Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

JustaCowgirl joins those wishing for a terrorist attack in America to set us straight:
I want to see them hit some gated upscale community, preferably in the DC area or the Hamptons. Or an Ivy League university, or a Black Panthers meeting, or a meeting of La Raza.

You know that won’t be where it will happen, and so does the government.
stephenjohnbanker explains that Trump is reluctantly running because of his selfless love for America:
I may be wrong, but I personally believe that Trump is only running because he fears a collapse of America, and nobody else has stepped up to stop the flow of our blood. A little known fact: Trumps real estate holdings are now less than 50% mortgaged, and over half of them have no mortgage at all. He doesn’t NEED to work. He could retire into the lap of luxury, especially at his age. Like Reagan, he doesn’t really want to be POTUS, but he feels he HAS to.
mad_as_he$$ has sources telling him about Benghazi:
I have it on good authority that a tier one SpecOps unit was spun up and loaded on a running aircraft in Italy and ordered to stand down.
If Jim Robinson goes much further he'll be telling how Muslims mix the blood of Christian children into their hummus:
Islam is colonizing America. Each mosque or community center is a colonial operation, command and control center. This is where they spread their subversive message, recruit and radicalize and train their murderous jihadis.
nathanbedford explains that the Constitution just can't cope with Islam:
Donald Trump demonstrates once again why he is the wrong messenger with the right message. Trump is right Dick Cheney is wrong.

The problem is the American Constitution is simply not designed to cope with a murderous, suicidal, theocracy bent on doing away with the Bill of Rights because the Bill of Rights itself handcuffs the American democracy and prevents it from effectively dealing with Muslims in our midst. The Muslim ideology seeks to exploit the first amendment providing for freedom of religion to overcome the First Amendment provision forbidding establishment of religion. The Muslim strategy is to subvert democracy by obtaining a critical mass of voting power and then to deny non-Muslims the ballot box.

The constitutional guarantees of privacy, free speech, free exercise of religion, equal protection of the laws all work to frustrate government defending itself against a gigantic conspiracy. The only solution for a constitutional republic such as ours, is to prevent Muslims from infiltrating the system. That means they should not be admitted.
Grampa Dave
He could be worse—a real thorn in the side of the GOPe. Run as an Independent with Sarah Palin as his VP.

He could then offer Ted the job as AG if he dropped out and supported Trump.

Then Rubio could run as Hilliarly's Veep.
ExTexasRedhead may want to check up on how evil Muslim Obama managed to get some votes:
Benghazi Blood all over her and you think everyone will vote for her? Really? You think veterans and everyone else will vote for her? Really?
Ruy Dias de Bivar loves this post about working alongside an anti-Muslim cartoon so much he's reposted it dozens of times:
Wonder how many people reported for work Monday and quietly took a LONG HARD LOOK at the muzzie working next to them in the office.

Is that bulge in his coat a gun?
Why did he start growing a fuzzy beard?
Why are his eyes glazed over?
Why did he start demanding a safe space to howl several times a day?
Why is he wearing that silly knit cap?
Why is his wife suddenly dressing like a black robed Klansman?

Must not as such questions! I might be pegged as a racist!
pepsionice cleverly replaces Niemöller's "they came for" with "they came to threaten." It may not scan, but it lets you equate Muslims with Nazis!
When Islam came to threaten friends and neighbors....I did not speak out. When Islam came to threaten relatives and co-workers....I did not speak out. When Islam came to threaten innocent lives and children....I did not speak out. Then they came for me, and there was no one to help me.
Indeed, Califreak!
OMG everyone is just completely unhinged about Donald Trump.

When will this utter lunacy end?
ameribbean expat is hoping we can get the constant Muslim assassinations in America to target a Congressman:
Actually, could be a highly entertaining opportunity. Figure out if Ellison is Shia or Sunni, then just get the other sect to whack him. More fun to play with the internal fault lines and watch them take each other out.
fwdude thinks psychology usurps God:
God's word says it IS sufficient for the problems that psychology claims to solve. In other words, psychology is the usurper. It was invented by godless, anti-god non-scientists, because it claims to deal with what is NOT material - the mind.

The fact that numerous branches (and there are HUNDREDS) of psychology conflict with each other impeaches it as a true science or true medicine.
kiryandil is pretty sure strong and manly Netanyahu came out against Trump's anti-Muslim bombast because Obama is blackmailing him:
There are political realities involved here.

Do you understand the retribution that the Muslim-In-Chief would bring down on Israel for backing Trump's play? Look at what that little fag Baghdad Josh dared to do over this.

And the little faggot OMuslim is definitely vengeful, aside from his natural Muslim hate for Israel. "ISIL", anyone?
henkster plans to run a sting on every to-be Muslim immigrant to America:
So how would you determine if an applicant had been radicalized?

You have to talk to them in their home country; approach them surreptitiously as a "radicalized" Muslim and talk about blowing up America. If they don't disagree vehemently, they don't get in.
JEDI4S thinks unrest in Chicago is the beginning of blacks embracing conservationism:
The Buckwheat Boomarang strikes again.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Who knew that when the Alinsky types started stirring up the racial pot it would boil over onto them? Sweet.

The slaves are turning on their masters.

They may take out one of the leading left wing socialist demonrats using the tactic's that were designed to hammer conservatives.

This is only going to get better as more welfareians may actually be seeing the light. Perhaps they can free themselves from the bondage of liberalism.

What good is an EBT card and other welfare benefits if your gunned down in the street or blowed up by terrorists your masters let into your cities?
RetSignman thinks Obama is going to try and kill Trump any day now:
Trump is smart not to go anywhere near the Middle East and I would question the ‘quality’ of Secret Service agents 0 has assigned to him.

Let’s face it, if they can’t get rid of him through current means, they’ll use the Final Solution.
Jim Robinson wants a new, all-Christian NATO:
Screw NATO. God has reshuffled the deck again. We now need all Judeo-Christian and non-Muslim nations in the world (including Russia, China and India)) to unite against the spreading barbaric Islamofascist totalitarian threat!
Hang'emAll is amazed at how Trump is showing him how unamerican Republicans are:
I am truly becoming more and more concerned by how many Republican politicians I thought were Conservative but are, in fact, unAmerican....
Arthur Wildfire! March wants to bring back a policy from ancient Greece:
A Constitutional Amendment of Excoriation. Similar to Greek Ostracism but NOT exile. Rather, creative punishments, and only after a debate period, a cooling down period, and an uber-majority vote to excoriate.
Creative punishments, eh?


  1. "You have to talk to them in their home country; approach them surreptitiously as a "radicalized" Muslim and talk about blowing up America. If they don't disagree vehemently, they don't get in."

    This is the type of moron we're all up against.

    1. "Hello, I am Guy Incognito-El. I would like to speak with you in English about destroying the United States of America in the name of our deity, the false god Allah."

  2. The confusion on the far right about the McDonald scandal is alternatingly funny and infuriating

    I've seen op-eds like, "we must take advantage of this, in some way other than promising police accountability and criminal justice reform"

  3. The fact that numerous branches (and there are HUNDREDS) of psychology conflict with each other impeaches it as a true science or true medicine.

    Let's play a game! Let's replace "psychology" with something else:

    The fact that numerous branches (and there are HUNDREDS) of Christianity conflict with each other impeaches it as a true religion or true textbook for history, science, or morality.

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