Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chelsea Clinton having a second child

Nice find, anonymousB! Dense with lame hatred!

It's an election year. If you thought Freepers were petty when she had her first kid, you ain't seen nothin' yet! kcvl, off the break, is sure this child is actually a cynical ploy:
I see the Clintons are playing all the political cards for this race! And, yes, I do think it is all political. Everything these people do is political!
SeaHawkFan agrees:
How much did Hillary have to pay Chelsea to make this happen?
kcvl does not take kindly to any Freeper allowing Chelsea to just have a child:
Chelsea is having a second child. Young couples sort of do that sort of thing. I hope it goes well for her.

Yeah, right, if you really believe that, go ahead. You are wrong.
re_nortex is back!! But he doesn't have much to add to this thread's craziness:
There is nothing political about Chelsea having a 2nd baby. It happens all the time. Certainly Hillary gains nothing in reminding everyone how old she is and that she is a grandmother yet again. So I wish Chelsea well

I don’t. All KKKlintoons are subhuman scum.
Sarah Barracuda gets in her dig that pro-choice means pro-abortion:
Will Chelsea be taking one for the Pro Abort crowd and aborting this pack of cells as Planned Parenthood calls it
Sarah Barracuda also wants to add that Chelsea is super ugyly:
I doubt Chelsea’s hubby is the father, can you imagine anyone sleeping with this nasty woman, imagine turning your head, opening your eyes and seeing a Hillary Clinton clone looking back at you
digger48 is sure no one had sex with ugly Chelsea:
The turkey baster probably gnawed its own squeeze bulb off afterwards
Idaho_Cowboy wants to preemptively attack this new Clinton:
Whatever that is has been wupped with the ugly stick.
Sirius Lee also attacks the kid:
It will be, in all ways, ‘tard.
Similarly, xrmusn attacks the husband:
From what I gather, the husband’s family is no less guilty or jailable than hers.

Guess back in the day it would have been called a ‘power marriage’ bonding two criminal elements together for THEIR common ‘good’....

In a real just society we could call it ‘grouping’, making it easy for the authorities to jail the whole lot of them.
South40 has nothing on Chelsea, and so relies on speculation:
Will she tell her kids their grandfather was Webb Hubbell and that the man posing as their grandfather is a sexual predator and the only president to be accused of rape?
And dfwgator:
Webb Hubble is going to be a grandfather again.
Also danamco:
2md congratulation to grandpa Webb Hubbell !!!
Mouton too...
Hubble has another grand child on the way.
E. Pluribus Unum as well. Um what the hell?
Webster must be so pleased!
Arthur McGowan chimes in. This is just sad.
Congratulations to Grandpa Webb!
Webb is so proud.
xrmusn speculates about incest!
since she ISN’T(?) WJC’s kinfolk, did she spend any time under the desk OR fetching the cigars????
I wonder if Dacula is pro life.
Somebody PLEASE get her fixed. She needs to stop breeding. The world already has too many Clintons.


  1. These daft cunts really believe that Webster Hubbell is Chelsea's father?!? REALLY?!? The lady looks exactly like Bill!


  2. They think Trumps wife (Wives) married him for love, his virility and patriotism, so they are a gullible bunch.

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  4. I'm sure glad that Freepers are "pro-life" and "pro-family." I'd sure hate to see how ugly the opposite of that would be.

    In other news...does anybody besides Freepers know who Webb Hubbell is? I've never heard of him before. He's apparently an insider obsession. I think they need to open a window and let some air into their echo chamber. It's 2015.

    1. But then the freeperthon money will fly out.

    2. I had to look Webb Hubbell up myself and I still don't know why they think he's Chelsea's father. The first Google result for Web Hubbell is a WND article promoting the idea that he's Chelsea's dad. He rightfully blew them off and they're taking it as an admission. I agree with Anonymous @6:01 PM above, she looks exactly like Bill (and Hillary), and nothing like Webb.

  5. So how is wonder child Bristol Palin doing these days? Next Farrah Abraham?

  6. Clinton for President. Chelsea, that is. I decided that when she told an interviewer that he feelings about Dad and Monica were nobody's business. Imagine if everyone did that. Soon we'd see starving journalists on street corners begging. And you'd go by and kick their tin cup out of their hand, and snarl "Get a job, you bum." Wouldn't that be GREAT?

  7. Not sure why people are obsessed if Bill s Chelsea's biological father. He raised her so it really doesn't matter who impregnated Hillary

  8. Of course, Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka is also pregnant (announced a few months back).
    Freepers would be risking the boot to suggest that Ivanka got pregnant to help her dad.
    Jim's band of retarded braying hyenas are hypocrites that way.
    He must be so proud.