Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

It's amazing. Freepers like Flintlock are always finding new secret Muslims:
Ryan is growing his Islamic beard.

Just whose side do you think he’s on??

Hint: it isn’t JUST the Democratic side.
Remember those BS rumors that Jews were warned about 9-11 and didn't come into work? Well I suppose it was only a matter of time...hoosiermama:
My cousin Taught in bay area. Their student of Arabic decent didn’t show up the day before and were never heard from again. Entire families flew back to ME before the attack. Yes they knew ahead of time. If not exactly what was to happen enough to fly days before it happened out of the USA
hoosiermama also thinks Trump's birther BS is still legit:
I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has some interesting information about Obama’s dubious background.

Know for a fact he has it. -— at least he was sent it.
I checked his profile, and COUNTrecount isn't joking!
Then you were watching him a few years ago when Trump said that the private investigators he'd sent to Hawaii to look into Obama's birth certificate and that what they were uncovering was "absolutely unbelievable". What ever happened with that? Could it be that he used the same crack team of investigators to come up with his claims abut hijacker wives fleeing the country pre-9/11?

What was found was so unbelievable that Trump decided the only way to save the country was to run for president.
MeshugeMikey has taken to calling Muslims 'Others.'
imagine the hundreds ...if not thousands of Others...who have arrived in various locations carrying phones that are not even phones...if ya know what I mean...
TheTimeOfMan has some harsh proposals for the author of an anti-Cruz editorial:
Ted Cruz must have done astonishingly well last night with the voters that matter. There have been near a dozen cites today on articles why Cruz is ‘in trouble’ or ‘has a problem’..

Put her in a burka. Burn off her clitoris. Do not allow her outside unless accompanied by a male relative. Do not allow her to drive. Do not allow her to speak in public.

I think she’s Jewish so hell, let’s just kill her.

Stasi - living in your own leftist fantasy world is not moral. You are allowing real evil to proliferate.
A former Secret Service agent was killed. momincombatboots seems to think this is like superman going down:
I cannot Imagine an instance where a secret service operator would be so unaware, as to be murdered.. Maybe an overwhelming number or a lucky shot.. But is our secret service going the way of our armed forces? Another scenario.. Perhaps a sacrifice to save another.
Old Sarge weaves a complex story of how this is an Obama plot:
Baldwin was charged with first-degree attempted burglary and destruction of property in an incident from April of this year. Following the incident, Baldwin was put on leave and his security clearance suspended.

Where else but the Obamanation could a felon remain on the government payroll?

MY take is: the burglary was a "Chicago Plumber" job that went south, he couldn't stay loyal to the regime, so another Plumber was assigned to stop the leak.
arthurus quit TV during the Bush-Dukakis debates, in super dramatic style!
1988. I came home late from work one night and saw my wife and three oldest kids laid out in the living room, all with their mouths open staring at a presidential debate. None of them seemed to notice me coming in. I took the box out to the alley and put a piece of cement block through the screen. There has not been one in the house since. It took wife a couple of months to get over it but she came to despise TVs, too, and won’t stay more than a few minutes at a friends house if the friend has the TV on and is disinclined to turn it off. Three of my four do not watch TV nor do their own children. The fourth makes videos and wins prizes with them. He is entwined with it all.
RJS1950 has some harsh (and somewhat magical) plans for Muslims:
Kick them all out.


Disappear them all, down to and including their toenails. Leave nothing but scattered dust.

Repeat as often as they are found.
Stayfree has a question about Obama consoling the families of the San Bernardino victims:
Why? Are they all black.......
More on Freepers' pettiness on this front next week.

Enlightened1 takes exception to Lindsey Graham saying the rage against Obama in the GOP is unhealthy:
Lindsey Graham is a Democratic Operative.

No conservative would ever say this.
Personal Responsibility thinks European elites are using Muslims to return it to the feudal ages!
I think the move to change the demographics is planned by the “betters” in a long-game attempt to revert to feudalism. We all know the muslims will not assimilate and become Dutch. They will remain muslims from their homeland, first and foremost. We all know this eventually leads to violence. Either sooner, if they don’t get their way on everything or later, when they represent a significant minority of the population.

Knowing that, what is government’s response to violence? They can fold, sure. But remember, they’re doing this on purpose. This means they have a plan to handle the violence. I think the plan is for increasing crackdowns on the violence until they have “no choice” but to move back to an autocratic rulership situation. Remember, this is Europe. That’s in their DNA. In short, I think they want to move back to a “Ruling class Lords / everyone else Serfs” situation.

It may be a generation or two down the road but that’s the likeliest outcome

Lords and serfs. Just like the good ol’ days.
I'm amused every time a Freeper like CPT Clay wants to go back 1,000 years:
Keep it up, they will run across the wrong christian, and the Crusades will be on again.
central_va often generalizes about groups based on one data point:
I’ve hired a lot. In a data center I managed I tried one of the H-1B’s HR was pushing on me. Well he lasted about a year. 4 DUI’s later and he was back home on Pakistan. See these third worlders from Muslim countries get a taste of freedom and the hang out in topless bars and drink constantly. I’ve talked to others with similar experiences, it is a cultural thing.
central_va isn't afeared!
I’m not scared. My dad’s not scared. Mom’s not scared. None in the family scared. Friends are not scared. Co-workers? Not scared.

I’m sure there are a bunch of libs throughout the country that are cowering in their homes. But around here no one I can find is scared. Vigilant yes. Scared? Hell no.

Liberals are confusing fear with anger.
Speaking of no fear, miserare thinks LA shutting down their schools over an obvious hoax is super brave:
This whole incident tells me that Angelenos care much more about their children than New Yorkers do.

DiBlasio and Bratton dance to the tune of Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thank God for the Superintendent of LA Schools and for his courage and fortitude!
Luircin explains why drastic action about illegal immigration is the only issue:
This election, to me, is a single issue election. Immigration. I'm not just looking at THIS election, but ALL future elections. We know that the Democrats are importing illegal voters for the purposes of fraud, and it's getting close to the point where the combination of gimmie voters, fraudulent voters, and other trickery will overwhelm law abiding Americans. After that point, we're screwed. Tyranny or civil war.

And of all the candidates, R and D, Trump is the only one who has even proposed a plan that will reverse this trend. Even if we take everything that Ted Cruz said about the immigration problems facing us at face value, and all you have to do is look at his past statements to see that he may very well be compromised it's still not enough.

So here are the possible futures I see.

1: Hillary wins: We're screwed.
2: Any candidate other than Cruz or Trump wins: We're screwed.
3: Cruz or Trump win and cannot get a handle on this invasion. We're screwed.
3: Cruz wins and manages to get his entire agenda implemented, and was telling the truth about everything. We are STILL screwed.
4: Trump wins and was lying through his teeth about everything. We're screwed.
5: Trump wins and manages to turn this invasion around with his agenda. Then we have a chance.

That's it. That's the only thing that matters. Every other issue hinges entirely on this one, because unless we restore the rule of law to immigration, we lose on every other issue. Abortion: we lose. Property rights: we lose. Gun control: we lose.

And that's why it doesn't matter how liberal, moderate, conservative, or populist Trump is. Because he is the only candidate in the race who is proposing something that will give us a chance to turn the country back around without a civil war.
TomGuy thinks Trump is really winning over Democrats:
There is an irony with the Trump candidacy.

He IS creating that ‘bigger tent’ that the GOP establishment have been clamoring for for decades.
Objective Scrutator wants to arrest and execute the UN:
When Trump or Cruz becomes President, one of their first actions should be to disband the UN and have its socialists tried and executed for being enemies of its hosting nation.
mumblypeg thinks Sikhs saying they've been the targets of anti-Muslim violence is probably a false flag:
Prolly just Muslims putting on turbans and practicing tacquiyyah.
With Obama’s encouragement. I put nothing past this administration.

After all, ISIS encourages lone wolves to blend in by wearing westernized clothing and feigning interest in rock and roll.
They even give permission to wear a Crucifix, as this especially encourages the infidels to trust them, right up to the moment they murder you. ISIS actually has this on their training website.

Be courteous, but be watchful.
Dagnabitt doesn't like Jeb Bush's wife:
"Today, I am suspending my campaign for President of the United States"

Say it Jeb! Just say it.

(Extra points if the Mexican dwarf woman is sobbing at your side.)
sergeantdave wants to kick it Looney-Tunes style:
Little Marxist mice squeaking from their holes. Aw! Shaddup, you freaks, or we’ll stomp ya until your eyeballs squirt from your heads.
bray's nickname for Muslims continues to drift:
Just remember everyone on that stage said Trump was wrong about the Mooselips and the people agreed. See what they say after the polls spoke.

Merry Christmas
Well, Night Hides Not is from Texas, so maybe...
I'm so pi$$ed off, I told my wife this morning that I was going to run for Congress in 2018, after I retire. My congressman, Kenny Marchant, is turning into a squish, and he's always been a back-bencher.

The major difference this morning was that my wife said, "good idea."

He's been there over ten years, he's now part of the problem.
yefragetuwrabrumuy still has at least some part of the military he can still fetishize:
I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot more to this story. This is because the SF are trained to think unconventionally, so are always on the lookout for holes in systems they can exploit.

A great example is how someone in the conventional Army staff decided that the SF needed uniformity in their weapons, and that all their unconventional weapons should be taken from them. A truly brain dead idea more intent on harassment than accomplishing anything.

But when the IG inspectors showed up, bags in hand, to the SF armory, all they found were uniform weapons in compliance with the new regulation. It took them a long time before they figured out that the SF had moved all their unconventional weapons to an official “field storage site”, that as such was off-limits for IG inspection.

Not feeling themselves constrained by their own regulations, the conventional command ordered the IG to break the rules, and inspect and confiscate the weapons in the field storage site anyway.

The epilogue is uncertain, but it was suggested that by the time they broke through the door of the field inspection site, they found a room filled with bows and arrows, crude clubs, and assorted frivolities.
yefragetuwrabrumuy would now like to take you on an extended rape-revenge metaphor:
An interesting comparison to the GOP-e and its relation with both conservatives and the public as a whole, is made by comparing the GOP-e to a drunken, frat-boy athlete bully and rapist.

As he usually does, he has led a girl, representing conservatives and the public as a whole to *his* “safe space” where he can rape her to his heart’s (or whatever’s) content after overpowering his victim.

However, this time, the girl refuses to submit, and kicks him squarely in the crotch. He lashes out at her, but she dodges him, and he screams at her that he “is her only chance at “love”, and if she doesn’t submit, then the psychotic radical lesbian Democrat will win.”

So the girl kicks him again, in the knee, hard. At that point, he starts screaming for his wealthy billionaire frat brothers to help him. And though they scream all sorts of encouragement to him, they don’t dare try to grab the girl because they know they will get more of the same.

Then things get much worse for the drunken frat boy rapist, as her two younger brothers, Donald and Ted, enter the room and start beating on him. Half blind with rage and liquor, he can’t hit them, and can barely stand upright, and he knows that if he falls, when he falls, he is done for. And likely his whole fraternity of scoundrels as well.

And the girl laughs derisively at him, and encourages her little brothers to hit him some more.


  1. These people really need to see a therapist to get some help with their violent tendencies and fantasies.

    1. it is their only remaining outlet ...
      in real life, nobody pays them any attention anymore.

      Considering their median age, 10% of them won't even be alive by the next election.

  2. "Feminist" definition of rape? On Game of Thrones: "...while we hear her make sounds of pain, never, during the whole scene, do we hear her ask him to stop."

    I have no words....

    1. Yes, he goes on to describe it as the sounds of a wife "submitting" to her husband, something liberals can't stand or something.
      Freeper filth.

    2. coincides with the proper order of things.

      That makes complete the crazy land of Freeperville anyway. :-/

    3. Sorry about that, it should read:

      But you see that doesn't fit the criteria of "legitimate" rape. Submitting to painful, abusive intercourse and humiliation by her husband is godly and coincides with the proper order of things.

      That makes complete the crazy land of Freeperville anyway. :-/

    4. It's OK, I understood what you meant. It's THEIR natural order of things. What I can't understand is why none of them objects when somebody blurts out something that sick. Don't any of them have mothers, daughters, or sisters?

  3. Freepers are so bitter that Hillary Clinton's grandchildren aren't bastards like Sarah Palin's are.

    Sorry, I'm on a tear today.

    1. I think a lot of their "bitterness" stems from their fear of Hillary Clinton's good chances against all the republican candidates.

      For all their troubles, Bill and Hillary have held it together all these years (unlike the Donald) ...
      and Chelsea is healthy and happy in her marriage too (unlike Bristol).

  4. Freepers piss and moan about gay men being able to donate blood, grindr gets a mention. Looks like they are ok with the blood of blacks and Muslim's