Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Obama threatens ISIS, Jews, America.

ISIS's PR battle with American hearts and minds couldn't be going better - from the videos to the small-scale terror, lots of America is decidedly spooked.

Obama's latest statement seemed to betray a knowledge of this dimension in our struggle against ISIS, noting that hitting ISIS in the Middle East is the best way to degrade it's ability to be threatening elsewhere.

He also talks a bit tough - ""ISIL leaders cannot hide, Our next message to them is simple, you are next."

Freepers cannot abide an Obama who does not live up to the evil-and-feminine-and-lazy-and-hateful cartoon they've built up, so they react pretty strongly.

Boonie seems to think no terrorists have been killed on Obama's watch:
Next??? Next for WHAT???*LOL*

You haven’t done anything FIRST yet, Obama.....

You are a worthless Muslim piece of trash......
LeoWindhorse explicitly posits that those seemingly killed under Obama were all hoaxes:
show us the death pictures of Osama bin Laden

show us the death pictures of raghead daddy Baghdadi
LeoWindhorse also laments that Israel isn't being the imperial power he wishes America was:
Mossad used to act to ‘protect’ Israel

One failed op in Amman and they lost their balls
ColdOne literally believes Obama is opposite day:
since everything he says is a lie, he must be ready to give them more military gear.
Buckeye McFrog knows Obama is only doing good things to keep his poll numbers up for reelection:
National Defense Strategy 110% totally driven by political polling.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
HomerBohn just kinda rambles about how wimpy and also evil Obama is:
if Field Marshall Eric von Obama decides to take to the field and lead the troops on a Crusade against Islam, that would be most refreshing. Refreshing as long as he charges from the front of the column.

The problem is that, through his and Hillary’s efforts, a war is being waged against innocents in this nation.

The truth is that this degenerate is a craven coward and couldn’t lead a charge to the men’s toilet. He is the worst thing that’s happened to America, or any other nation, since Joseph Stalin.

Trump-Cruz: take charge. Reverse everything this miserable piece of human debris has had anything to do with.
Slyfox is sure Jews will one day find out that Obama was ineptly trying to kill them all:
I wonder if the leftist Jews will be surprised when they finally realize that Obama has done everything in his power to destroy them.


  1. "show us the death pictures of Osama bin Laden

    show us the death pictures of raghead daddy Baghdadi"

    I guess the notion that we haven't heard from these guys since their "faked deaths" means nothing to them, right?

    1. Nothing is really real at Free Republic, not really.

  2. What is the point in this posting?

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