Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas lonliness

Freepers like to spend Thanksgiving being spiteful, and Christmas has in the past been no different.

But this year there were at least a couple of threads of Freepers in solidarity of being alone on Christmas. Many newer Freepers have had spouses die recently, but the veterans usually have family drama. Seeing Freepers stoically ask for compassion from their little community illustrates both that even people as hateful as Freepers need love, and how Freepers manage to rationalize that only members of their little enclave deserve compassion.

For those of you who prefer schadenfreude, I've linked the greatest hits of these lonely Freepers alongside their laments.

Paranoid Detroit native cripplecreek has British sci-fi to keep him company:
Watching Dr Who Christmas special reruns tonight and the new one will run tomorrow night.

They do a pretty good job with their Christmas specials. They’re usually secular-ish but not really.
Old, anti-immigrant, and tax-hating LongWayHome spent his Christmas with Trump's twitter feed, Hang in there....check out some Trump tweets tonight. The guy is all over Jeb. Makes you laugh:) When not enjoying some hiring discrimination, umgud tries his best to revel in the fact that his daughter's family live with him and still abandoned him:
I don’t have to be alone, but I’ll piss off somebody no matter where I don’t go. I’ve been happily divorced over 25 years, so no wife. My youngest daughter, son in law and 2 grandkids live with me, but are going over to his kin for dinner, festivities.

This is one of the downsides to being single.
A lunatic who thinks God demands we kill all homosexuals Yosemitest's mother has Alzheimer's.
With no children and overseas, I usually worked on the holidays, so others could be with their families.
I'm familiar with Divorce and it's one of the hardest things in life to go through.
However, there are times when my aging mother makes me desire to be somewhere else.
I do what I can, but her approaching second childhood is a real load.
Do what you can, and live where you choose, but service to others is rewarding in the end.
Man trying to win a hate-America contest greene66's companion is bitter nostalgia for his childhood:
Not entirely alone, but almost. The only thing special is my traditional Christmas dinner of shrimp-and-crawfish gumbo. Then, I’ll spend at least an hour sitting back and listening to some old-time jazz recordings. Followed by putting in a dvd-disc and watching some beautifully creaky old B-western from the days of the early talkies. Top it off by sifting through my vintage magazine collection, and maybe listen to an old 1940s-era radio show, or some such endeavor. Anything, however fleetingly, to help me forget what a hellishly sick and perverted culture that this nation has devolved down into. I live for those moments.
Slavery enthusiast and 2007 Hillary supervillain believer Publius spends his evening remembering how everyone in his family died, and how he hates them:
The "huge table" ended when my maternal grandmother died at age 89 from a heart attack. She was cooking Christmas dinner when she felt the elephant sitting on her chest. A drama queen to the end, she laid down on the floor, crossed her arms and arranged herself as though she were in her coffin. Her elderly unmarried daughter found her.

From that point on, I simply watched as her middle aged progeny died from alcoholism, pneumonia, a perforated duodenal ulcer (my mother), advanced Parkinson's, and senile dementia.

I left that whole thing when I went into the Army in 1971 and went from Philadelphia to the West Coast. I never looked back, and I don't regret it. They were always at each other's throats when they weren't at the "huge table."
Racist schoolteacher and creator of strawman liberals A_perfect_lady is just an introvert, which is why she can't stop posting on this message board:
I’ve been a lone wolf for about 12 years now. I just can’t handle too much companionship, and my family lives a long ways away. So the cats and I chill by the fireplace. Cheers to you!
New World Order paranoiac Chickensoup's daughter has an improbable number of mental disorders:
My I will be alone til noon, then a couple of my children are coming over. I have a daughter who has torn apart the family with her splitting ways and I am most not favored.

Borderline Personality disorder and narcissistic traits are a bi***. Literally

One child dropped in this evening and we played a game and talked a bit. She left the family gathering because the drama of the borderline who manipulates heavily and requires constant positive affirmation, is wearing. I am, as she said, a safe haven.

The ex is eating this up.

In the morning a young friend is stopping by for some egg nog and goodies.

I am ok. I just have to realized that I have some children but no family, and am beginning to place myself into the lives of others.

Been doubly difficult this year because all three of my good adult friends have moved away to warmer climates.

On the positive side two friends I have not seen in years have stopped in. Great glow from the catching up.
Believer that all conservative women are happy, and that Obama's gay Yaelle feels alone despite having four kids:
Even with my four beautiful kids, I feel so alone so much that I need to start to create more of a family even of friends around.
Stormfrontish Confederate, Gadsen, and upside down US flag flying usconservative is getting ready to divorce his wife due to stubborn lack of communication:
This is highly likely to be our last Christmas gathering as a family. As much as I'm trying to make the best of it, knowing what's coming after the first of the year isn't helping.

I'm on a 30 day heart monitor. It filled up once already today and I had to drive 60 miles to get to a place where it could get a cellphone signal to send the data that accumulated, then drive 60 miles back. Didn't want to tell family what was going on, my hand was forced today and now everyone's upset at me. Wife wanted to come up to the middle of no-freaking-where with nothing around for 60+ miles to see her perfectly healthy parents, knowing I'm on a heart monitor and need to be monitored 24x7. Sure enough, closest cellphone signal for the heart monitor is 60 miles straight south.

Why I came, simply to please her I don't know. This bullshit is over after the first of the year. It's all going to be a matter of who races to divorce court first.

If I could curl up in a corner and just die right now, I would because I've just had enough this year. Well, at least not until I've changed the revokable living trust and gave everything to the kids and leave the wife without a pot to piss in anyway.

Yeah, Merry Christmas indeed.


  1. Well, FreeRepublic was pretty much founded on the unofficial motto of "Misery loves company".
    Even on Christmas, they love to make each other even more depressed.

    But the stories they tell of their miserable families and miserable childhoods does explain a lot.

  2. I wish happiness for everyone, freepers included.

  3. So do I. I don't hate them, I just goof on them. I wish I could believe the opposite would be true.

    I also think probably everybody has at least some loneliness and some regrets around Christmas time.

  4. It's so unusual that most of their families don't want to be around them, their friends move away and their spouses divorce them. Couldn't be anything to do with their sunny dispositions

  5. Maybe it's because some of them approve of first-degree murder for property crimes.* I wouldn't want to be around a psycho, either.

    * As long as those property crimes were committed by either a minority or a teen, or both.

    1. Lesson here: when people look at insane comments like the ones in that thread and people think to themselves "So this is what being a conservative is all about," don't be surprised if conservatives lose elections time after time.

      But that lesson will never be learned by Freepers.