Thursday, December 3, 2015

Xenophobia maintinence

In November, there were a few headlines about a Pew study that Mexican immigration - both legal and illegal - was reversing back into Mexico. There was some speculation as to why, but nothing definitive.

Freepers could not believe the story. The idea that illegal immigration could be anything less than a currently growing crisis is an anathema to their whole fear-based lifestyle.

al baby is one of many Freepers to just disbelieve and walk away:
BS meter is going to eleven
Buckeye McFrog thinks this was a setup to torpedo Trump:
As illegal immigration is the #1 issue driving the entire campaign.

How convenient!
FreeReign attacks the Wall Street Journal for posting the Pew study:
Sure looks like a non-credible attempt by the WSJ to take the Mexican illegal immigration issue off the table.
stephenjohnbanker is also attacking the wrong messenger:
Open borders WSJ/Fox Murdoch is only here for the money.

I wish I could deport the SOB
Red Badger thinks it's because Mexicans have Islam-dar:
They don’t want to be here when the muzzies start cutting of peoples’ heads................
AngelesCrestHighway also speculates it's because disloyal recent Mexican immigrants are closely following current events:
Mexicans go south when Syrians come north...Same thing happened after 9/11. Mexicans bailed.
Regulator's town has seem more Latinos, so he's pretty sure the numbers in the study are super low:
About 16 million Mexicans flocked to the U.S. over the last 40 years

Oh Please. About 100% low estimate: the illegals alone are north of 20 million.

In 1970 there were like 4 million "hispanics" in the entire United States. There are now 60 million.

Towns that I lived in 35 years ago which had perhaps 1 Mexican (really) now have thousands.

The number is absurd and the article is an attempt to undermine Trump and the illegal immigration issue.
hal ogen knows what Mexicans are good for!
If true...who is going to clean my house??? Maybe I can convince one of my millennial neighbor's “adult” kids.
TADSLOS is sure voter fraud is involved:
This Just In: Illegals hate to vote. They conveniently go home in droves every election year.
A CA Guy goes with a more demographic panic:
Maybe going home for Holidays then back to the USA for the birth of their 5th child on us.
Smaller numbers won't keep PGR88 from his xenophobic standbys!
But they’re still cashing the welfare checks, disability and food stamps.
Red Badger is also into the lazy immigrant speculation:
I wonder if the IG can check to see if there are and EBT cards ore welfare checks being used in foreign countries?..................I’d bet the answer would be yes. ......and the amounts would be staggering.................
Love me V K Lee's incoherent rant, which hits all the high notes, regardless of how much the contradict themselves!
This was just heard on the local NBC station in Dallas moments ago. The news reader was talking about the terrorists caught on the US/Mexican border being handed over to ICE and many illegals were leaving the US ...the Mexican legals returning to Mexico. Do we believe it? Not hardly. Nothing coming from this administration or the propaganda arm of this administration is true or believed. But to see the incoming on this particular subject at the moment is over the top. Sob stories everywhere you look. We’re here from Syria, feel but our families who are still in the country...feel our pain. BS BS BS Round them up and send them back home.
"They're fleeing because of terrorism"
"But also it's all a lie like Syrian refugees."
"Round 'em up!"

That's three mutually contradictory statements in one meandering paragraph. Well done!


  1. Did I miss the thanksgiving post? I'd like to quench my thirst with freeper tears and taste the hate schaudenfreude...

    Does that make me a bad person? Maybe, but self awareness at least means I can become better :)

    1. I kept an eye out, but I didn't see the usual forever alone thread. Closest was some sniping at Obama's address.

    2. Fair enough, thx Ozy!

      Your work is appreciated

  2. So Syed Farook and his wife killed coworkers because they are Muslim, but Robert Dear- a known Conservative- killed people at Planned Parenthood because he's crazy.

    Seems fair.

    1. DC conservative radio was talking about profiling all Muslims this morning.

      I'm horifinterested in what harsh measures Freep will call for next week.