Thursday, December 31, 2015

False flag forever

Free Republic didn't spend a lot of time discussing the Richmond Trump supporter who was making explosives to blow up Muslims. I say he's a nut, but Freepers are so eager to tie all bad actors to liberalism, I was interested in their rationalization here.

Joke's on me - I spent a long time hunting out the thread, and Freepers don't even bother with spin anymore. It's all false flags off the break nowadays.

UPDATE: Looks like some Mosque member in Texas tried to burn down their Mosque, so now Freepers will be even more certain that the Muslim persecution they call for isn't actually happening.

TigerClaws wonders:
No one was injured.

Read the last sentence. False flag?

How quickly will the media jump nationally to blame Trump for this? He should say, "This has nothing to do with Trumpism!"
TigerClaws blames liberals for reporting what the GOP is saying:
How is preventing ‘refugees’ coming to the country causing such unfounded fears?

The left causes the fear then blames Republicans for fear mongering. Typical tactic.
TigerClaws then runs off into tinfoil crazytown:
Clinton knew about McVeigh before the attack but helped him do it so he could win a second term. Hope it doesn’t come to that before next November.
So long as facts don't matter, GOPJ has his own pet theory:
Someone needs to check his online activity and see if he’s been connected with the Southern Poverty Law Center... they seem to find the nuts and ‘groom’ them...
MNJohnnie thinks it's very suspicious how the media stops speculating when there's a suspect in custody:
Meanwhile we know next to nothing about the woman who ran over all those people in Las Vegas. Odd how the “News media, has to be so careful about those saying anyting about those people who actually comite violent acts but are free to endlessly speculate and rumor monger about anyone who is merely accused of something.
Yeah, they're not careful, where are you getting your news from?!




  1. Freeper 2016 predicable prediction thread

    1. Not to many posts till the inevitable "Obama declares martial law and cancels election"

    2. Man alive after reading that thread I want to slit my wrists lol

      They always predict all of these outlandishly terrifying events. Lazamataz is the worst offender, basically declaring that all is lost and new ridiculous ways to oppress conservatives will come to pass. He even goes so far as to declare (almost proudly) that there will be devastating terrorist attacks and even a nuclear attack in Atlanta, of all places, using strontium 90.

      I really want to know something that has puzzled me for so long: just what is the point of Free Republic? If they are so convinced that everyone everywhere is going to oppress them or kill them, and there is no hope left for anything good and things will always become more and more horrible until the Rapture, then why are they even wasting their time and money? Do they have nothing left except to share in their despair? Is that their mission?

      If misery loves company, then Free Republic is the all you can eat buffet.

    3. Not to many posts till the inevitable "Obama declares martial law and cancels election"

  2. Three of Cliven Bundy's sons, militia seize federal building in Oregon

    This may be a false flag op for those who consider such things.

    For a group of people who do little but fantasize about rebellion, they sure are quick to skedaddle and distance themselves every time someone acts out their fantasies.