Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

bray makes a bold claim:
Every assassin in history has been a Marxist. Pray Trump has enough security.
E20erer has Hillary all figured out:
Hillary fears Trump. Why else would she have her headquarters in Brooklyn? Very doubtful that majority of New Yorkers would vote for Hillary over Trump. That is why they are so fearful.
detective things our government is helping terrorists whenever they can:
Do you need any more evidence that our government is completely dishonest and corrupt?

Islamic terrorist groups supposedly "ignored contact attempts" and our government has "little or no evidence" that they had direct contact.

They refused to pursue the evidence in the townhouse and allowed reporters to destroy evidence. It is clear that the Obama Administration has corrupted the investigation and the ties to terror networks will be covered up.

Our government is on the side of the Islamic terrorists. There is no other possible explanation.
gwgn02 lists the things Freepers don't do:
Civil disobedience.
Armed resistance.
Open Rebellion.
RetSignman knows Obama's secret plan:
He has poking Congress to start an impeachment process against him for years, now he’s in the crisis mode to get it done before ‘16 elections.

He wants anarchy and will say anything to provoke the country to demand it.
jsanders2001 is all in on the 'silent majority' theory:
The libs are learning that they are the vast minority finally. Everyone who is sane knows Trump is only saying what any normal person is thinking.
Loving DoughtyOne's fantasy here:
2016 Trump wins primaries
2016 GOPe stiffs Trump and gives Bush the nomination
2016 Trump goes third party
2016 Trump wins the election
2017 Trump is focused on by the GOPe, the Republicans in Congress refuse to deal with him.
2018 70% of Republicans are voted out of office, and replaced with people from Trump’s new party
2019 Trump changes the face of America with help from his new majority party
2019 Trump declares he will run again
2019 The Republican party having only 25% of the registered voters it did four years previous realizes it can’t win at the general election in 2020
2020 The Republican party nominates a loser
2020 The Republican candidate is beaten by Trump, and the Democrat party candidate to finish dead last with 5% of the vote
2021 The remaining registered Republicans switch to Trump’s party
2021 Reinse Priebus is last seen screaming something about not being a crook
ecomcon explains that acting is fraud that takes no skill:
Hollywood actors. What don’t they know?

They make a living saying the words other people write for them while playing let’s pretend.

Elitists and frauds. Dhimwits.
Patton@Bastogne thinks the Cruz-Trump tensions are all part of the plan:
This is a simple public-relations game between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to take-down Ben Carson and Marco Rubio ...
rockrr knows that there's really only one thing Muslims really do all day, and that's suicide bomb:
You can't really understand or judge a person and their beliefs until you understand why they do it and what it's like for them to do what their [sic] doing, explained Abdallah, who is the president of the school's Muslim Student Association.

So we're expected to detonate a vest-bomb so we can experience the richness of being a muzzie? I think I'll pass...
The Toll is still super racist!
They want as many dead white Americans as possible. They really believe they run things now and are getting uppity.

Shooting me is going to be VERY difficult.
Irish Georgia Girl 2 is not a fan of England:
Name one country Britain ever left without being kicked out. Hell we had to kick them out twice and using terrorism combined with outright war. Getting rid of Britain is like trying to scrape the gum off the bottom of your shoe.

Not my fault Scotland can’t even get itself out of the EU. How are you loving all the muzzies taking over your little country? Soon we will be putting money in the hat for you. :-)
So I suppose I shouldn't be surprised Georgia Girl 2 has supported terrorism in the past:
I have dropped money in the hat for the IRA plenty of times.
Tucker39 is pretty sure wearing a hijab even once makes you possessed by a demon:
Laugh if you like; but I wouldn’t touch any of that stuff. Just like messing around with a Ouijah board opens the participants up to demon influence, and sometimes even demon possession; I believe donning the garb of a satanic cult does the same thing, but to a higher degree. You don’t WEAR a Ouijah board.
There ain't much KevinB doesn't believe about Obama:
Because 40% Of GOP Voters Think Obama Is Kenyan Muslim

I'm proudly among that 40% (see tagline). The question is how the other 60% can be so blind to it.
His tagline: "Barack Obama: Our first black, gay, Kenyan, Socialist, Muslim president!"

JudyinCanada doesn't think Muslims want freedom, due to their lack of souls:
I originally agreed with W that everyone yearned freedom, and that the ME would cling to it, once liberated, as a better way of life. Many, at the time, said that these people could not handle freedom. I thought that was very arrogant, as the spirit of man longs to be free

It seems that, because of islam, they do not yearn freedom (except possibly in small numbers) like Christians and Jews do - their spirits have been taken over.
SubMareener explains that America needs a crazy asshole President:
This is called being “prickly”. It is a behavior pattern that results in people eventually thinking twice before attacking you. “Nice” has gotten us to where we are today. “Prickly” is what we need now.
Now that Trump's no longer ahead, montag813 hates Iowa:
Iowa. Means. Nothing.

I don't care what the Ethanol and illegal alien addicted Iowans think about ANYTHING.


  1. sadly, my mother too, in the same spooked language, thinks "messing around with a ouijah board" is unwise. but ask her what will happen and she can't tell you. sounds like tucker knows something ...

  2. That GeorgiaGirl/Scotsman/Marmlestein fight is epic. For the record, The Scotsman is a relatively level headed guy, we shared a few PMs when I still sock monkeyed over at FR.

    1. Yeah, he spends a lot of time informing Freepers England isn't all Sharia.

    2. Only to be told that, since Pamela Geller says so, he doesnt know what he's talking about. :)