Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Theodore R. thinks paywalls are a liberal conspiracy:
How long before they try to shut down access to archives or make it illegal to use them without some sort of government approval?

Wasn't something like this done to the NBC interview of Juanita Broaddrick, c. 1999? It was also done with original footage of the actual attack and collapse of the World Trade Center.
Liz knows trusting Muslims is how Obama destroyed America through his mainstream liberalism:
The Muslim "I'm your friend" act is Obama duped his way into the WH.
The Freeper line is to deport all Muslims. But with a vanguard like DuncanWaring I wonder how long till JimRob endorses a Muslim Holocaust:
You have to kill them all, even the 3 year olds.

To the last man, woman and child.

Spare only the infants ... the ones who don’t yet know that “Jews are descendants of pigs and dogs”.
EvilCapitalist is using stupid arguments from years ago:
Oh, we know what it is. He’s a muslim. Did people forget his middle name, Hussein.
frankenMonkey thinks Trump's constant lying is actually a very clever plan:
More than a few people haven't figured out that Trump is playing chess.

Was it "thousands and thousands" of muslims celebrating 9/11?
The actual number doesn't matter. The image of muslims celebrating is now firmly planted.

Same deal with obuma.
There's something wrong... what could it possibly be???
uh-oh. Tough guy DiogenesLamp has had enough, guys!
We need to start punching these people in the mouths. We need to make it understood, that if you mention the idea of controlling guns, you will get punched in the mouth.

We have heard this stupid idea since the Nazis, and we might as well get it straight that it's a Nazi idea, and mentioning it again, will get a punch in the mouth for the Nazi who says it.

I am at a point where I think mouth punching is the only message they will understand.
Fai Mao joins the Freepers rooting for ISIS:
I hope the terrorist hit the Daily News or NY Times.

God help me, I’ll cheer. I know its wrong but I’ll cheer when terrorist kill a bunch of self-righteous ignorant liberals at a major leftist propaganda site.
savagesusie goes too far for many Freepers. Turns out too far is advocating the murder of trangenders who don't tell you what they are.
In a sane, rational world, you would be allowed and glorified for killing such an evil, immoral, irrational, diabolical person, who would try to lie and deceive a person about something so intimate and personal which mocks and emasculates a person in such a vile way.
G Larry is about the only Freeper who agrees, hiding behind misunderstood legalities:
Given that it is rape by fraud, the killing is self-defense in a sexual assault.

No woman would ever be prosecuted.
Red Badger is living in the world of a cheesy thriller with a crappy twist:
You know, I’ve wondered if this group, “Anonymous’, actually exists as a ‘Shadowy hacking group’ at all.
What if they are actually the NSA or CIA or some other country’s intel service, masquerading behind a ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask?......................
Red Badger applies his action-packed paranoia to a bombing in Istanbul:
The best way to misdirect people from suspicion of you is to engineer a fake attack upon yourself.....................
HiTech RedNeck thinks Trump may be a Clown of God:
Oh dear Lord please give us a clown in the White House if the clown is the only one who cares enough about the USA to do something to keep it a nation.
Rome2000 has updated the Bible with modern political ideas:
Jesus was GOP all the way and Judas was of the Jackass party.
Not sure what rlmorel wants to say, though I think I can guess:
Never in my life have I ever wanted so badly to say something in a public setting, but have been unable to do so.
surroundedbyblue hates how people don't understand that Muslims aren't like normal humans:
I’m so tired of the mantra “when did he become radicalized?” and “how did he become radicalized?”

Wake up, America. These aren’t radicals.....they’re just doing what good Muslims do.
spel_grammer_an_punct_polise approves of ISIS's policy of killing homosexuals, just not the means:
I am for the death penalty but not necessarily the means.

When a body has a cancer the only option is to cut the cancer out of the body.

Is homosexuality a cancer on society?
With a little help from 'no true Scottsman,' PATRIOT1876 manages to protest a rush to judgement while simultaneously rushing to judgement:
Who will they blame?

Who will it turn out to be?

If you’ve been listening to the “mainstream” extreme Leftist media lies for the last 10 years, you know the answer to the first question.

Question number two only has a few possible answers, but I can tell you that it will NOT be a white evangelical Christian TEA PARTY member.
Good lord, CivilWarBrewing is so crazy, I'm not sure he believes anything is real at this point:
Tin foil hat? You're not alone..

If the anti-gun cabal wants to enlist the sympathies of the public in a HUGE way, they choose targets that are UNTHINKABLE for attack such as A CLINIC THAT OFFERS "HEATH CARE SERVICES" TO WOMEN, AND NOW A GROUP THAT WORKS FOR THE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED.

AppyPappy saw long hair on the Planned Parenthood shooter, and has drawn some conclusions:
The Planned Parenthood hippie brought along a propane tank IIRC
liberalh8ter blames all mass shootings on Obama: entire lifetime hasn't seen this type of behavior until the Gun Grabber was elected.
NKP_Vet spends a bit too much hate-watching Megyn Kelly:
Last night on Bloody Megyn she of course blabbed on about Trump for half her show. She steals most of her material for PMSNBC. She had on her usual Trump haters; the RINO with the big pointed nose and some light-skinned black democrat that she loves. Both said Trump lies all the times and there is “no way he will ever be the nominee” of the GOP. When the black guy’s talking the big nose RINO has a perpetual smirk on his face. His teeth are also half rotten. He should try out for the next Harry Potter. Just can’t figure out why Bloody Megyn doesn’t sign on with PMSNBC. Her entire show is using democrat talking points, especially if the subject is Trump.


  1. Jesus was GOP all the way

    I don't really have a dog in that fight, but even so, I don't know where to begin unpacking all the ways in which that is incorrect.

    If the anti-gun cabal wants to enlist the sympathies of the public in a HUGE way, they choose targets that are UNTHINKABLE for attack

    "They" tried having a racist little asshole shoot up a church, but his theory falls apart, because Freepers still did not give a shit.

  2. Replies
    1. If Trump was a lonely, hateful pensioner with pee stains on his underwear, then yes it would be like having a freeper run for President.

    2. I knew Trump was a deluded asshole, but is he actually up to (down to) freeper levels of douchebaggery yet? ;)

  3. I'm so glad I no longer visit that site.