Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Drafting women

Whenever Free Republic gets depressing, I know I can always find something about gender roles and all the hate melts into ridiculous attempts at angry chivalry. Which isn't a thing, so it's basically a fail off the break.

Hence, Freepers are really unhappy at women being included in combat roles and maybe the draft, though they're rather split about why - is it because the military sucks, because women should be protected, because no women can be as strong as a man, or because this is some kinda Obama conspiracy?

As with so many Freepers, ohioman hates the military now:
I will tell my 16 year old daughter to refuse to sign up. Our communist government can go to hell.
WestwardHo laments the death of an America full of pregnant Christian housewives:
So, brave men go to war, put their lives on the line to defend empty homes...the women have go to war, their children lay dead on the PP floor, and Moslems govern the country. Sounds like a deal to me.
Buckeye McFrog thinks this is a liberal plot to make America hate war again:
A long-cherished Liberal dream.

They have been beside themselves over the fact that in the era of a volunteer military it has been impossible to get a 60’s style anti-war movement revved up.

With the prospect of daughters being drafted this is finally within their grasp.
Dana1960 is REALLY angry, guys!
If I were to type out what I think about this right now, I would be banned. Not just from FR, but from the interwebs, and polite society.

Black Agnes hates how America is controlled by Saudi Arabia:
Not going to let my daughters be janissaries for the saudis.


Not going to happen.
Black Agnes also thinks this is a plot by liberals to secretly sterilize our women:
Elimination of breeding age females in the ‘birth pool’ has long been a goal of the left. Inducting a large portion of them into the military in a ‘time of war’ and then using that as an excuse to sterilize them (temporarily is always an iffy business) would decimate the birth rate. As would getting large numbers of them killed. And the possibility of preferentially sending women from ‘undesirable’ groups (Christians) to hard front line assignments to get them killed off would be irresistible.
On the same weird conspiratorial note, blueunicorn6 replaces equality of opportunity and responsibility with a procrustean strawman:
Women must have the equal opportunity of being forced to have their heads blown off.

For true equality, all females in the military will have to be sterilized. Males don’t get pregnant and have to be sent home.

Welcome to the Infantry, ladies! You were the ones who could have stopped this.
Eleven Bravo 6 319thID is hoping that women's "natural inherent weaknesses" will get the uppity ones killed:
We need to create an all female Infantry Battalion, put them into combat and see how long it takes them to get chewed up and spit out in pieces. A female here and a female there in a combat unit are able to hide their natural inherent weaknesses amongst their male fellow soldiers and the loss of unit effectiveness is minimal, unless you are the soldier who needs to rely on a female in a life and death situation and you end up dead.
Vigilanteman doesn't like living in a Republic:
None of my daughters voted for this $#*+. Start with those who did.
clamper1797 is ashamed women can fight for America:
What a despicable cowardly country we have become ... sending our daughters to fight on the front lines. I am ashamed of what we have become
Nobody tell him about Israel.

Actually, Buckeye McFrog seems to be privy to very different facts about Israel's coed military:
Both the Russians and the Israelis have tried this in the past, and both quickly reversed course.
Clean_Sweep is sure everything in the world is going according to some evil plan:
I guess we will need all bodies available for the next war they have planned.


  1. Ever notice how many freeper females include
    " *spit* " in their posts?

    What a bunch of dainty ladies inhabit FR, ha ha.

  2. I had a feeling FR would react completely reasonably to this and they delivered more than expected. Thanks, FReepers!

  3. What a despicable cowardly country we have become ... sending our daughters to fight on the front lines. I am ashamed of what we have become

    When is Free Republic going to have a full-on thread about Israeli women in combat and Israeli free government-paid abortions? They love Israel so much, I'm eager to hear how they contort their views to condone Israel's massive superiority over US women on these two very, very important issues.