Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Got some shifting priorities, and this hobby will suffer a bit. Probably going down to 1 post a day for the forseeable future.

allendale writes about how Democrats are sociopathic for voting wrong on a blog that regularly discusses lynching judges:
Liberals are fundamentally dangerous. They are able to mold their conscience to accept any abomination. 
They have no difficulty whatsoever voting for the inherently dishonest, shamelessly corrupt, impaired and sloppy Hillary Clinton. Simply can never trust a liberal.
Like so many Freepers, Gen.Blather thinks we're living in an action movie world:
I can see some lefty gene-engineering the extinction of the human species for “the good of the planet.” I have actually heard liberals say that humanity’s extinction would be a good thing.

We have reached a level of technology where wealthy individuals could become literal Bond villains, where terrorists really could destroy a city of poison an entire population.

I recall a conversation with a floppy-gay recent retiree from the State Department on Iran. He said, “Well, why can’t Iran have the bomb? Russia had it for as long as we did and nothing happened.” The level of ignorance displayed by the left is boundless.
TheNext has clearly never taken even a little macroeconomics:
Deflation is good for economies. So good that Govt intervenes with fake money creating the opposite, inflation.

o Hoarding is good. It prepares people for uncertainty. Only bad Govt punishes hoarding.

o A store that buys $1000 worth of goods to sell for $990 should be fired for not anticipating the future value of the currency.

o Deflation means money is holding its value. That is always a positive thing.
Yaelle thinks Russia hacking us is all a Democratic plot:
Intelligence community investigating covert Russian influence operations in the United States

I am so happy. Americans, even WaPo readers, mostly see this as it is. A desperate attempt to steal the election.... BY THE DEMS. Read the comments at the WaPo. They were coming in fast and furious, saying things like "more worried about our own FBI than Putin" and "it seems the only people concerned are the most partisan Dems in the country" etc.

We knew they would try ANYTHING to win. Trump is Hitler isn't working. Now they are trying Trump is Putin. Guess what? Putin is the only honest quote in this article. He says "Who cares where the leaks come from, as long as the American people have this info?"
hoosiermama agrees, adding in some assasination for flavor:
It’s the meme of the week
Russia Russia Trump Russia

Got to hide the murder of the DNC tech you know!
Unable to do math, I guess, Scott from the Left Coast thinks the entire American media depends on Soros to make their money:
They are all - the media that can’t support themselves financially with just their meager viewership and commensurate ad rates - in the pay of Soros. He is the brains behind the Clinton Foundation, the only thing allowing a doddering old, sick criminal imbecile like Hillary to run.

The media conspiracy, and the source of money and power behind it is putting prop her up in her failing state they must become more and more bold. It’s cracking....
Every Freeper conversion story is like a Greek tragedy, where they all carry within themselves the seeds of their own Freepness that must be unlocked somehow.
But eddie willers story sounds too much like bullshit.
As a once brain-dead liberal, there were memorable little points along the way that turned me toward conservatism.

One of these was when I heard on the radio that the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) had been defeated when the clock ran out.

Now I knew nothing of politics (and hadn’t even heard of the proposed amendment) but thought, “Who could be against this...shouldn’t women have equal rights?” and found out the biggest force against it WAS a woman....Phyllis Schlafly.

So I went, “Whoa ...I’ve got to find out why”. So I read up on her and read her arguments and said, “Oh my...she was right. I’m now glad this horrible amendment died on the vine”.

That led me to “Where else was I wrong?” and, after a few more signposts, here I am.

Thank you Mrs. Schlafly.
proud American in Canada knows all virtuous vitriol is against bad liberals:
She never deserved the vitriol sent her way.

As if standing up for morals and life was somehow wrong.
WashingtonFire - vote for Trump and all your wildest delusions will come true!
This is treason of the very highest order.

I suspect Trump knows far more than he is letting on about what Obama and the Clinton’s have been up to. It is why he has such hatred of them.

You better believe there are some very big figures going to jail once Trump is elected.
Doctor Gratia:
She has a dozen symptoms consistent with long term marijuana abuse.
jsanders2001's latest fantasy is that we get nuked and then lynch Congress. Patriotism!
Just remember if Iran develops a nuke and dops it on U.S. soil because of the funding and the Iran deal we gave them it’s going to open up a major case of whoop ass. People will no longer be sitting in thir homes waiting or the next bomb to drop. They will be driving to Washington in the millions ready to storm the Halls of Congress and pull members out of their seats and start executing them. People are way more fed up with the traitors than the realize.
Is Mouton trying to sound like a highschooler?
And he’s not the boss of me and I’m embarrassed he’s the President of my country.

I look at him as a period of constipation, soon it will pass.
Yes it is a metaphor.
DoughtyOne's Bible told him to talk bad about Obama's mother:
The Bible talks about the blessings a good woman, and the downside of a bad one.

Obama’s mother is almost Biblical in that sense, the downside of her actions.

Her son has done his best to destroy the United States and empower the single largest group of destroyers on the planet.
Organic Panic also insulting Obama's Mom. It's like they know their chances for this particular flavor of bile are running out:
He’s just mad because mom did it for free. Obama doesn’t even know who his father is.
SERKIT - Freepers are really wearing out this metaphor:
She’ll be playing checkers - a traditional debate structure, and Trump will be playing a combination of shell game, redirection, three dimensional chess, rope-a-dope, and razzle-dazzle. She will have a meltdown. The campaign can’t find a sparring partner anything close to The Real Donald Trump.
Organic Panic has managed to find an inverted conspiracy in the current Freeper conspiracy!
I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the coughing is scripted. EVerything about her and her rotten family is crooked. Everything about obama is fake.

I said it back in 2008. Hillary is dangerous because she’s a lib who knows what she’s doing. Obama is dangerous because he’s a lib and doesn’t know what he’s doing. Down the tubes we go if that evil disgusting woman is installed as president.
Covenantor has folded Chelsea into the Freeper paranoid hate pantheon:
Chelsea is the cutout middle link, passing news, msgs, and instructions down the chain.

Remember the pseudonyms they both used, one can assume that they also employed a code of sorts. Really... how many emails can one person send discussing yoga pants?

I remain very interested in the contents and names of well wishers that dropped envelopes on the newly weds for their "start in life".
kabar is so far gone, he doesn't want facts anymore, just propaganda and telling him he's persecuted:
I just want the facts not propaganda or cheerleaders.

And people in Hell want ice water. We need some cheerleaders and propaganda on our side. 
The MSM is totally corrupt and partisan. Silencing our voices is just part of the plan to totally control all means of communications. Look at what is happening with Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They are censoring the comments they don't like. And the Internet is being taken over by the globalists.
T-Bone Texan continues to call FOX New's collapse a triumph of conservativism:
Greta is a kook Scientologist, so screw her!
Eric in the Ozarks has his priorities:
Returning the Churchill bust should be President Trump’s top priority.
ReagansShinyHair is pretty sure Trump went to Mexico and became God:
That photo looks Sistine-chapelish. Dude’s almost bowing to The Donald.
JT Hatter has a plan to brutally colonize Latin America:
To Pay for the Wall:

1. Declare war on Mexico
2. Invade the Baja Peninsula and secure it.
3. Seize PEMEX oil platforms off the peninsula.
4. Staff with American oil workers and use proceeds to pay for the wall and illegal alien repatriation.
5. Deport illegal aliens en mass via Baja in a humane way and release them at the tip of Baja in Sinaloa, 500 mi. north of Mexico City.
6. Build the wall.
7. Enforce the border and immigration laws. People who hire illegals are out of business. Cities that provide refuge get cut off from federal funding and their Mayor and City Councils are charged with the crimes they have committed.


  1. "Deflation is good for economies. So good that Govt intervenes with fake money creating the opposite, inflation."

    There was so much stupid coming out of that post that I can't....even....

    So in this guy's mind, if- like in the 60s- we still paid 5 cents for a gallon of gas in our modern economy, we'd be prosperous as a nation?!

    Even conservative icon Milton Friedman understood that a growing economy needed high velocity of money- more money changing hands at a faster rate would be positive for the American economy. This guy thinks it's the opposite?

    "Deflation means money is holding its value. That is always a positive thing." But with deflation, there'd be no reason to increase productivity. A computer would still cost what it did in the 1960s: $1.5 million.

    I...just don't understand...what he's saying and how anyone could say that while being serious.

    1. He has a large amount of cash in plastic bags under his mattress

  2. Hitler-y is quite ill - both in disposition
    and physically. She's not about to let Bill
    off the hook for Monica (& all his other
    sexual episodes).

    "Slow Joe Blow" could replace her or else
    "Lieawatha" for the "woman" factor as well as
    the fake Injun thing.

    I'm not glad to see ANYBODY be sick; but I
    suspect that some Clinton chickens are coming
    home to roost.

    Hillary's too damned selfish to acquiesce
    her "position" in the interest of the party;
    at least, in my opinion she is.


    Sincerely, Twinkie

  3. Geez. That fast growing population of Asian and African illegal immigrants (unlike Latin Americans) is really going to be screwed when we just dump them all south of the border.