Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Donald Trump Says He Is Troubled By Tulsa Police Shooting

I stayed up late last night to catch the debate. Will probably have a post tomorrow. In the meantime, Freepers find a police shooting they may not like, because Thus Trump Has Commanded.

Trump comes out a bit skeptical of a police shooting, while Freepers were in mid-exterminate the ferals mode.

You can almost hear the collective mental record scratch before they come to heel

little jeremiah read all about this case in FrontPage Magazine, and now knows more than the police about what happened:

Guy was on PCP, 8 outstanding warrants, acted crazy, and looks as though the cops tazed him or were going to. The article above has some info, other places have more.
But Leaning Right knows Trump was being empathetic, which is always fine, and Hillary sucks for not doing it:
Trump was not pandering here. He was speaking from the heart, like a person would when talking to a good friend. And that’s one reason people support him.

Hillary, on the other hand, will say nothing until all her advisers have weighed in.
Daffynition thinks Trump was pandering, which is awesome when Trump does it.
It sounded like pandering to me; as were the *questions*.

I love the Donald, and understand why he did it. So all is good.
BenLurkin is back to this being another blameless policman shooting a black guy.
Suspect acts hinky

Suspect gets treated hinky.
On the other hand, traderrob6 is swayed by Trump's trenchant analysis:
I’m not a huge fan of Donald Trump but he has a right to and should give his opinion as he would inevitably be asked anyway.

From viewing the video I would tend to agree with his assessment....it looks like a rare bad shoot.
chris37 tries to split the difference with 'questions remain.'
If he is troubled by it, then he is troubled by it.

It doesn’t bother me that he wants to express his opinion.

Personally, I’m not going to be bothered by it until I am shown actual evidence that a crime was committed.

If police in this case did commit a crime, then they should be charged accordingly. If not, then nothing.
Again. On a website where every mass shooter is preemptively a Muslim Hillary voter, chris37 argues for suspending judgement until the trial is over.
What I want to avoid at this point in being purposely whipped into a frenzy by a lying media trying to advance the agenda of our lying government.

I don’t believe anything I see or hear in this country straight off any longer.

My position is this.

If a crime was committed here, bring charges, show me the evidence, prove it to a jury and get a conviction.

I’m not going to participate in a media trial.
HiTech RedNeck has been posting a lot lately about how Trump is being inspired by God:
I think God may have put Trump here as the Solomonic voice needed to defuse the gratuitous, evil tensions that Bronco Bama has cowboyed up among the black people. Let’s pray for Trump and give him a chance.
Washing her hands of any side-taking, PrairieLady2 just blames society for not teaching kids the world is black and white:
If the general atmosphere in our country is ‘anything goes’, then we’re going to see an increase in harmful behaviors.

Moms and Dads, you have kids. You’ve got to instill that sense of principle and decency BEFORE they even go to kindergarten as well as helping them to practice and polish those lessons in the years later. You have to know what they’re saying and doing when they think you aren’t looking so that you CAN catch the bad stuff in the bud and nip it, as well as promote and reward the good you learn about. If YOU don’t know right from wrong, then you can’t teach your kids, and you become part of the problem.

Situational ethics is pathetic. Some things simply have to be black and white in those formative years ..ie right or wrong and what can we do better next time around. And make sure there IS a next time around so you can reinforce those hugely important lessons.


  1. HiTechRedNeck is a big fan of "Christianity, Inc."

    For the big money pharisees who think they are the doormen to the exclusive "True Christian" club (e.g Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, etc.), it is a win-win situation for their fat bank accounts ...

    if Trump wins, "it is because God listened to us !!! Send us money !!!"

    if Trump loses, "it is because God has turned his back on America !!! Send us money !!!"

    How can you tell the difference between a sincere Christian and a big-money pharisee Christian ?
    Easy, the big-money pharisee Christian will use "Yahweh" all the time to make themselves feel oh-so-holy and superior.

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    9. Why are you misspelling "y'all?"

  3. "Guy was on PCP, 8 outstanding warrants, acted crazy, and looks as though the cops tazed him or were going to. The article above has some info, other places have more."

    Apparently the guy had a resisting charge against him from a DUI. That's not uncommon as typically people who are drunk also resist arrest.

    Besides that, there's not a lot of evidence that this was a bad guy.

    In fact, there are lots of Freepers who make statements of how they want to kill people not like them which makes me distrust them FAR more than this Terrence Crutcher guy.

  4. littlejeremiah, like many of the twinkie-flakes on FR believe in the death penalty for non-cooperation with the police ...

    but only for brown people, not for tax evading rich white ranchers or their nutty sons who take over Forest Service offices.

  5. Cliven Bundy and his bunch did not cooperate with the police. David Koresh did not cooperate with the police. Randy Weaver did no cooperate with the police. LaVoy Finicum did not cooperate with the police. I could go on, but I don't need to.

    1. .. And THEY GOT KILLED . . . . . .
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      Ya'll still haven't figured it out,
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    2. All of those people were apparently killed by overzealous police officers on orders by the Federal government according to Freepers.

      Black people are just feral and deserved to be killed.

    3. We all have to do the same thing, Twinkie.

  6. Some were killed, some weren't. The difference is, Freepers like you consider them heroes for breaking the law and defying police. You have one standard of obedience for whites and a harsher one for nonwhites.

    1. I am "non-white"; so I do not speak to
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    5. Rednecks, especially Georgia rednecks, always want to claim they're "part Cherokee." Other North American tribes roll their eyes about Cherokee tribal affiliation because Cherokees sold out big time to white settlers, and also every other trailer park denizen wants to say they're Cherokee. Rednecks think that makes themselves "cool" and confers on them somehow extra special "real American" status. You can always tell who they are by their dream catchers hanging from their rear-view mirrors in their pickup truck (hint: dream catchers are supposed to hang over the place where you sleep,which, ideally, isn't your fucking truck), and their howling wolf tattoos/t-shirts/jewelry.

  7. So freepers accuse Muslims of being "Hillary supporters" but also think Muslims want every woman in a burka?

    How do freepers reconcile this contradiction?

    1. Hitler-y WILL end up wearing a burkha
      when her armed "security" abandons her
      and her high wall at Chappaqua is
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    2. Anon, shut up with your stupid reality-based logical reasoning!

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