Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Freepmas

I was planning on taking today off, but then I saw this shorty discussing what Freepers really want for Christmas - a terrorist attack on NY!

yarddog just has Freepers usual bad feeling:
I bet there is some kind of terrorist event over Christmas.

Whether it will be successful or not, I don’t have any idea.
Mark17 finds NYC not freaking out very suspicious:
Keep in mind these people ALWAYS deny things when theyĆ¢€™re serious.

Yep, and then something like San Bernardino happens. I tend to believe the opposite of what they say.
Secret Agent Man preemptively declares false flag:
Cant disrupt any false flags beig planned by ny/fed sources.
At this rate, are terrorists even real?

ExSoldier, on the other hand, is excited - a few thousand deaths is all we need to lock in Trump!
As our own Travis McGee has already speculated and I agree, if this country is hit again in the same manner as either France or San Bernardino, and if it happens before the election, whomever is the Republican nominee (even Trump) will win in a landslide that will make the Reagan win in 1980 seem tiny in comparison!
Caipirabob prefers to think all terrorist attacks are false flags to grab his guns:
I feel a terrible strike will occur because it suites the agenda of idiots who want to use it as an excuse for gun grabbing legislation or dictate.
If the worst happens, Randy Larsen is planning to only use his gun heroism on conservatives!
We as conservatives have no duty to protect the liberals any more than they would protect us.

Now, we have a decision to make. Should we protect the liberals that hate us or do we protect our country in spite of the way the liberals treat us.

We must make a huge decision.


  1. Best wishes to you all! Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Ozzie!

  3. Reading a few threads over there about how persecuted, tortured by the government and have had their rights ripped away has only served to make me more thankful for how fortunate we are today. What a sad pathetic lot they are. Merry Christmas to them anyway.

    1. This one actually gave me a big laugh ...

      seems freeper "Ulmius" went down to the National Mall on Christmas Day, had to go to the bathroom (he implies it is a #2 emergency), and shockingly found all the public bathrooms locked up ... forcing him to finally do it behind a bush or something.

      He's quite indignant that the Park Service has Christmas Day off.

      Of course, freepers blame Obama, and, amazingly, the gheys for some reason.

    2. Oh, and a Merry Freepmas to you too Ozy!

    3. If the Park Service had been forced to work on Jesus' birthday, Ulmius would likely have blamed Obama for that, too.

      Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope it was a good one for all.

  4. "Dorkbama the Muslim is NOTHING compared to any Marine.

    And we know what most Marines would like to see happen to that slime."

    I like how Da Coyotte allows that there might be a few Marines who might not see things his way.

  5. Today's (and yesterday's, and probably tomorrow's) racist thread.

    Chicago, and every other large "chocolate" city, are self cleaning ovens. Why interfere in Darwinism taking its course?

  6. Racist thread for Sunday December 27

  7. Another racist thread for Sunday, straight from a white separatist site:

    1. This thread has been pulled.
      Pulled on 12/28/2015 5:31:27 AM PST by Admin Moderator, reason:

      The stupid, it burns

      In fairness, I checked the Google cache and saw no racist comments. Just the fact that someone decided to post a racist article.

    2. Yeah, that thread was pretty tame. I think Freepers love the stark light vs. dark enough they'll overlook the usual culture war bs.