Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mexican Masterstrokin'

A lot of folks were predicting a likely disaster when Trump suddenly decided to meet with the Mexican President. Well, It wasn't a disaster for Trump. Might have been a disaster for President Peña, though, who acted all submissive.

But I don't think this will end up being a huge success for Trump. A lot of people still see him as more of a stunt than a candidate, and this no-notice visit was a bit too stunty to change that script.

Freepers, though, they LOVE that script, and are sure Trump's previously assured victory is extra double assured now!

Oldexpat is sure this means Mexico knows Trump will win the Presidency:
Mexico has it’s own intelligence and they decided to start the negotiations with Trump.
Repeal 16-17 is also doing some Mexican unskewing:
Mexico knows who will win the election and decided to enter into talks with the future President. This speaks much more than the media’s propaganda polls.
2ndDivisionVet devalues the Reagan Myth:
Reminds me of President Reagan.
RoosterRedux concentrates on Hillary's health:
Hillary--*cough**cough*--was invited but she has a few sick days coming so she will defer til later.

RetiredTexasVet does the usual Freeper opposite day media trick:
He must have done very well ... the MSM pimps and pimpettes were spinning like tops!!!
WashingtonFire literally calls it a masterstroke:
It was the kind of masterstroke that only Mr Trump himself could have pulled off.

Whilst Hillary sleeps Trump is travelling abroad working hard to protect the interests of American citizens.

There can be no greater contrast between the candidates.
Talisker also with the masterstroke, with a side of wildly exagerating the scope of this meeting:
Trump asked Nieto how he wanted it to go when he became President - hard, or easy. Nieto chose easy. Trump gave the world an example of how easy things can be when you don’t screw with him. The world - the entire world - took notice.

This was a Trump masterstroke.
AndyTheBear is sure Hillary is doomed now!
If Hillary keeps hiding, she loses.

If she comes out of hiding, she loses.

Oh poor Hillary.
TomGuy is also sure this had worldwide ripples:
The Handshake Seen Around the World
U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and
Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto
August 31, 2016
editor-surveyor remains a crazy person:
Wow, that’s a real hand shake, not just another Trilateral Illuminist “sign.”
Wpin is really excited about Trump the conqueror:
The body language tells the whole story, that is the language of a conqueror and it is natural to Trump. He is at ease and confident.
RoosterRedux is pretty sure the Mexican President was terrified...or turned on?
Based on his jaw muscle extension, I would say that President Nieto has come to understand Trump’s gravitas.
MIA_eccl1212 knows the Mexican President must secretly be rooting for an honest President like Trump:
I would imagine El Presidente de Mexico is thinking to himself “it looks like I’m going to get a real man as a business in trading partner on the United States side of our border.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if Mexico was as fed up with our pussy president as we are. Perhaps that is why the president of Mexico wanted to have this meeting upfront with Donald so he doesn’t have to pay bribery money to the Hillary bitch just to get access on critical national security issues that Mexico has. He may be more pro trump then he is for Hillary, and he may be seeking to influence our election for Donald’s sake by speaking to Mexican-Americans as an interested third-party.
'the Hillary bitch.'

DoughtyOne - Trump isn't pivoting on the wall, this is all clever trickery!!
Trump is successfully sand-bagging folks and I missed it the other day.

He says he’ll send all illegals “criminals that is” back starting basically day one. He says the cops know who and where they are. Done!

Then he craftily says he may not deport some. This sounds terrible, like backtracking.

Then he says, all freebies will be cut off. Another words he won’t have to deport. They’ll self deport. You can’t survive here with government freebies.

That Trump guy is clever. He’s avoided the downside press, and will achieve the exact same thing.
dp0622 will finish us off with impotent raging about the Google and loving the Twitter:
First 50 stories on google search about Trump going there is the “BIG DIFFERENCE” in what each said about the wall.

I $####ING HATE the media SO MUCH.

I hate that #### who owns google and ALL MSM alphabets.

Those ####s.

Felt good to tweet to all of them they’re gonna be sick to their stomachs on 11/9


  1. people who think immigrants are going to self deport back to their countries with worse living conditions than Trenton, NJ just because they can't get food stamps are amazingly delirious.

  2. Not a fan of Trump at all, but the press conference helped him in my opinion.

    The bar is already set low for Trump so when he goes to meet with a foreign leader and can give a somewhat normal person sounding speech it's good for him.

    It's not going to sway Democrats or possibly even moderate voters. But, like his Detroit speech, it will help shore up Republicans who are weary of him.

    Pena should have never given him legitimacy by inviting him to Mexico.

    1. He undid whatever help the press conference in Mexico gave him by lying about the Mexican President telling him they're not paying for it and that abortion of a policy speech in Arizona.

    2. Trump's visit with Pena was like throwing a cup of water on a dumpster fire.

      Sure it's not going to hurt, but it's also nothing that's going to make it any better than what it already is.

      The guy thinks he can get through this cycle because everyone is talking about him. That's not working as his numbers aren't going up. He's basically hoping for Hillary to lose this race rather than him being proactive to win it.

      They don't even have an Election Day strategy from what I understand. See how well that did with Romney, huh?

  3. "Another words"? Ha! That's my new favorite propism. :D

    Another news, there's the tiniest molecule of me that would want to see Trump win just to watch the hearts of Freepers worldwide break, like kids finding the truth out about santa. While he'd be undoubtedly be horrendous for the country, there's also no way he'd get anything he's promising done. He'd probably do the opposite on half of it.

  4. Giuliani was wearing a "Make Mexico Great Again" hat while Pence was waxing too globalistic by half by talking about keeping jobs in the this hemisphere??? What a desperate clown parade!