Wednesday, December 30, 2015

lesbian Air Force officer killed in Afghanistan

anonymousB led us to this piece of wonder.

Reuters has a story about one of the servicemen killed December 22nd in Afghanistan. She's a lesbian with a wife and son. The thread starts out with most Freepers deciding her service supercedes any culture war BS, but as is often the case the thread devolves into a Freeper than you contest for who can discount her service more:

ohioman is one of about 3 Freepers in a row to talk about turkey basters:
Sent condolences to “her wife and son” - that is not biologically possible. I feel worse for the turkey-baster child.
Alluva sudden E. Pluribus Unum doesn't care when US soldiers die:
Why does that even matter?

I guess the homosexual supremacists are supremacists even when dead.
Teacher317 has decided she probably didn't fight as well as the straights with her:
Some are more equal than others. I’d be willing to bet that some of the other five did far more than she did, but suffered from a deplorable lack of potential victimhood status claims... but we will likely never hear much about them.
soycd focuses on less confusing hate
Never trust a muzzy. homo or not.
Justa assumes the suicide bomber was motivated by her being a woman:
She was probably the target and got herself and five others killed pushing PC. We’re supposed to be sensitive to Muslim values and not drink, disparage Islam or play music around them while in country. Yet we’ll put an armed woman over them to patrol amongst then feign surprise when she’s VBIED’d. Fools, evil fools.
longtermmemmory just isn't getting a big enough hate-boner with mere lesbian, and so tacks on some other sexual kinks:
substitute wife swapper, swinger, lethe fetish, or whatever sex recreation in for homosexual and the article has the same diminishing effect on the normal soldiers.

Her only true claim to fame is “being there.”
fwdude knows the culture war is more important than any actual war:
I don't give a dam if she went with men or women or was black, white, highyeller, or green. If she fought and died for my freedom...

I hope you eventually come to realize that the homosexual agenda, which this dyke pushed, is decidedly ANTI-freedom, for everyone who does not grovel at its feet.

She can burn in hell, which is her lot.
Hulka grandfathers in her hatred!
Did this gay female go into our AirForce with the intent on disrupting our effort? no.

I’m not so sure.

Major, at least 10-yrs service. Don’t ask don’t tell. She signed up when it was still a violation of UCMJ to be a homosexual and serve.

It can argued it was all about her, placing her wants over the UCMJ and that disrupts (undermines) the law.
dbehsman knows hatred means you don't even need to engage:
A disgraceful dirtbag was killed. Pardon me for not weeping.


  1. These are the #AllLivesMatter jerks...

  2. #AllFreepLivesMatter(everybodyelsecangotohell)

    There, fixed that for you - to quote an old, tired Freeper meme.

    But you are right about one thing - they are jerks.

  3. It's only two more days till the start of the next freeperthon....I'm thinking mid March for the end

  4. Bill Cosby charged with felony assault:

    My favorite you ask?

    This beautiful gem:

    "Actually, even if the worst about Cosby is true, he’s still better than Obama’s muzzie dad, and Frank M Davis, his Stalinist father figure."

    20 posted on 12/30/2015, 9:42:09 AM by Impy (They pull a knife, you pull a gun. That's the CHICAGO WAY, and that's how you beat the rats!)

    ...soooo, if the worst is true about Cosby- that he raped dozens of women throughout his life- that's not as bad as Obama.

    Their moral compass is out of whack.

    1. I've been saying that for a long time.

  5. Freepers support the troops!

    ... but only if they're white, straight, male, christian, and republican.