Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Bob434, coming from the party of reason, on the Planned Parenthood shooting:
I don’t blame pro lifers, I blame liberals- and just like liberals claim I don’t need no steenkin reason for blaming liberals, I just do, and I do not apologize for it, and that is the end of it
Poor, impotent Pollster1 has made a hate-map of his neighborhood:
I have a neighborhood map with the neighbors marked as Obama-voters, possibly decent people, or decent people. In any awkward situation, I would assume that neighbors who supported Obama ever, without sincerely repenting long before now, are evil and a threat to my family. Fortunately, I know who might be trustworthy too. Teamwork matters - if you have the right team.
justa-hairyape comes out on both sides of Pilgrims vs. Indians debate:
So he thinks the pilgrims who founded America were terrorists. Regardless of what the Emperor thinks, the Indians could and did try to stop them.
As Trump grows, justa-hairyape is all about populism, and so much for the Republic.
Dear Emperor Zero,

The only numbers that matter are what the people think. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.
ProtectOurFreedom explains how there are no parallels between Syrian refugees and Pilgrims, because now America sucks:
Half of the colonists on the Mayflower were religious dissenters and half entrepreneurs. Thirty-five of the Pilgrims were members of the radical English Separatist Church, who traveled to America to escape the jurisdiction of the Church of England, which they found corrupt.

Today, Obama and his government PREVENTS the free exercise of Christianity but endorses and supports Islam. Today’s refugees are fleeing to a country with a terribly corrupt government led by Obama.

The bastard really has it backwards.
This Thanksgiving, dp0622 fired a potential friend for not liking Christopher Columbus:
I had an acquaintance today, who could have possibly been fried, send me a video of “native americans” insulting Columbus with terrible words.

Problem is A. I dont give a @#$ about the “native Americans” and B. I’m Italian.

And she knew this!

Why is that liberals NEVER think someone is going to disagree with them.

She’s fired.
Neoliberalnot literally taunts Obama for being of African heritage:
Another hateful insult to the Christians who helped establish the greatest civilization on the planet. King Hussein grows more psychotic by the day. Perhaps he will one tell us about the cannibals in his family tree.. Tell us Hussien about the accomplishments of your African ancestors. Can we list them here? They come from a land of no written language, no math, no science, no development of organized society, no cannibals— haha. Look at what they have left in their wake when they became city leaders. Look at Detroit, Baltimore, “......
M-cubed knows the only way for blacks to avoid being feral is to endorse Trump:
Now he has to make a his flock feral or civilized????...Hes doing the math tonite...will his conscience let him make the right call for his people????

Somebody should follow up...Ill bet 2 to 1 he'll go feral...

any takers????
Thanks to paranoia, Stentor has the Planned Parenthood shooter all figured out:
Or, it was a made for TV production.

Seen any of the usual crisis actors?
PATRIOT1876 wonders about the Pope's faith:
For a pope, he seems to have zero understanding of Christianity.

Is this pope an atheist?
publius911 should be joking; but then why is he shouting?
That chart, "Where are ISIS supporters tweeting from?" is a sloppily prepared chart.


Steve Van Doorn finds evidence of Islam moderating to be more proof its evil:
What do the muslim women do when they get sick? Are they allowed to see a male Dr. and allowed to disrobe out of their Burkas. If so, wouldn't they have to be stoned to death because they got naked in front of another male?

That is the reason why Islam has unwillingly allowed female medical doctors. Even know it goes against Islamic practice of keeping their women in the home. This is one of many inconsistencies with the religion of evil.
We are starting to the start of this revolt.
precisionshootist seems to be in a really high tax bracket, and still pleads poverty:
The source of the problem is government confiscation of wealth through direct and indirect taxes.

The Government is taxing away more than fifty percent of my earnings. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

When individuals have the ability to accumulate wealth ALL these other problems will go away including the "Fed".

Poor people are controlled people, it's that simple. I will repeat a rhetorical question that I have always asked over the years to illustrate my point. The question is.

What do rich people do?

The answer is "anything they want" and thus the key to solving all these problems is the accumulation of individual wealth.

Get the government out of our pockets and we won't have to worry about any of these corrupt central banks because we will own them.
DungeonMaster explains how Bernie Sanders could swear to uphold our Capitalist Constitution:
Why not it’s just tradition. Look at how many heathens celebrate Christmas every year.
Arthur McGowan, turning Freepers' commitment to decide everything Obama does is evil into proof everything Obama does is evil:
Obama sides with evil in all cases. Killing babies. Sodomite marriage. Theft, murder, lying.

This can’t happen by accident. Obama has to KNOW what is evil, in order to choose it EVERY time.
jsanders2001 knows requiring evidence is jut nitpicking:
It stands to reason that if a few Muslims were captured on camera celebrating 9/11 that there were many more given the milliins of Muslims that already lived here. You know how the Satan folowers like to nitpick arguments to make them seem invalid when they’re not.
FR_addict thinks that the thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey is on tape, but it's covered up by everyone:
Did Trump lie about this? NO, too many people seen it, and if all these people seen it, you know the news people were right there filming it”

I think it was scrubbed long before Obama. As Giuliani said, their priority was protecting the Muslims. One of the first things Bush did was declare Islam, a Religion of Peace.

Even here, FreeRepublic would not let me put up a thread with facts about the Muslim religion right after 9/11. There was nothing wrong with the thread and I could easily put up a similar thread a few weeks later. I guess they were afraid of retaliation to Muslims. No one wants to help Nut Jobs. But we have to be honest with who our enemy is.
Bloody Sam Roberts has witnessed at least 2 things that didn't happen:
Yes...there were no pictures or videos of muslims celebrating when the towers fell.

Just like there was no video of thousands of vehicles of every type streaming from Irag to Syria...some of them carrying WMD. I saw those as did a lot of people around the world.
Wow. Freepers like Foundahardheadedwoman are still hating on Megyn Kelly:
Personally I think Megyn is a great looking woman and should stick to what she does best, which is stripping.
PoeToaster dies not much like Freepers who prefer clean air:
I travel for business in China and India. The air pollution is unbelievable. They are not going to stop using cheap coal without scrubbers.

Hate to see the number of cases of lung cancer in these countries in the next thirty years.

Their is not such thing as air pollution control in either country.

Careful there. You’re making it sound like regulation of air pollution is a good thing.
W. is not subtle about the length's he'll go to dehumanize Syrian refugees:
Are all these incoming obamathings being photographed, fingerprinted, DNA swabbed, vetted and documented? And if not, why?
detective lays out the current Freeper narrative on the Planned Parenthood shooting:
I call it the Colorado Springs shooting. No employees of PP were shot. The shootings were in the parking lot.

The shooter was not a Christian and was not pro life.

However, it is called Christian terrorism.


  1. "The Government is taxing away more than fifty percent of my earnings."

    Actually, that's not possible. In fact, assuming that this guy has absolutely no deductions and is stupid enough not to consult an accountant (which is possible), he'd still only be taxed at a rate of $120K and 39.6%.

    And NO ONE in the top tax bracket ever pays the top tax bracket.

    1. He said directly and indirectly taxes, sales tax, state income tax, local city taxes, gas taxes ( my state is 56 cents per gallon)

    2. And NO ONE in the top tax bracket ever pays the top tax bracket.
      Bullshit, not everyone has their income from capital gains and not everyone has deductions

    3. Bullshit back at ya ...
      If you are in the supposed "top tax bracket" and you are actually paying the top tax bracket, it is time to hire a new accountant.

      If you are stupid enough to pay that much (oh wait, I AM replying to anon1, aren't I), then you deserve to lose 50+% of all your money.

    4. LOL I bitch slapped you pointing out the FR poster said taxes directly and indirectly and yes people end up paying the top tax bracket-more common than what your little mind thinks

    5. You're both right, IMO. He probably pays high 40% in total taxes.
      And yes, this makes him a fool who probably takes the standard deduction.

    6. Actually, I'm the one who's right and anon1, as always, is the one who is wrong.

      But let me make a small change to his comment to correct the error:
      "... and yes STUPID TEABAGGERS end up paying the top tax bracket-more common ..."

      Sooooooo, being bitch slapped makes you the bitch, right anon1?

  2. Hey Anon1 - I'm well into in the top tax bracket and I play less than 30 percent overall. And I don't have any tricky tax avoidance strategies.

    In sum, you really have no idea what you are talking about.

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