Tuesday, December 15, 2015

College educated Trump voters

Some GOP consultant said he's worried that the highest support for Trump is among non-college educated GOP members, and that this will tar the rest by association. Freepers take violent exception to this, and delight in displaying all their degrees alongside their anti-intellecualism.

Fiddlstix immediately cottons to how he's getting persecuted:
The GOPE Message:
If You Don't Have A PhD They Don't want You In The GOP!
Cincinnatus.45-70 must have a degree in sarcasm:
Wow. I have several degrees. I must have gone to Stupid State University and didn’t know it. I guess kollige just did’t do me any good at all. Well, that just goes to show you how dumb Trump supporters are.
BuffaloJack went to school in all the sciences:
I certainly absolutely like President Trump and I have a bunch of degrees (Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Metallurgy). I’m pretty sure I got them in college.
When miss marmelstein hears 'not college educated' she thinks unions!
This is just a way of saying that union workers may very well be in Trump’s pocket. You know, Reagan Democrats. They’re making it seem like drooling subhumans deep in Appalachia are voting for Trump, which, of course, is not the case.
cotton1706 is college educated and hates every Republican since World War 2 not named Reagan:
Actually, the opposite is true. We’re all very educated. We’re aware of the Willkie-Dewey-Eisenhower-Nixon-Ford-Bush-Dole-Bush-McCain-Romney-Bush game! And we’ve been educating others about it!! To their horror!
pfflier does a count:
Wrong!! at least for my wife and I and most of our friends. My count is ~30 with BS's, MBA's and two PhDs. Many are military professionals or veterans too.

The republican establishment is totally underestimating the level of support and it's roots. I would expect that of the LSM and dims.
dforest knows college just makes you liberal:
Good to know part of the party hasn’t been indoctrinated by college liberals.
Psalm 144 may have a degree, but he can still kick it folksy!
This advanced degree simple peckerwood supports Trump to kick your blue blood, nancy boy asses.
The Toll doesn't have a degree, which means brown people are everywhere!
You mean the Americans whose neighborhoods have been flooded with foreigners?
Tanniker Smith knows the electorate:
What? You mean “the working class”? Or maybe as the song goes, “the Drinking Class”, who Monday to Friday they bust their ass(es)?

They are the majority of the electorate, so if you think them uneducated, try educating them and convincing them you’re right and he’s wrong rather than insulting, belittling, degrading and browbeating them.
LS seems to only know Trump college educated supporters, somehow:
What about this Ph.D? Or my friend? Oh, he’s also a Ph.D. Or my college educated wife, brother-in-law, sister-in-law? Every college person I know except some of the idiot faculty support Trump.
Zenjitsuman's wife has 5 degrees, guys!
Total BS, My wife has 5 degrees, last as a DMD, and I am an engineer, we both support Trump and Cruz.

I am sure we are not alone. Sure Trump gets the Reagan democrat voters who have lost jobs under Bush and Obama.

The elites did they back Obama who won’t show us his college grades?

Who are the college educated voting for, I bet the newly graduates from college want someone like Trump to help them find jobs so they can pay off student loans and launch their careers.
And the Freeper engineer count continues to rise.

uncbob brings up the common Freeper snobbery about STEM degrees:
Those with degrees in something meaningful like science or business as opposed to the liberal arts—social sciences boobs are Trump supporters

Myself -my wife my brother my 7 nieces and nephews etc etc with decent degrees all support Trump and Cruz
Blennos knows a guy.
Same here. I know a guy with a ph.d and 1600 SAT scores. He supports Trump.
abclily has many bosses, all of whom support Trump:
I have a college degree. All of my bosses have college degrees. Many, many citizens in this college city have degrees. And we like Trump. We have been waiting for Trump. Trump is our Churchill.
Lazamataz demurs on his education, but he's a master!
Nonsense. Quite educated, and a master of my field.
degreeless mountn man would go back to college, but he's pretty sure it's all liberal indoctrination these days:
They don't teach common sense in college.

I've got 3 years of Jr College behind me. Never got a degree. I took a few of the general education courses, but I focused on the technical classes. If I'd go back and fill the requirements for the hours in the GE part, I'd have degrees in mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as automotive and welding technology.

I often times think of going back and taking some college courses. Not that I NEED any or that anyone is telling me I have to have any, but because I want to learn more things. Problem is, I want TO LEARN things. I'm not interested in indoctrination.


  1. So apparently we have dozens upon dozens of STEM graduates... and not a single damned one of them understands the difference between anecdotes and data.

    1. when your finest statistician is dean chambers ...

    2. As a STEM graduate, I can tell there are plenty of smart people that are dumb. Now, if you figure in the fact that most FReepers are ancient and that back in the old days a lot of engineering/drafting jobs could be had with little college education, you get, well, FReepers.

  2. I absolutely LOVE how cincinnatus seems to think that having a degree in something simply means you took a college class on it. Either that or he somehow has 6 bachelors degrees equating to some two decades of continuous study.

  3. I absolutely LOVE how cincinnatus seems to think that having a degree in something simply means you took a college class on it. Either that or he somehow has 6 bachelors degrees equating to some two decades of continuous study.

  4. " According to the original paper, engineers described themselves as "strongly conservative" and "deeply religious" more often than professors in any other field"

    1. My unscientific impression is that Freepers former career is most likely engineering/computers or dentistry.

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