Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another debate

The latest GOP debate won't change anything on Freep, or really anywhere on the right at this point. I think it's telling that Drudge released his BS online poll of who won before the debate was even over.

To be fair, not all Freepers were cheerleaders, but only a few seemed to change their opinion, and that seemed more due to peer pressure than anything else.

MotorCityBuck has his favorites:
IMHO Carson & Trump did well.
Go Trump.
If you want a cheerleader, there's always Helicondelta!
Trump is killing it. This is his best debate by far.

Time for everyone else to drop out.
Though elsewhere, Freepers were explaining that "Trump is fighting a cold."

Cicero has converted to Trumpism!
I was not a Trump supporter last time around, because I thought he was working for himself and for the publicity.

This time, I really think he means it. I think he wants to finish his life by serving his country. And he has proven ability to choose competent advisers and aides in his various businesses.
crusher2013 has neatly divided the debate into people who want America to be imperialist dicks, and all the losers:
I was listening to the debate and its clear to me that the party is divided into 2 camps.

America first vs Internationalists.

Trump, Cruz, Paul and Carson are in the America First group, the rest are not.
cornfedcowboy, from left field!!
Christie did the most to help himself tonight.
topspinr has some hot takes that tell me almost nothing about who won:
Carly........Her own worse enemy
Rubio........Speed dial
Cristy.......Bull Fighter
Carson.......Speak softly but carry a big stick
Ciexyz doesn't like commentators that disagree with her:
I’m turning off the after show commentary because Dennis Prager and Medved and group don’t like Trump. Turning off 1250 The Answer now.
entropy12 wants Bill Gates to be President, I guess:
Trump has achieved more in real world main street economy, employed more people, signed more checks on the front, donated more to charities, than the following politicians COMBINED.

(Dole, McCain, Romney, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Fiorina, 3 Bushes, 2 Pauls, Christie, Graham, Huckabee, Santorum, Pataki, and many more).

I hope that explains the Trump appeal.
Or maybe Carlos Slim?

old curmudgeon has a rather idiosyncratic test for who would make the best President - who could he imagine firebombing Dresden?
I started out almost a year ago supporting Cruz.

But the more I listen to the debates. the more I have come to believe that what we need is a person who has done great things, not a great debater.

That old saying “Talk is cheap” will not leave my mind.

Can you imagine what would have happened to us if these great minds had been running the country during WWII?

Only one person on that stage would have had the guts to drop the bomb on Japan.

And Dresden?
conservative98, back to cheerleading!
Trump won.

Best voice.

Best tone.

No mistakes.

Made Bush and the others look weak.

Had the best closing and most memorable. Simplest easy to understand and repetitive.

We don’t win anymore. But will start winning and Make America Great Again. It is repeitive but everyone else changes their closing and is forgotten.
Simple and repetitive. You know, Presidential!


  1. Man, and thank god we didn't have a democrat running things during WWII.

  2. Romney guy here.

    I seriously can't wait until November of next year.

    I doubt Trump will be the nominee, but if so, he will get CREAMED in the General. Cruz too is going to crash and burn: the man believes in outlawing abortions even in cases of rape and incest!

    With these Republicans running, we'd better start getting used to saying "President Clinton" again.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I'll be a little worried if Rubio gets the nomination. But anyone else, including Bush, doesn't stand a chance in the general (except maybe Kasich). Bush has his family name behind him, but he doesn't have the advantage of running against someone with the personality of a doorknob like his father did his first time and his brother did both times. So I'm not too worried in the unlikely event he gets the nod.