Friday, December 18, 2015

Spotlight Friday: WENDLE

Despite only joining on July 4th of this year, WENDEL has been runner up to be spotlighted a number of times. But he never made it because he doesn't have a gimmick. His constant bubbling rage and CAPS remind me of zzwhale. In fact, I'm hard pressed to tell them apart, 'cept this guy has a lot more typos. He's a bit more active and angry than most Freepers, but that's not terribly uncommon.

He likes football, dogs and guns. And Trump, of course. No sign of a family, or much of a life at all.

The military sucks
The general staff is a bunch of faggot loving wimps. They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper sack!! Trump will wipe them out!! and get women out of COMBAT!! ( but they will need to register for the draft— right?)
An extended metaphor of Donald Trump.
Trump is coming and he is coming hard. I am a football guy. The analogies are endless but here is the one I like.

With Trump’s genius of keeping “any more moslems out” until we “figure out what is going on “ resulting in the loss of innocent lives— is like a great running back breaking into the secondary and wiping out the outside linebacker with a stiff arm and heading straight for the goal line with the safety ( hillary) stumbling to the ground tripping on her own feet.

This is getting worse and worse for the left — in both the damorat and republicrat party. It will be very bad for them.
Trump is the new George Washington:
We love him. He is the new George Washington!! So get the hell out of the way!
Hillary Clinton coughed during the Benghzai hearing!
We need a warrior for president not a sick old woman!! Yesterday she almost went into shock coughing . They had to break 10 minutes to allow her to recover. HILLARY IS A SICK OLD WOMAN!!
Mars has no gravity, and Martian water is a hoax:
I heard today the Mars has no gravity ( No IRON CORE )and that solar winds blow everything off. The “flowing water” scam is to make work for NASA. It was timed to come out just before the star wars fantasy movie that was made from this fantasy book.
He denies global warming so hard he thinks the opposite is true:
There is, without a doubt, NO GLOBAL WARMING!! There is global COOLING!!
Loves dogs. Killed a cat:
I have several dogs. Dogs know their names— Cats are just eating machines. They get under cars and get run over in the driveway. I had one get up in my truck engine and when I started - it shredded him in the radiator blade. He was still alive so I put him out with a 12 gauge. A dog is soo much smarter and they know their name.
I'm not afraid, I've got lots of guns in my truck!
I have a big flag on my duely. I am CCA and UI have real fire power in my truck. THERE WILL BE NO INTIMIDATION WITH ME. THERE WILL BE DEAD FOLKS . Real dead.
Why does cow faced Fiorina talk about sexism?
It is sickening to watch “cow face” Look at that damned face. She is a FEMINIST!! We are AMERICANS, not “women”!! By the way , she is at 7% and falling . She will be OUT by November 15-— NO MONEY TO PAY HER OFF!!Get gone.
Remember super famous national hero Kim Davis?
This woman is a national hero. Schools will be named after her. No one wants queer “marriage” and it is going to be stopped. She is the Rosa Parks of the Godly.
He likes...Rachel Maddow?
I’ve been watching Rachall Madcow. At least I know where she stands!! She is not a liar on FAUX news. Actually (this is blasphemy here) but Madcow has been good lately. Far more fair than suggesting the Trump hated all women when, in fact, he just hated Rosie O’Donnell.
Hillary is going down very soon:
Hillary is going down very soon . I expect candidates to begin to promise prosecution next week. Demorats have nobody in the wings.
So it'll be Trump vs. Biden:
Hillary is finished. It is THE CLOWN biden vs the Tsunami of TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. Trump has 25% of the black vote and 38% of hispanics!!! He is leading with AMERICANS!!!
McCain's POW time was as a Communist informer:
He was no hero. We need to see his debriefing file . Why was he called “song bird” by the communists? Why was he released first. Why did he have separate private quarters away from the other prisomers who hated him? Trump has this one right.
Hates Paul Ryan:
Ryan was a bad pick. We all knew that. What we will do is concentrate on our Congressman and remove him unless he wants to make America great again. Ryan-— TRUMP IS THE PARTY NOW!!
Even Ted Cruz is kinda weak:
Be very careful Ted. You still have a chance for VP ( after the scotus ruling in your favor) . Walk lightly here.
Hell, Netanyahu disagreed with Trump, so he's done too:
Go to hell BiBi. Your finished!!
Just ranting:
We are BUILDING THE WALL AND WE ARE STOPPING SHARIA!! Close the borders has more attributes than the Mexican border!! No more human slaughter of Christians at Christian celebrations by Wahhabi sect Sunnis IMMIGRANTS!!!! If we don’t stop these trojan horse cut throats from coming here , the blood is on Cheney,obama, Christie. RYAN!! etc.

When it happens again, what will you jack asses say then??? “LET ALL THE MUSLIMS IN”?????? You better shut up!!
Authorities believe alcohol may have been involved in the above post.

It's a miracle no one was terroristed during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade:
I am glad none were killed by Isis illegal aliens. I tell you it is a damned miracle they weren’t
He recognizes not all Muslims are evil:
Good Sunnis and all Shiites will then get to stay as long as they assimilate. Please listen . it is the Wahhabi sect Sunnis that are the killers. It is well known except by the idiots in the regime and apparently in the GOPe. Get them out of here before they blow up a Bowl game!! PLEASE!! NOW!!
Best part about the Japs? Their racism:
Japs are very smart and extremely racists. They actually figured it out with the moslems. We need to pause Muslim enemy aliens from entry into our country until WE FIGURE IT OUT!! Huhhhhh?
Domestic terrorists are all over! NUKE UP:
We need to seal our borders and NUKE UP!!. We don’t need to go over there to fight. THEY ARE RIGHT HERE!!
So...nuke ourselves?

The party is ours:
I am telling you this. The GOPe is finished. The Party is ours— we will swarm in and remove these power hungry traitors to the constitution. Trump has sealed his victory on this very important issue of Trojan Horse Wahhabi sect Sunnis sneaking in here to kill Christians. Trump is the greatest American since George Washington.
Lets riot at the GOP convention!
We need 300,000 out side. This will make Chicago ‘68 look like child’s play!!


  1. "I heard today the Mars has no gravity ( No IRON CORE )and that solar winds blow everything off."

    ...good Lord.

    1. Wendle is a liberal troll. BTW renortex has not posted in over a month. I think rimjob no longer bans people-as in seeing the dreaded blue page but makes it so they can no longer post.

    2. I'm becoming more and more certain that liberal trolls are a significant percentage of current FR posters.

    3. You could both be right about the liberal trolls. But how would we know? Everything they say seems in line with what the regulars (including JimRob) think. Maybe JimRob is a liberal troll, too! What a twist!

    4. BobJ who was a FR insider-head honcho back in the old days-literally rimjobs right hand man said on Libertypost rimjob is a fake and no where near as conservative nor Christian as he appears.
      BobJ was also the guy who posted Laz criminal record and spilled much of the secrets

    5. Those were the days of the old FR ...

      As soon as JimRob started trying to raise FR's profile, trusting BobJ and others with authority and responsibility to set up satellite projects and sub-chapters, he became quite aware of all the boobish nimcompoopery and outright crookery of those in his "inner circle".

    6. I'd love to know what Laz has been arrested for.

      Of course, this post gives me a good example:

      His record is probably full of a LOT of stupid things.

    7. I'm pretty sure it was minor narcotics possession (cocaine) and public intoxication. I do know he is banned from the memorial shoot event in Texas by order of Jim because he got crazy drunk one year and got "busy" hands.

  2. Excitable Boy by Warren Zevon

  3. WENDLE and HarleyLady27 should get together and have fat ugly babies.

  4. "Most U.S. Christian groups grow more accepting of homosexuality"

    Before taking a look, think to yourself what kind of crazy fuckery is being posted by Freepers to this article....and enjoy:

  5. "I heard today the Mars has no gravity ( No IRON CORE )and that solar winds blow everything off."

    This might be one of the stupidest things anyone has ever posted on FR....and there's some REAL stupid over there!

  6. I have it on the highest authority that RimJob is a DNC operative.

  7. "I remember as well.

    I also remember watching live on the telly as three former state troopers that were employed during BJ’s time as governer were killed during the storming of the Branch Davidian buildings.

    The three and another SWAT-ted out individual were up on the first floor roof of a building and smashed out a window on the second level in preparation for entry and then the three troopers piled into the room -while the fourth waited for a couple of beats...

    Then took a step back, pointed his weapon at the window the three others had just gone through and proceeded to let off a long waving stream of full auto rounds directly into the room.

    I knew immediately that whoever those three were, the fourth person had just deliberately killed them. Didn’t find out until later that it was Clintoon’s former guards."

    1. Do you think Freepers would hate the Federal govt as much as they do over Waco if the Feds were to, say, storm a Muslim religious commune where the leader was a self-proclamed Messianic cult leader suspected of having sex with minor girls? Or would they be yelling "Go, Trump!"

    2. Also:

      The day Reno gave the order to grab Elian Gonzalez is a day that will live in infamy.

      The first, and last, refugee child Freepers will EVER give a shit about.