Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri Pt. II

re_nortex is back! And his satire continues to have plausible freepability. But for how long will his crazy remain ahead of the curve?
Just envision how Great the FREE-again Republic will become under the inspired leadership of President Trump. From border to border, the muzzie cockroaches will be crushed. The wetbacks will also scurry back across the Grand River (it will be renamed from the Rio Grande). The criminal gang led by hussein will be doing continual hard, back-breaking labor under a burning sun! Good times and prosperity ahead! Woo hoo!
StAntKnee's analysis that Hillary Clinton has a secret colostomy bag shows what a challenge nortex will have:
Observation: That’s not just a huge pocket in the tarp. It’s a huge pocket with something heavy in it. See the vertical fold? C-bag.
mouse1 is analyzing a picture of Chelsea Clinton, and is pretty sure she's never held her baby before:
She’s holding her baby, but the pose doesn’t look natural. Maybe it’s the firs time she has held her. Most people would sit the child sideways and look at the child - not plop the kid between her legs.
What would make lentulusgracchus enjoy the SpaceX launch/landing even more? Making an elaborate scenario where Obama hates it!
Hearing all the SpaceX employees chanting USA was great, too.

Must have been molar-grinding time for Barky. Here he thought he'd neutered all those white boys by turning NASA into a "Moslem outreach" agency ..... and damned if the pimply-faced engineering crowd didn't go private and do The Forbidden on their own, anyway.


"I forbade it! .... I FORBADE IT!!!"

Once again, Liz exhorts her fellow Freepers to call their Congressman and ask for outlandish crap:
Americans need to consider the worst...that Obama (and the Clintons) are being bribed into taking no action on terrorism.
More egregiously, we need to know the scope and dimension of our tax dollars being used to finance terror squads invading our country.


NOW IS THE TIME TO COME TO THE AID OF YOUR COUNTRY: Contact your Representative and Senators
Capitol Switchboard 1-866-220-0044

Americans demand to see wire-transfers, emails, disk drives

(1) in and out of Valerie Jarrett's office,

(2) those in and out of Obama's two foundations (two that we know of), and,

(3) wire transfers into his library fund....

Investigate other networks (perhaps CAIR) they might be using to money launder, and pocket bribes, payoffs and kickbacks.

Moreover, Americans demand reparations from any Washington
official that used US govt power and govt office to aid and abet terrorism.
Trying to keep his rage up is hard. Angels27 tries to convince himself Obama's last year will be the worst:
0bama is the enemy within. This last year will be worst in his reign of terror. He will step up his efforts to destroy this country. Make no mistake, he wants us dead.
Long a Freeper dream, Wilhelm Tell has examined a collection of strawmen and must reluctantly conclude that liberals and Muslims are one and the same:
If you look at any cause the left claims to champion, but if this cause gets in the way of Islam, suddenly to the left their cause is forgotten and Islam is preferred. The left champions gays and women, supposedly, but the left ignores the plight of gay people in Islamic countries. The leftists in Western countries visciously attack any feminist who appears in a Muslim country. The left claims to support ethnic minorities but if Islamists attack some minority, the leftists will ignore it or even express solidarity with the Islamists.

I think the left is basically run by Islamists or Islamic sympathizers when you look at their leadership, but most leftists are in denial or are too ignorant to see that the left as a movement has for a long time been co-opted by Islam.
Add in Nazis and Commies and you're all set!

Remember Palin's constant masterstrokes? Revelation 911 has convinced himself Trump's a similar genius:
Trump is now baiting her with the “schlonged” comment. If she makes a big deal out of his “vulgar” comments, Trump can then say what is worse, words or actions, and point to a President getting BJs in the oval office by an intern and sticking cigars in her vagina.

nothing worse than a very smart very sharp knife...This guy dominates media like nothing Ive ever seen. Every time he opens his mouth in seemingly random dialogue, he is later proven correct. Either he researched ahead of time, or he is very very lucky.....I vote researched.

This guy is 3 moves ahead of them
Yaelle goes for the bluster to defend Trump:
Trump used a term to say Hillary got beaten, which is a word for a penis.

Hillary terrorized to keep them quiet, women her husband RAPED with a penis.

Jack Hydrazine wonders about a Freeper hero:
I wonder if Bernie Goetz is a Trump supporter?
Patton@Bastogne fancies himself a political genius:

Memo to Donald Trump ...

Executive Summary:

By helping to DESTROY Hillary in the first three (3) Democratic Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump can "accurately claim" that he KEPT HIS PROMISE to the GOP that he CAN and DID DEFEAT Hillary ...

1) set-up a Hillary Lies website (www.HillaryLies.com)

2) Purchase a $ 100 million national TV ad buy to air a "Hillary Liar" video featuring Bill Clinton on the ISIS Recruitment Video ... featuring the www.HillaryLies.com website link ...

3) Massively Broadcast national TV ad (everywhere) until everyone in America has seen the video at least three times ... including in movie theater ads, Liberal newspapers and Women's magazines ... EVERYWHERE ...

4-A) FOCUS "Hillary Lies" TV ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina so that Bernie Sanders can DEFEAT Hillary in the first three (3) Democrat 2016 Presidential Primary States ...

4-B) FOCUS "Hillary Lies" with a massive Outdoor Billboard campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina so that Bernie Sanders can DEFEAT Hillary in the first three (3) Democrat 2016 Presidential Primary States ...

Again ... By helping to DESTROY Hillary in the first three (3) Democratic Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump can "accurately claim" that he KEPT HIS PROMISE to the GOP that he CAN and DID DEFEAT Hillary ...
Come for the super lame negative add, stay for the massive billboard buy!

detective has a suggestion that Trump just rant on about all Freep's past Clinton crazy until the Clintons cry!
Trump should go after the Clintons for “Arkanside”, Vince Foster, the banks they looted, Paula Jones, Johnny Chung and all their other criminal acts. Trump can also bring up the murder of Ron Brown, the Khobar Towers bombing, the embassy bombings, the attack on the U.S.S Cole and don't forget that ugly as sin Monica Lewinski and the many six figure no show jobs Clinton got for her.

Keep up the pressure until they're both crying uncontrollably and begging him to stop.

Then really turn up the heat.
drypowder makes a joke that is as lame as it is racist:
the Toys R Us in Oakland CA changed it's name and is now called, We Be Toys and Sh!t.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
VanDeKoik uses some strong logical fail to tar his fellow Freepers:
It’s funny seeing the people on FR that despise Trump having to find themselves on the same side with Hillary and the GOPEs.
Ruy Dias de Bivar is having none of Doodledawg's grudging allowance that Obama did a good golf thing:
I don’t care who you are. Draining a forty footer like that is worth a cheer.

News caster Paul Harvey hit a hole in one but NEVER bragged about it. Many years later he mentioned it happened on Nov 22, 1963. Not a day to brag about anything.
DoughtyOne seems to have a sitcomesque hatred of his wife:
The Wife/Sanders 2016
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper us wrapping all the conspiracies up together:
Hillary’s medical records are in the same place as Obama’s birth certificate and school records, and Bill’s balls.

Whoever finds them can set their price and is set for life.
dsc is hoping for the 1968 Democratic convention, but with old, old Freepers:
I just had a flash of ex-Republicans appearing at Stupid Party rallies with megaphones, chanting FU, FU, FU, FU, (but not abbreviating) as a statement that the Republicans no longer have anything to say.

Then, instead of cooperating, forcing the police to billy-club them into submission.

Once some blood is shed, something might get started.
dsc goes to great lengths to explain why being an alarming asshole is vital for America:
There are things that are so bad that one has a moral duty to say terrible things about them at every opportunity. Liberalism is one of those things. That duty is more important than class, dignity, or manners.

It is long past time for decent people to wake up and realize that when dealing with scumbags, civility is nothing but a self-imposed handicap.

After a hundred million innocent dead in the twentieth century, no liberal is entitled to the slightest consideration, courtesy, or civility. Liberals should be reviled, abominated, spat upon, even beaten, whenever they have the gall to show their faces in the presence of decent people.

We act wrongly when we pretend that liberals have a right to a voice in human affairs. We act wrongly when we fail to excoriate them for the horrors they have wrought, and those they still lust to wreak.

When a human being appears in public with a liberal, at a political debate, for instance, he should preface his remarks with a statement to the effect that the proximity of the liberal is causing his gorge to rise and his flesh to crawl.

It is not humanly possible to say anything sufficiently critical and insulting about liberals and liberalism. Indictment, trial, conviction, sentencing, and execution would be insufficient punishment for their crimes against humanity.

Human beings arise! Computer science will allow a tyranny so complete and horrible that it has yet to be imagined, unless these loathsome swine are stopped.
I'm amazed by Freepers like Maelstorm who know normal Muslims, but still work hard to hate all the Muslims they don't know personally:
I’ve worked with Muslims and I know a few true Moderate Muslims who do everything from celebrate Christmas and drink causually. The problem is that being a moderate Muslim almost always is aligned with not being devout or orthodox Muslim. The last thing we need is to grow Muslim political influence in America.
Jimmy Valentine is hoping Bill Clinton's appeal has faded:
Billy of the bent penis hasn’t got the Mojo he once had. Plus I think he would rather be on Pedophile Island.
Flintlock hates how the police won't let him preemptively execute Muslim looking people:
The main problem will be that we have to fight our way THRU OBambi’s armed thugs in order to get to the Islamic targets in the first place.

They will be protected by our idiotic Po-lice and we must get past THEM for a clear shot at the invaders.

Long-range marksmanship will be essential.
Oh, dear, I'll bet SandRat is serious, and dresses like Rambo every evening:
Albion Wilde excuses Trump's 'Happy Holidays' card, because Trump doesn't really mean it:
What's with the "Happy Holidays"? I thought he said we would be saying "Merry Christmas" again, not giving the two equal billing.

He realizes Jews and atheists also vote, and has two Jewish in-laws, so...

I think he is against the banning of Christmas greetings by companies wishing to profit from Christmas, and the punishing of store employees for not being allowed to say "Merry Christmas" to shoppers, and things like that.
BroJoeK knows high IQ means conservative:
it's been noted that in the past 100+ years average IQs slowly increased, even amongst, or especially amongst, those groups which score lowest.

And that is a HUGE problem for Democrats, because any people eventually reach the point where they begin to grasp that Democrat political-economic diagnoses are false and their nostrums quack, intended only to maintain their class dependence on Democrat Big Government.

Such people begin to seek more uplifting ideas less committed to Democrat politics.

It's why Democrats constantly bombard us with not just high quality new immigrants, but more to their purposes, the worst of the worst, future Democrat voters.
Paradox hates his fellow Hispanics:
I’ve always chuckled at the graphs showing comparative IQ’s for groups, by ethnicity. My modest 135 IQ, while nothing to sneer at overall, makes me a freakin Einstein among “my fellow hispanics”...
In a fond memory, Alberta's Child was asked id she saw a burglary, and just smugly described the last black person she saw:
Years ago I was questioned by the police about a burglary that took place in the town where I lived. I wasn't a suspect. I just happened to be working outside in the general vicinity of the place when the crime was reported.

I gave the police an description of the person they were looking for -- a middle-aged black female. My description included her approximate height and age, the location and direction she was walking when I saw her, and an exact description of everything she was wearing.

The cop didn't seem to believe me. He asked: "How do you remember all that?"

My response: "Something didn't look right about her, and I figured she didn't live around here. I guess I just made a mental note of it when she walked past."


  1. Laughing at SandRat, above ...

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    3. Keyboard Kommandoes and Mall Ninjas....usually seen shitting themselves and hiding whenever an African American or Middle Eatern person walks by them in public.

  2. Thanks everyone for pointing out SandRat's comment. I had overlooked it. That is screamingly funny!