Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No impact from San Bernadino

Freepers don't have a wide ideological range, and as such repeat themselves a lot. Somehow, I manage to still be shocked by them regularly.
But I've become pretty tired of their factless grasping, speculating ritual after every major mass shooting. So I decided to wait a bit and see what the narrative turned out.

Well, the joke's on me, because it's already more or less faded into the background of Freepers' usual hatred of Islam. The neat thing about being fact-free ideologues is that you can integrate just about anything into your already existing beliefs.

Lately Jim Robinson has been posting anti-Islamic screeds, and seems pretty down with Muslims having no rights.

But with Trump's latest right-wing nugget, Freepers are now merely advocating ending all Muslim immigration. Well, the moderate ones are.

So here's JimRob's latest anti-Muslim screed, touching on the latest shooting and then seguing into attacking Obama:

Old man Jim Robinson yells at Obama for not enough holy war:
The brain dead Muslim in San Bernardino could not prove to his co-worker that Islam is a peaceful religion, so he grabs his Muslim wife and some guns and comes back murdering and wounding dozens of innocent Americans.

Peaceful, my ass.

Hey, Obama: This is just one of the peaceful Muslim co-workers you told us about today. You know, our loving Muslim neighbors. And there are millions more of these friendly brain dead zmbie neighbors right now in peaceful neighborhoods all over America, just waiting for the signal from their friendly Mosque—thanks to incompetent idiots like you.
Frank_2001 generalizes based on San Bernadino:
It obviously does NOT require much to radicalize a Muslim!
Eccl 10:2 relies on a shadowy but powerful 'enemy' to explain why reality doesn't conform to his beliefs:
Likely because the enemy has either bribed or threatened enough politicians to allow the invasion to continue.
sten doesn't bother to check the immigration status of the San Bernadino shooters:
0bama instructed DHS to allow islamic types into the country.

DHS vetted the latest group of terrorists.

without that help, the terrorists could not have done what they did.

so my question is... why aren’t we charging 0bama and the head of DHS as co-conspirators / accomplices?
CivilWarBrewing has a policy proposal:
The Quran is radical, preaches death and destruction upon Infidels and should be outlawed in the U.S.
punditwannabe explains that liberals just prefer death to dishonor. And butttsex:
There is a number, the Liberals have an acceptable number of deaths, in order to be welcoming and not seem mean to foreigners, especially Muslim ones. If we bend over, we’ll actually like it that way, they do.
sport explains the main Freeper view that all Muslims are secret killers:
That “radicalization” crap is just that, crap. A muslim is a muslim the commands for them to commit murder and mayhem is in their book in plane language that a kindergartener can read and understand.
HiTech RedNeck explains that most Muslims only act moderate because God forces them to:
We should ponder the question, not of why so many Muslims DO go on these rabid jihads, but why so many refrain.

Part of it could be the restraining power of the actual God. Because of this God’s light, those Muslims do not see the sense of actually living to the Koran. There are nice things about living on earth rather than blowing yourself up for 72 virgins. Part of it could be plotting on the part of Satan, who “waits for the opportune time.”
x_plus_one is just waiting for the holy war:
We are floundering until it becomes obvious that Christianity needs to outlaw islam by every means possible.
StAnDeliver puts this all into a prepper paradigm:
That's not their endgame. What is their endgame? What is beyond this?

The billionaires, the smart ones, all have their bunkers now. They make fun of the hayseeds who do as well, but only because the nobles are more stylish.

What if they Cloward-Piven the entire world?
rawcatslyentist blames the shadow govt for allowing Islam in the US:
It's not "being allowed".


The shadow govt, wants to do away with this Representative Republic, even if it means they have to rule over a third world garbage dump!

a fool in paradise is sure the rest of the world is also full of a silent majority of Freepers as well:
It isn’t just the fedGov that is ‘against us’. Look at England, look at Sweden, look at France, Look at Germany,...

the voices of those who live in those countries are ignored by leadership that has an ulterior agenda.
IChing hates due process:
You don’t win a war by doing “background checks” !
unixfox brings the usual Freeper tantrum-based plan:
Here’s a way to get these idiots to understand that we don’t want their kind in this country.

If you travel by air, as millions do, and you see someone that is about to board your flight that is dressed in middle eastern (terrorist) garb, refuse to get on the flight and encourage others to do the same.

It will send a message that we are sick and tired of this PC bullshit.
Maybe it's because the focus is switching to Trump and Hillary, but it takes 150 posts for Let's Roll:
Because obama is a muslim.
You're slipping, Freep.


  1. I'm still surprised some troll hasn't reported freeperland to PayPal as a hate site

  2. JimRob's post(s) in visual form:

    1. I honestly think he just posts it so he can maintain his credibility amongst his flock

    2. Especially at the end of his grift-a-thons. He started going on his jag on Sunday, hoping to rile up the rubes and books to finish it Sunday night.
      To freepers' credit, they don't seem to be falling for the JimRob bait like they used to.

    3. ... rubes and "boobs", I meant.
      Damn autocorrect!

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    2. You're either with Trump or with the terrorists/socialists/communists