Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Pix Pt. I

Sheriff Reagan approves, guys!
Obama is behind all terror everywhere.
Alright. But why give Obama D-cups though?
So if the ball is earth, is this an intergalactic situation?
Freepers do yearn for that good old anti-Communist paranoia.
Freepers want to belong.
Or been asked to lead them in the Constitution of Medina...


  1. it's quite obvious -- the dog is a sleeper "mohammedan candidate" and the cupcakes are his post-hypnotic "hillary 2016" activation trigger. so come november, beware of any shell-shocked dogs lining up at voting booths; they'll probably try to vote more than once.


    UK Petition calling for Trump to be banned from entry gets 'Freeped', Freepers call foul

    Irony is sweet