Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri Pt. I

ButThreeLeftsDo gives us a strong contender for the Freeper slogan:
It’s the end of the world, as we know it...

I don’t feel fine.
mothball knows Putin loves Trump because Putin loves a challenge:
Maybe he just wants a challenge. He knows that Obungler is like dealing with a toddler.
patq has his thumb on the pulse of the world:
Most Admired World Leaders:

1) Trump
2) Cruz
3) Putin
4) Everyone else (except Obama)
5) Obama
No Netanyahu!

In explaining how Trump will rule us all yet not be a tyrant, GBA comes upon a very unusual definition of strength:
Sometimes the physically strong are internally weak and use their physical strength to compensate for or mask their inner weakness and/or to service their ambition rather than the needs of those they lead.

These types will demonstrate how "a chain is no stronger than its weakest link" in the right/wrong circumstances.

I see Hitler as such a person and would characterize him as weak: no integrity, no virtue, no morals, no heart, just ego and the results to match.

Perhaps Stalin was not too different and the Russians suffered his weaknesses under the Soviet heel which Stalin's weakness made necessary. Were he not weak, no jack booted thugs would be needed.

North Korea has a similar sort of problem.
In Jack023's unbiased judgment, Democrats talk like a fag and their shit's all retarded
Does anyone notice what lousy public speakers the Dems are?

Odumbo, IMHO, is way overrated as a speaker. All of his “uhs” and other annoying pauses make me want to tear my hair out. Plus all he does is drone on and on and on and on.....

Bernie “The Commie” Sanders sounds like his dentures are loose.

And Der Hildebeast.......omg......save us from the Wicked Witch of the Beast. Her voice is beyond annoying. Can you imagine 4 years of her? God help us.

Give me Sarah or the Donald anytime.
Tzimisce on the corruption of Bernie Sanders
He’s a socialist pos.

He’s not sorry. He’s corrupt.

And if elected president, he’ll just multiple the corruption a thousand fold.
RginTN is pretty sure he knows why universally hated douchebag Martin Shkreli got in trouble:
Was his crime NOT being PC?

This administration doesn’t mind the crooks...

He’s a lefty who donated to bernie sanders
Wait, I thought Obama hated Hillary. Ah well, that cloak and dagger fantasy will have to be put into storage until the next time it's remotely plausible:

ch.man thinks the whole Sanders server fiasco is a Hillary/DNC conspiracy!
Now why would a candidate who is known for its paranoia regarding secrecy (.... private email server while at state) agree to have campaign data on the same server (and worse, the same database) as other candidates? Does not make any sense.
This was a trap to begin with. The story about the mistakenly removed “database firewall” is total rubbish.

I would be very interested to see the access logs from the Clinton campaign.... LOL

How funny. This is all a great show when looking from outside.
Utilizer thinks debunked rumors are the key to Hillary's downfall:
This would be a great response in a debate.

Trump or Cruz:

“The only budget cuts we can expect from Hillary would be on White House furnishings, since she’d likely bring the old china back”

Unfortunately, just one set of china would probably not be enough for Her Heinous.

I’m just surprised she didn’t make off with a large amount of food and alcohol as well.

Wonder if she stil has all those “W” keycaps from the keyboards they vandalized on their way out.
fision is hardly alone with this new conspiracy theory:
Then we thought we had hit rock bottom with Holder. Now we have muslim for ag!!!
cuban leaf is unclear on what a donation is:
I’ve given,quite literally, gallons of blood. But I have not given since 1989. Its my way of protesting the system. The source of the blood is the only part of its use that is free. I’ll begin donating again when they PAY me for my precious bodily fluids. $1,075 a pint seems about right.
arthurus explains why Islam cannot be reformed, and describes Catholicism right before Martin Luthor:
Islam cannot be reformed. Those facets that need reforming are basic to Islam. Any reform is basic heresy and creates another religion. It is thus Apostasy and at best will lead to another small sect such as the Druze. Reform has happened before. Tha Assassins were a reform. The Druze are a reform.
Lizavetta is unable to believe compassion towards refugees is a thing some have:
I have NO DOUBT that Canada and the American cities that have said they'll gladly take them are being paid to do so by the U.S. Treasury i.e. Obama. No doubt in my mind.
JudyinCanada has bad news about Canada:
For what it’s worth, Trump should put up a wall on the norther border while he’s at it. We’re SWARMING with jihadists up here.
JayGalt has gone Rubio birther; could Cruz be next?
I follow politics fairly closely but I did not know that Rubio’s parents weren’t citizens when he was born. He clearly was not born of parents who held an undivided allegiance to America at the time of his birth. Unless we are redefining natural born citizen by stealth he does not qualify. He is a terrible choice for President for many other reasons but the fact that there has been so little mention of his parent’s citizenship history is another example of the media shaping the message they want us to hear ... aka lying,
kiryandil loves how Trump acts like a bully, the highest form of leader:
Trump already took out two of Barky 0Muslim's Media spearcatchers - he trotted F. Chuck Todd & Georgie Dwarfanopoulus into the school bathroom and gave them both Swirlies...
In a similar vein, dhs12345:
These cry wolf liberals need to be slapped around a little. It will make them think twice before making such a horrible accusations of racism and sexism and classism.
Ancient Man stretches a metaphor rather too far:
WaPo’s just trying to slave-drive blacks to the polls.
hadaclueonce's been studying his Bible:

introduced by the Devils own servants, Progressives, MSM and Obama.
I wonder if metmom has looked into the hijab to help men with their otherwise uncontrollable lust for female flesh?
I have issues with how many Christians dress in church. The girls often look more like hookers out for a night on the town.

I do not understand how some men can focus on the Lord under such conditions.
One could argue lack of respect, but to argue inflaming men's lust is pretty Victorian!

GrandJediMasterYoda does the math, and proves New York is going to be destroyed by Muslim cabbies:
So glad I moved out of that cesspool. I like to point out to people there are 17,000 taxis that run 24/7 all year round in that city. 60% of them are driven by Muslims that are right off the boat. That's 10,200 potential car bombs. If even 3% decide to coordinate attacks all around Manhattan, that's 306 car bombs that could easily take out tens of thousands of people, and you damn well know they've already thought about doing it. HELLO!
In 2002, thegreatbeast is pretty smug about Hillary's lack of electability:
There is a constant 30% of the American populace (with me among its numbers) that would not vote for her were she to gain universal brotherhood, world peace, a cure for cancer and bowl a perfect 300 all in one morning! The Republicans will raise billions working on peoples' fear that Hilary might one day gain real power.

Simply, Hilary is a catalyzing agent who could not gain anything like a plurality in a national election. Too many of us...uh,...dislike the woman.
bestrongbpositive knows Hillary's bathroom break during the debate was planned:
You can bet this was all planned. She doesn’t do anything her handlers don’t tell her to do.
MrBambaLaMamba is having trouble reconciling conflicting bullish rumors about Hillary:
She was in there guzzling liquid courage.

How does she reconcile her alcohol consumption with Islam.


  1. A rumor even Freepers won't believe!


    1. "Like Hitler, she’s a carpet chewer."


    2. Check out the keywords.

  2. The other strong contender for the slogan for FR which I've seen posted many times by numerous Freepers: "We are so screwed."

  3. Gotta love a good idiocracy quote.