Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The omnibus budget has killed America

The Boehner-Ryan tag team has managed to pass a budget. Not under normal order, but an omnibus budget. It's got tax cuts for the rich, it's got government spending over the sequester, it runs the usual huge deficit, and it's the best we can hope for with the current GOP.

The right hates it. On the radio and blogs, the debt comes up. But here in Freeptown, it's mentioned seldom. That silliness is washed away and we are left with a tower of sour grapes that Republicans worked with Obama to do a thing. Because once you've decided a government shutdown is a good thing, all this law passing just seems like surrender.

Nextrush wants Freepers to go scorched earth on the GOP incumbents, this time for sure!
I don’t care about all the Republicans who will vote against it to look good.....236 of the House members picked Paul Ryan as Speaker.

Those 236 Republicans should never receive our votes under any circumstances even if it allows a Democrat to win, because there isn’t any difference between the two parties in the end as the Uniparty drives this country down with more spending and more debt.
Jim Noble thinks the problem is that the major parties believe what normal people do about things:
Republicans and Democrats almost all believe in "free trade" and "immigration". These things are good for various constituencies of both parties while they wreck the economy and the nation.

Many of the People, perhaps a majority, do not believe in any of these things. But in our existing system, captive as it is to the MSM-mandated "process" for choosing two candidates for POTUS neither of whom will change a thing, leaves the People with no voice.

Something's gonna blow.
St_Thomas_Aquinas is really excited about President Cruz beating Congress, or something:
I can t wait until [Cruz] takes office and does battle with these sell-outs.

He won t work with them, he will take his case to the people and defeat them.
GrouchoTex likes his radio extra crazy, and thinks this budget passing has destroyed America. Or the 2016 election will...
Listening to Breitbart radio on the way to work this morning...
We’ve lost the country if this passes.
We will be just another European nation.
What was the point of the American Revolution, if we just become another European nation 200+ years later?
We might as well anoint Obama as King and be done with this charade.
This may be the election of our lives, literally, as a Sovereign American nation.
Rodamala called the GOP cocksuckers and got his post pulled by "JR." So he posted this.
Supine catamite BuffaloHead had a problem with me writing that these traitors need to be hauled from their offices by their ballsacks and be curb stomped. Reported me to Jewish Republic, I guess... and the post was yanked... I think the user actually wants me excommunicated from here so that they may further their uniparty agenda.
Say what you will, but Mat_Helm's prepper American Pie cover sounds hilarious!
The music just died and the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost caught the last train from the coast. Drove my 4X4 to the store and picked up some more ammo and beans. Just waiting for the economy to implode completely more sooner than later now.
Steamburg thinks this is a well thought out plot to piss of Freepers and keep them out of the primaries:
It looks like this may not be as much about raping America on the budget deal as it is an attempt to force conservatives to abandon the Republican Party before the primaries.

Their only hope is to shrink the party to a level that they can force their libtard candidate on those so loyal to the party as to let them screw us again. For the GOPe, Hillary is their only hope of retaining power.

Don’t donate. Stay in the party and fight through the primaries. Support any non incumbent. After that, screw them.
Arlis calls Ryan an adulterer:
What flipped him? He’s done a Justice Roberts type flip. Something flipped Roberts. Something flipped Ryan.

Above all, I see this as a MORAL failure - different from adultery only in nature, not different in degree.
Zenjitsuman knows Reagan was all about that balanced budget:
Trump is the last hope, I wish he could have gone 3 party, the GOP is a disgrace, Reagan must be turning over in the grave.
Slyfox has the best scapegoat:
What we have here is a failure of Republicans to see through the fog of Satan.


  1. Geronl1 was banned purple page of death Must have been over his anti Trump views.

  2. Groundbreaking lesbian Air Force officer killed in Afghanistan

    Keywords: dyke;lesbian;goodriddance

    Support our troops! Right?

    1. The money quote from that thread:

      To: envisio
      I don't give a dam if she went with men or women or was black, white, highyeller, or green. If she fought and died for my freedom...

      I hope you eventually come to realize that the homosexual agenda, which this dyke pushed, is decidedly ANTI-freedom, for everyone who does not grovel at its feet.

      She can burn in hell, which is her lot.

      50 posted on 12/22/2015 12:38:49 PM PST by fwdude
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      Right. And I'm sure fwdude will get to go straight to Heaven, flags waving and guns blazing, when his time comes. You know, for being a "true" Christian.

      These Freepers are so hateful.

    2. They're not just hateful, they're inexplicably disloyal to anything and anyone that somehow displeases them. Reality must be very overwhelming for them.

    3. Good point anonymousB. And you're right, reality is definitely overwhelming for them.

      That's why they go to Free Republic.