Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

miserare lays out the calculus that allows her to kill doctors:
Current Scorecard:

Babies Killed: 50 million

Abortionists killed: 5

That’s in the whole USA since Roe v. Wade.
Many Freepers are suspicious due to initial reports of 3 gunmen in San Bernandino. mumblypeg wants to arrest all associates:
Yeah, 3 is now 2.

It’s like the cops said, ok, we got 2, good enough.
Workmen and neighbors around their house noted a lot of comings and goings involving Middle Eastern men, but didn’t report it, fearing they’d be branded racist.

This cell was bigger than 2 or 3.
And the mamma and siblings lived in the house—they must have been complicit.
eartick goes full false flag:
Inquiring minds want to know how much did Obucketocrap know about the attack before it happened?

It seemed he had his speech ready before the last body hit the ground

How convenient of Obucketocrap to be in front of a mic when it was going down.

How convenient of Obucketocrap to know during the interview that automatic weapons were used before perps were caught.

How convenient that just a few blocks away the City was conducting a huge police exercise so that they were able to cordon off the area rapidly.

Yes, how convenient that the PoPo still do not have a MOTIVE..../s
JennysCool also finds the fact that initial reporting is unreliable to be proof of conspiracy:
Let’s all pay very careful attention to the little details on this one. Remember Sandy Hook? That story changed constantly and it wasn’t the usual developments/clarifications. It was like it was changing every few minutes in an effort to make it sound more probable.
CivilWarBrewing has found another Muslim:
It's now been settled..

headstamp 2 agrees:
Lynch recalibrating the Taqiyya.
Iron Munro hates how Obama wants to firebomb America:
When Barack "FDR" Obama promised to make the USA more like Europe the suckers who voted for him thought he meant places like modern day London, Paris and Rome.

But he really meant he would make the USA like Dresden in 1945.
HoosierWordsmith thinks Obama's ISIS speech sent out secret messages to ISIS that he's with them:
I was wondering about the podium in the oval orifice (with apologies to Rush) myself. It was noticeably different and strange compared to Odumbo’s past addresses (and those of earlier Presidents) when he sat at the desk...maybe that was the point?

For most Americans, the OO desk is a symbol of the importance and gravity for the subject matter being presented...maybe, Odumbo was physically signaling to Americans or to his ISIS comrades that the topic is not important to him and he will remain soft on terrorism?
vette6387 is pretty excited for another terrorist attack:
Actually, I’d like to see Hitlary continue down this road, because with more Muslim attacks likely here between now and election time next November, the Americal electorate is going to be really pissed off at her by then! Go Donald, Go Ted!
VanDeKoik is pretty smug that his fear of Muslims is gonna be proven correct:
I was arguing with a leftist a couple of weeks back after Paris, and he was trying to go on about how so-called “Christian terrorism” was a bigger threat because of that Planned Parenthood thing.

I told him that while you on the left can make a noise about some crazy old fool in the woods for a few days and call him a Christian, you at best have a one-off incident. I on the other hand know ISIS will keep striking multiple times over the next few months, and you guys will find yourself stupidly on the wrong side of this.

Again, that was BEFORE what happened in California.
The Toll thinks the only way ISIS comes into America is because Democrats let them in:
Actually this WAR is on Americans by Democrats!

ISIS has no Navy, no boats, no ships, no submarines. They have no Air Force, no bombers, no fighters, no troop carriers or refueling planes. ISIS has no ballistic missiles, no scuds, no short range missiles. They have no Space Program, no satellites, no real time intelligence.

lapsus calami is riding the high drama:
This Administration (Regime) is ate up with enemy agents from top to bottom - hostiles in key areas of influence everywhere. At some point, this is gonna come to a head. In what form it will take remains to be seen, but high drama is coming due.
nikos1121 on Trump's bipartisan appeal:
He’s bigger than the republican party. He is appealing to everyone now. Everyone else are amateurs.
Pollster1 explains that the Ten Commandments is against taxation:
That is why liberals want to get rid of the Ten Commandments. "Thou shalt not steal" means, among other things, "do not vote for big government liberals". The democrats buy votes by stealing from productive people. That is both evil and sinful. We need to bring back the sense of shame.
Da Coyote not shooting Obama shows he has the patience of a saint:
Consider the low IQ idiots we’ve had in the IRS, the Just-Us Department of Clowns, and most importantly, Dorkbama the Muslim and the Hillabeast, the fact that we have not yet risen up against that collection of quota idiots and well-married bimbos is a testament to the tolerance of the population.
FlingWingFlyer declares Hillary worse than Obama:
Meanwhile, Clinton the Joker goes on TV a lot these days and hysterically laughs her ass off like some kind of a loon. The woman is crazier than Obama and she hasn’t even spent a day as president. Think before you vote, America.
zzwhale rants and raves:
the democrat leadership has aligned itself with OUR ENEMIES
results speaks loud and clear ... OABAMA IS A FAILURE in the war against ISIS,
The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and he funds it
ISIS is terror organization and he funds it (via Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey and by refusing to shut down the oil flow) and arms it and wont really attack it...
He says climate is our biggeset threat.... utter nonsense
He brings us to the verge of national bankruptcy and ww3.... GIVES ENEMIES NUKES
We borrow money from China and then will have to provide trillions IN SUPPROT OF A RIDICULOUS POLITICAL HOAX....
Everything Obama says is a LIE, A DIVERSION from reality, A DELUSION... and DETRIMENTAL TO THE SECURITY OF THIS COUNTRY....

Trump is resonating with people because he is using common sense and logic.....
Trump is no BS and will deal with national and international issues ina realistic way... NOT SOME LEFT WING FRUIT LOOP COMMIE MUSLIM APPROACH WE HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO FOR THE LAST 7+ YEARS...
DoughtyOne thinks Muslims are killing Americans all the time nonstop:
We have Muslims killing U. S. Citizens at will, and these idiots are most worried about when we will start letting them in again. We haven’t even stopped letting them in yet, and these folks are scared to death Islam won’t take over.
Not a 60s Hippy seems to have mixed up Carter freezing Iranian immigration with Carter deporting all Muslims:
What did PRESIDENT CARTER do when Iran locked up our embassy people? He was a DEMOCRAT! SEND THEM ALL BACK HOME!!!!
annieokie loves fellow Freepers stoking her bigotry:
The Muslim community will never turn in one of their own because the only difference between a radical Muslim and a moderate Muslim is that the radical wants to cut off your head and the moderate just wants to watch."""""....

I like being reminded of that fact. Post it on ever thread.

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