Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Double Hitler on you!

Breitbart has an article about how 'the media' is all in comparing Trump to Hitler. Their examples are the Daily Mail and the Philadelphia Daily News.

Tendentious perhaps, but that's Breitbart's stock and trade, and Freepers are incensed! Hitler is THEIR villain, and taking him makes you the real Hitler!

JudyinCanada explains that Muslims are the opposite of Jews, so a Muslim Holocaust makes you anti-Hitler!
Trump is Hitler?

Wasn’t Hitler in cahoots with the muslims?

Is Trump wanting to rid the world of Jews?

Seems to me Trump is OPPOSITE of Hitler.
Conservative Gato knows Hitler comparisons being dumb is just leftist propaganda:
Isn’t the left violating their own Godwin’s Law?

realcleanguy knows the real Hitler:
Honestly, I don’t like Trump, but Obama and his regime are closer to Hitler than any president we have ever had
nclaurel is like the only Freeper trying to spin Trump's latest madness.
All he really said was to stop Muslim immigrants UNTIL our representatives figure out what is going on. Read his actual comment not the BS twist presented by the media.
luvbach1 then dives directly into the madness:
Yes, Islam is a religion (some would say an evil cult). And we musn’t discriminate against anyone based on their religion. Right? But is Islam like any other religion one could name? Of course it is not.

Its texts are replete with commands to do all manner of atrocities against the “infidel.” It advocastes violence, discrimination against females (including pedophilia and honor killing), and other disgusting aspects of Sharia law and a whole lot more.

My point in all this, if it’s not yet clear, is that discriminating against Muslims and Islam is unlike discriminating against any other religion. That important difference is the gorilla in the room that Trump’s critics choose to ignore.
Speaking of Hitler, Chauncey Uppercrust wants to round up the gays too.
I support Trump, flipping the dials made me angry tonight, from Fox to CNN .

Trump is right on!

I would also support rounding up the gays, thats what we should have done years ago, because we did not we have to listen to the likes of Shep Smith Anderson Cooper and Doogie Howser
WTFOVR paints Trump as some kind of gay Power Rangers villain:
Trump has a boner the size of the Empire State Building - and the Media is about to get bent over and sodomized ... This is gonna be brutal.
Like Judas and Jesus, eyeamok knows 2015 American politics are universal:
Adolf Hitler was a DEMOCRAT!!!


  1. Though I am reluctant to point this out on this forum, because of all the lurking freepers ...
    Chauncey Uppercrust shows some definite signs of poe-ism.

    Less than one year since his sign up date, he/she is playing it pretty cool so far, but there are a few slips here and there.

  2. A boner the size of the Empire State Building? Paging Dr. Freud.

    1. He will anally rape his enemies, making them gay

      That makes him not gay

  3. The Colorado Springs shooter had his court appearance yesterday and went full nutcase anti-abortion..... Free Rethuglic response....not a single post