Thursday, December 10, 2015

Swearing about Obama is true and good.

FOX News has been seeing that there's a lot of room on the Trump-esque crazy side of the street, and their commentators have been continuing to push the envelope, in that planned-but-sincere way that the post-Glenn Beck right has been honing.

But this past week FOX's propagandistic passion came up against the old fashioned standards and decency they claim to espouse, when two hosts called Obama a "pussy" and said he "doesn't give a shit" about terrorism.

Both hosts were suspended briefly, but I wonder if even that fig leaf will last long, as Freepers demand profanity. Anything less, they say without swearing, is proof FOX is working with Obama.

DiogenesLamp manages to avoid profanity when urging everyone to curse about Obama:
Profanity is probably the most rational response to the utter debacle that "Precedent" Odumbo represents.

Everyone should have been using profanity to describe him since 2008.
Resolute Conservative knows swearing is the only real way to talk about 'dimwits.'
When talking about Barry or any dimwit profanity illustrates them better than anything else.
Tenacious 1 loves the passion:
It’s about damn time somebody besides us got a little sideways about what Obama is doing to this country.
Hostage also uses no profanity in raging at FOX for avoiding profanity:

bgill thinks this is a sign that Obama has lost the FOX News commentators!
More and more people are getting fed up with the Terrorist in Chief.
Osage Orange may not have respect for Free Republic's basic decency....
Please: NO profanity, NO personal attacks, NO racism or violence in posts.

csvset thinks so long as ISIS is around, TV swears are vital to our security:
The safety of civilized people are at risk from the followers of the Islamic death cult and Fox is worried about language. Not wishing harm to anyone but Fox needs to realize that the Islamic terrorists have no qualms about killing journalists. Obama has no qualms in aiding and abetting his fellow Muslim death cult members. Political correctness kills.
When Bryanw92 thinks of traitors, he thinks 'pussy.'
Lt Col Peters did the best job of describing Obama on TV that I’ve heard in 7 years. When you speak of a traitor in high office, you can’t help but use the words Peters used.
SkyDancer is done with FOX now:
Well sort of ends it for me. FOX was on a downhill slide before and as far as I’m concerned it has bottomed out. Only thing left is Conservative news blogs like Newsbusters and Breitbart, etc.
fatnotlazy totally didn't hate anyone until Obama:
Obama is driving a lot of people to say and do things they would not have normally said or done almost 8 years ago. I myself find I hate Obama, his miserable wife and all their associates and accomplices. Previously, I never hated anyone.
Sarah Barracuda knows this wasn't about bad words, it was about TRUTH!
Suspended for speaking the TRUTH..Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash are BOTH right..But saying Obama is a pussy is making excuses for his behavior, like calling him a chicken, Obama isn’t afraid of ISIS he AGREES with ISIS there is a difference
miss marmelstein seems to believe FOX is cool with swearing about Trump:
But it’s ok to say truly horrible things about Donald Trump.
LegendHasIt at least makes up a speculative hypothetical for his fictional double standard:
I bet if that profanity had been directed at Trump and Cruz, it would be OK with Fawkes Noose management though.
treetopsandroofs has clearly not watched network TV for a while:
They say sh!t all the time now on regular TV.

Too bad they didn’t call him the F-word (English cigarette).

Guessing LoLo Lynch made a phone call.
whinecountry also thinks this was actually based on the content of the messages:
I suspect these two were suspended not so much for the profanity, but because they ridiculed Obama a little too effectively. Ailes probably got a call from ValJar that Ed Henry’s press pass would be pulled if they didn’t discipline these two.
Ezekiel thinks bad words are the only truth these days:
Filthy lies are spewed by the MSM 24/7/365, but the ugly truth barely slips out and it’s whoa there, time to break out the duct tape.
lakecumberlandvet has a thesaurus, and wants everyone to know it!
Everything that comes out of 0bama’s mouth is profane, vulgar and obscene as in shocking, scandalous, vile, foul, atrocious, outrageous, heinous, odious, abhorrent, abominable, disgusting, hideous, repugnant, offensive, objectionable, repulsive, revolting, repellent, loathsome, nauseating, sickening, awful, dreadful, terrible, frightful. Yet they let him talk ad nauseum on TV.
Ouderkirk keeps things profane:
Bath-house Barry is a Pussy?

Nope...He's a c*cksucker
TTFlyer wants full-on Muslim bating - that'll get people to think Obama's a Muslim somehow!
How about some REAL “profanity?” How about Fox News or those other chickens*** MSM propaganda outfits broadcast some ISIS recruiting films at primetime for a week or two?

Now that would be some real nasty profanity. So nasty you might get people on TV calling Obama the Islamist, racist, chickens*** traitor that he is.


  1. Please: NO profanity, NO personal attacks, NO racism or violence in posts.

    LOL indeed. Without the last three, Free Republic would have no content at all.