Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Spotlight: MayflowerMadam

This is the third big Trump supporter woman, after HarleyLady and nopardons. Though upon examination she seems a bit less creepily focused on Trump the man than on hating liberals and having Trump be the instrument of that hatred. In that way less like those two women, and more like WENDLE. Though she adds a Biblical twist, and often implicitly compares Trump to Jesus. So, still creepy.

Formerly from CA, she now resides in Tennessee, near Oak Ridge. She camps out on every Trump rally thread to hang out, dunk on liberals, and be proud of Trump. When not Trumping it up or hating Hillary/Obama, she also tells stories of winning arguments with her liberal cousins and cutting them out of her will.

Trump is on a mission from Gad:
It’s hard to fight this, but God is in control. I know it sounds a bit trite, but it is true. Look how far Trump has come since June 2015. Without Divine intervention, I don’t believe he could’ve kicked 16 polished politicians to the curb. Look who he picked as his running mate. I think we’ll be OK in spite of Satan and his operatives working so hard here on earth, i.e., Clintons, Obama, et al.
Trump going on CNN is a bit like Jesus:
why is he [Trump] going on his (AC’s) show?

Maybe it’s Biblical. Didn’t Paul say something about you have to go where the sinners are? (paraphrased)

The sinners — some of ‘em — are watching CNN.
Illegal immigration is an inheritable sin:
In my mind, the “coming here” is the kick-off crime — their “original sin”. They need to go back. Period. And their offspring, too (the sins of the father). Why reward people for an illegal act — for trespassing on our country?
Ted Cruz is an apostate to the Church of hating Hillary and Obama:
Ted is going to burn in Hell for actively participating in the effort to destroy a country God gave to us through His mercy.

Ted thinks this is all about himself, his fractured ego, and vengeance against Trump. He has called himself a Christian in the past; he is proving that he is NOT a Christian. Matthew 7:20 “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

He knows what Hillary is. He knows what Obama is. By furthering their cause he is promoting evil — not a “good fruit”.
Thank you for bringing down my BP. I am so worried, in spite of praying on and off all day long. “They” are so evil!
Jesus hates America:
It’s difficult to predict what could happen in a country that God has turned over to Satan. As Ruth Graham said, if God doesn’t destroy America, He has some apologies to make to Sodom and Gomorrah.
Weird Bible logic:
Incest and homosexuality are equally banned in the Bible in the same chapter. If it’s now OK to be gay, then it should be hunky-dory to engage in incest. (Include bestiality in that lineup as well.) We should either embrace incest and bestiality, or be outraged at homosexuality. I think I’ll go with the latter.
Church shouldn't be comforting: Triple grandfather clause!
I think a candidate should have 100% American-soil/born ancestry for three generations in order to be qualified. (American soil would include overseas military bases.)

You mention “divided loyalties”, and that’s huge. The “old country” in their minds and hearts would dilute their patriotism to America.
More on heritage diluting loyalty:
I know the Canadian thing isn’t the driver, but it’s one more nail in his political coffin. BUT, his not being an American can dilute his allegiance to this country.
Democrats are evil and so are Republicans who aren't Trump:
A party already exists that hates America. It’s the Democrat party. Rubio, Jindel, et al., need to go there and help with the destruction of our country. We don’t need jackals internally.
2012 Republicans: the party of ideas fighting the media
As Rush said, we have to remember that for the past 20-30 years, every Republican has won strictly because of his ideas, and with all of the media thwarting him along the way. People like the ideas; it’s just a matter of dodging the commie press and getting out the word.
Nowadays, she doesn't call herself a Republican...
Well, we American Nationalists will have no problem making a decision in November. Sucks to be you, I guess.
Love for big, strong, Trump:
Women like, want, and will fight for ... strength and power.

You’re right.

We like alpha males who’ll protect the family, no wimpy metrosexuals for us.
Trump crowds mean Trump victory over the Welfare Queens
I don’t see that “most Americans dislike” Trump, judging by attendance at his rallies and his historic primary victory against all odds, including the MSM defaming him at every turn. He didn’t accomplish getting the nomination because he’s disliked.

But your statement is the narrative being dispensed by the PTB, and some people are buying it. If Americans hadn’t been dumbed-down for the last 30 years, they might actually compare ideologies. If they can’t look at the Welfare Queen and the Capitalist King and figure out what’s right and wrong, we’re in a sorry state.
Obama made her racist:
I am insulted to be called a racist since I don’t have a racist bone in my body.

I wasn’t a racist until 2008. Now I might be to some extent.
"Decent people." Lady, you were always racist.
Has anyone checked out the P.O. stamps lately? Maya Angelou, gay people, commies, black terrorists. Disgraceful. At Christmas, there’s Kwanzaa.

Not many choices for decent people.
Black before American:
I hate it when people are black before they’re American. They’re pathetic because they lack critical thinking skills.
Self-described racist trying some black outreach.
Another possibility for a 15-second TV commercial: Shots of Byrd in his KKK garb, and then Hillary’s speech saying that Byrd is her friend and mentor.
MLK is cool, though:
And MLK was a Republican; the dems never get around to giving that bit of info. I guess they just forget. ;)
Racism re: Jeb Bush's Hispanic wife:
I can’t even imagine this Bush in the White House. First order of business: Open a new position in the First Lady’s staff: English Instructor. Revise hydraulic systems in President’s limos and Secret Service rigs so they’ll hop up and down. There’ll be nine families living in the Lincoln Bedroom. New National Anthem: “Lowrider”.

Go ahead. Beat me up.
If only there were more carping on Obama's middle name!
You wonder if he would’ve won if the MSM had been allowed to mention his middle name. Even McCain scolded people who pointed out the “Hussein” part. We on FR knew it ‘cause we’re tuned in politically. But I have friends who had no clue until he took the Oath of Office — in 2013!
Too many voters are black stereotypes:
Facts will not matter much considering that most people who vote democratic are not tuning in to anything that might contain facts. Doubtful that they’ll be glued to any GOP debate. Watching American Idol, black sitcoms, Master P whatever the hell that is, Kardashians. Calling 911 if the Chicken McNugget order is one nugget short. Flash mobbing department stores. Facts do matter, but “they” won’t hear them.

The people being interviewed on Fox, who vote, think that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t a white man. Had never heard of “Vermont”. Believe that Obama has a “stash” of money to give to people. (Well, he may truly have a stash, but it’s not money.”)
She sticks crazy postit notes onto stuff in the supermarket:
I have [Hillary's] famous quote (with her name, and the date she said it) printed on shipping-sized Avery labels and stick it on the back of mail I send. I stick some of them on large Post-It notes and they find their way to various locations in grocery stores, etc.
She hates Halloween
When we lived in Simi Valley, CA, mini-vans would come to our subdivision, kids would pour out as if it were a clown car, and the hooligans would race up and down the streets, greedily grabbing stuff from every house. They’d get back in the van and move on — to another subdivision, I assume.

We don’t participate. If at home, our lights are off and the house is relatively quiet. Sometimes we help with a kids’ program at church.

Adding insult to injury, besides the Satan-centered actual Halloween “celebration”, sometimes the little freaks are collecting money for commie UNICEF. It’s a creepy, creepy time of the year.
Why can't America track everyone all the time?
I read that the U.S. was able to locate the single cow “patient zero” for Mad Cow Disease on an obscure Canadian farm. If we can do that, we certainly can find illegals walking our streets in plain sight.
Her scientist husband figured out Trump wasn't lying about 9/11 - he was watching through a telescope!
My husband’s PhD is in Physics/Adaptive Optics and was in charge of the mega telescope at a space surveillance site. He checked out the photos of the telescope in Trump’s penthouse and identified the size, make, etc. He did some calculations and said that with a line of sight to the WTC, the jumpers could’ve been seen — easily and clearly.
Cutting all the liberals out of her will:
we have an appointment next week to revise our Living Trust and Wills. With no children, my nieces and nephews were remembered. The ones who voted for Obama in ‘08 or ‘12 are deleted.
More on her liberalizing family:
My formerly conservative cousin has lived there [Ithaca, NY] since the ‘70s. At our family reunion last year he was spouting things clearly liberal, including gun control So he’s gone to the dark side. My grandfather is turning in his grave, I’m sure.
She totally made fun of a Bernie voter behind his back!
We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and the self-same deweby little car with the Bernie sticker pulled in next to us. (What are the odds?) Then my friend decided we needed to pull up closer to the window so we could watch the truck, because “the Bernie guy will probably steal our flowers”. I said, “Yeah; because we have some and he has none.” Then we watched the old hippy get out of the car, looking like a dandelion gone to seed. You just knew he stank.
Hillary is to ugly to be our actual candidate:
What a hag! Good Lord I don’t want to see or hear her for four more years.

I almost believe they have no intention of having Hillary as a viable candidate on November 8. Something is up; not sure what.

If she were a serious candidate, she’d be campaigning. She’d have rallies. She’d dress decently — not like she just came from Clown College graduation. She’d wash her frickin’ hair, for Pete’s sake.
Maybe Hillary has Alzheimer’s!
I hope she washed her hair. HILLARY looked like a hag today.

Could be a tell-tale sign. As my FIL progressed into Alzheimer’s he refused to shower. I’ve been told that for most elderly people when dementia sets in, one of the first problems is refusal to stay clean.
Hillary is drunk all the time:
And I guess “she lost her balance” in that video of her walking onto the plane — and fell flat on her drunk face.
Will someone please reveal all of Hillary's crimes?!
If a few little fish gathered the courage to talk, I would bless them forever. There must be so many out there who have information; just one guy could start the ball rolling.
But Hillary kills everyone:
But even little fish want to live. Clintons killed those two teenagers and left them on the railroad track to be run over because they MIGHT have seen something. If a little fish in this scandal spills the beans, it’s dead man walking.
The Clinton Foundation's secret child trafficking:
Julian Assange could blow it sky-high at any moment.

I wonder if he has any proof about the Clinton Foundation dealing in human trafficking of underage children, something that was discussed here a week or so ago.
Obama will soon indict Hillary and declare martial law
Obama probably will give the go-ahead to indict/prosecute Hillary at the most convenient time to create maximum chaos for the November election. He’ll use that chaos as an excuse to decree martial law and cancel the election.

He and Wookie will continue squatting in our White House, using our Air Force One for exotic vacations, and living off of us taxpayers for who knows how long.
If Obama doesn't kill Biden first:
Joe will become incapacitated...

Yeah. Permanently. If Hussein perceives Biden will hold him back, Joe could be pushin’ up daisies two months from now. He probably has his own Chicago “people” to handle the job. If not, maybe they could resurrect the Clinton Mafia.
Anger? What anger?
If Prissy Peggy equates rage with the Tea Party, she’s clueless about the Tea Party movement. I’ve never seen rage; only intelligent discussions and speakers, and well-thought-out rational decisions. It’s really the opposide of “rage”.

She’s a whack job with a major stick up her ass.


  1. I sense she's probably a believer in the "curse of Ham."

  2. Doesn't the three generation thing disqualify Trump? His mother was born in Scotland.

    1. Thems liberal words full of gay sex and hellfire!

    2. So many things disqualify Trump...this is the least of it.

  3. HiTech RedNeck pines for the dayes of olde ...

    "How old was she? Old enough to bear children herself? We keep a legal fiction going, sometimes, that people who are older than biblical marriageable age are still children. I’m not sure the Lord is truly happy with that kind of delay of responsibility."

    "Why are YOU trying to tell us what God thinks? I see it in action in the bible. It is we moderns who have distorted it. We with our modern psychologists think we have reverse engineered mankind to fundamental principles — and the very RESULT is such debauchery. We can’t go on one foot to God, and on the other foot to Freud."

    "if the woman who had been thus violated, if against her will, never engaged in sex again with the man, maybe she still had the option to “put away” the cad if she later found a suitable suitor. i really don’t know, but such a rule would make sense today. the man would be free to work, but still obligated to the woman he had violated unless SHE chose to marry somebody else. jared would be out of jail but still supporting this girl if such a rule applied today."

    "Jared Fogle Sues Victim’s Parents, Blames Them For Her Drug Abuse"

    1. This is some good old fashioned FR crazy!

      This whole post of Oz and yours is a testament to unbelievable ability FReepers have to twist God's word to suit any argument they could possibly fathom regardless of how crazy the shit sounds.

    2. to be fair, there is more than enough godawful (pun intended) stuff in the bible that sounds crazy without any twisting by freepers.

    3. I love it when they use this stuff to make recommendations about "modern society" in the same breath that they call the Taliban evil and oppressive. "Our kooky rape and pedophilia is superior to your kooky rape and pedophilia."

  4. I'm so twisted around by her statements, I can't tell if she's a racist asshole or she's got multiple personalities and only a few of them hate black people.

    1. What difference does it make? She is an "American Nationalist," so automatically better than you.

  5. I'm going to guess that she is type that loves holding the threat of being cut out of her will over the heads of her family ...
    and her family pretty much says "So what!" and that chaps her ass big time.

    Is she aware that the "MayflowerMadam" is a professional whore and pimp?