Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Muslim Marine

In response to Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric, Marine Sergeant Tayyib Rashid tweeted his disapproval to Trump. Freepers may be skeptical of Obama's new gay military, but still have a bit of a tingle up their leg for the marines.

Well, for the right-thinking Marines. For as they did with a Marine Occupy protester, they prove very quick to suddenly dismiss our veterans when they think wrong things:

As people used to do with the Jews, rjsimmon calls this Marine to account for his dual loyalties:
Devil Dog, you swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You cannot fulfill this oath and remain faithful to the Koran.

Semper Fi and know where your loyalties lie.

Oh, and why is your ID not a CAC?
pgkdan denigrates the service of many:
A faithful muslim can’t be a faithful Marine. Period.
kiryandil also doesn't seem to much care for his sacrifice:
It's nice that he served, but his IslamoNazi faith will put him on the worng side when the chips are REALLY down.
CincyRichieRich thinks this may be a hoax:
Remember Takyia or whatever the lie is.
elcid1970 also prefers paranoia to allowing that there might be a single Muslim who likes America:
Something smells about “Muslim Marine”. His obsolete ID card expired nearly fourteen years ago.

Is he still in the Marine Corps? The USMCR? Discharged?

What’s his status?
PeterPrinciple demands a loyalty oath and full loyalty panel!
The question to be put to him is does he openly disavow what is being done in Islam’s name. I mean OPENLY. and I am sorry, even that would leave some questions as lying to achieve an agenda is common even if not a Muslim.

It would be interesting to see what marines closer to him are observing. That would add credibility.
manc goes with proof via anecdote:
Two words

Major Hassan
Mr Ramsbotham has decided serving your country is basically meaningless:
No end to the number of creeps who have served in the military, nor good people who haven’t.
manc doesn't get why this guy had time to tweet rather than shooting ISIS 24/7:
This marine seems more worried about his so called religion than actually his country and defending it.
novemberslady finds Tayyib use of normal English construction very suspicious:
Interesting also that he places muslim in front of marine.
SaraJohnson knows it's just like a Muslim to be offended when Muslims are called disloyal:
Good. Show your Muslim temperament, Rashid.
gaijin also finds standing up for yourself the be a foreign concept:
If there had been.true.heroism in this he would.have obviated his NAME.

Come on, this is simple AMBITION.

Attention was his aim.

Verrrrrry Arab.
kenmcg is sure disloyalty is rampant:
Wouldn’t you like to have a buck for every Sharia loving Muslim serving in the US military?
Well, after all that provin', miss marmelstein is convinced!
So between FR and Breitbart, his story is unraveling. Why am I not surprised?


  1. i like "worng" -- it has the potential for a great wingnut meme.

    it could be up there with fractal wrongness

    1. That's brilliant. I think it's time for it to enter the lexicon.

  2. I can't imagine how terrible freep must be today

    1. There are at least 4 speculation threads when a news source got at tip about an African sounding name alone.

    2. Yeah, it's the usual.
      Probably not going to post about this until next week, when the Freeper narrative has been fixed.

  3. You're not missing anything. A few thousand posts of "Amish? Obama son? Muzzie?" If white, will be "liberal" and/or "gay" even if they have White Power tattooed on their dick. For tomorrow's mass shooting, we could just copy / paste the same comments.

    1. Speaking of which...didn't Ben Carson say he'd attend the next mass shooting funeral, after he gave that one a miss? I think he's a few behind now.

  4. I really enjoy reading you folks. Thanks for your comments. LOL.

  5. Replies
    1. We need to start punching these people in the mouths. We need to make it understood, that if you mention the idea of controlling guns, you will get punched in the mouth.
      We have heard this stupid idea since the Nazis, and we might as well get it straight that it's a Nazi idea, and mentioning it again, will get a punch in the mouth for the Nazi who says it.
      I am at a point where I think mouth punching is the only message they will understand.
      25 posted on 12/3/2015, 12:35:28 AM by DiogenesLamp ("of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty.")

  6. “When — not if — there is a major terrorist attack again in NYC, remember this and take appropriate action.”

    I hope the terrorist hit the Daily News or NY Times.

    God help me, I’ll cheer. I know its wrong but I’ll cheer when terrorist kill a bunch of self-righteous ignorant liberals at a major leftist propaganda site.

    15 posted on December 3, 2015 at 1:16:17 AM EST by Fai Mao (Genius at Large)

    That's nice, rooting for terrorists to kill their fellow Americans, as long as it's the Americans they don't like. And here you get the crux of the Freeper mindset. Essentially it's this:

    "I know it's wrong, but I don't care because they are my enemy and God is on my side."