He is trying to protect Hillary and make people think 29 injured people are allowable collateral damage.
Amusingly, rage-blister bert draws a line at Freepers' seeing gays everywhere:
Queers don’t infest the BSA.

That is a slanderous lie
He must be a joy around the evening campfires.

Mjreagan is living in the most fantastic of all Freeper worlds:
Don’t be so hasty, Trump is within striking distance in DC
Unclear with how presentist bias works, FatherFig1o155 is sure his generation is the must superlative in political badness ever in American history:
3 of the worst presidents of all time in my lifetime.

What a sad thought.
polymuser knows liberals are the ones who want to kill, secretly:
Lefties/proggies continually project hatefulness and a desire to murder upon their opponents.

But it is they who are hateful and bloodthirsty. All see this. All know this.


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    1. Though I'm somewhat indifferent to NFL players sitting or kneeling or whatever,

      the fact that it drives twinkie-freepers into spasms of racial hate apoplexy makes me go "Right On !!!"

    2. Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee

      Trump must be right, America must be in such horrible straits that a football player not standing during the national anthem threatens to collapse the coubtry.

  2. "Rage Blister"???? I am hereby stealing that one. Hear, hear.