Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Too hateful to concern troll

In "How the Right Can Use Compassion to Out-Argue the Left," Greg Gutfeld writes a blog post/book plug arguing that conservatives try to concern troll about the environment , using such well-worn Internet fallacies as 'windmills kill birds' and 'natural gas is natural.'

Like all such articles, it's either by someone who has never met a liberal, or just a roundabout way to assure conservatives that liberals are dumb. But this time it's cloaked in condescension rather than vitriol.

Freepers are having none of that - condescension might imply something other than burning hate for The Enemy!

chesley can't be bothered to keep on track:
AS soon as you drift off track, they shout you down. You must AGREE with them. Sounding like them is just your hypocrisy shining through.
Hoodat knows the real heartless ones:
Liberals don’t have compassion.
Well, I guess AdaGray is super liberal!
Sorry. Not in the mood for compassion of any kind.
Pearls Before Swine tries his hand at concern trolling, but mostly proves he doesn't know his Kipling:
How about starting with compassion for white people at our universities? After all, they must bear “the white man’s burden.”
riri urges no longer allowing liberals to trap you with their morals:
Once you try to out compassion them, prove you are not a racist, fascist or whatever label they use you are already in a position of weakness.

STOP giving them the power. STOP playing by their rules.
I wonder if MayflowerMadam realizes how much of black culture she's stuffing into her lazy liberal strawman?
Facts will not matter much considering that most people who vote democratic are not tuning in to anything that might contain facts. Doubtful that they’ll be glued to any GOP debate. Watching American Idol, black sitcoms, Master P whatever the hell that is, Kardashians. Calling 911 if the Chicken McNugget order is one nugget short. Flash mobbing department stores. Facts do matter, but “they” won’t hear them.
kaehurowing knows a pithy insult is best:
How about just calling them retards who are just too stupid to think for themselves.
SteveH tells a story that is pretty clearly about a friend who didn't realize he was a lunatic:
I recently hiked with a long term friend. We had somehow managed to stay in touch for decades without discussing (so far as I can recall) politics.

Suddenly while in the middle of talking about a non political topic, she made a side comment about how stupid Palin was. Naturally, I responded with a brief inquiry followed by a brief recitation of facts that were not in the liberal media.

At some time during my recitation of the facts, the friend suddenly exclaimed that “we are not having this discussion.” Since she had been the first to bring up politics, I thought it unfair and impolite to shut off the topic that she herself had brought up, so I continued to finish my thoughts. For a second time, she exclaimed that “we are not having this discussion.”

My conclusion was that she, like most other liberals, have no reasoning skills and have given themselves over to base emotions when it comes to politics. It turned out that her reading mainly consisted of the NYT and that she did not bother to inform herself of alternative points of view because it was her opinion that she got enough information from the mainstream media. My friend has a PhD in hard sciences from a very good university.


  1. ...she did not bother to inform herself of alternative points of view...

    Translation: She does not immerse herself in the alternative reality that is Free Republic.

  2. "My conclusion was that she, like most other liberals, have no reasoning skills and have given themselves over to base emotions when it comes to politics."

    Unlike Freepers who are purely logical and never give in to their raw emotions.

    Not them. Never. Not ever.

  3. I love the irony of a Freeper complaining that other people won't hear facts.

  4. In an oblique way, I sort of sympathize with Freepers on this. I mean: Palin. You don't need any "media". You just read any of her own books or speeches and it is obvious she is dumb as a box of rocks. Being asked to justify that is like being asked "why" 2+2=4. How do you answer that? I too might have to go with: "We're not having this conversation".