Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Trump Landslide

One can be delusional in an echo chamber message board without consequences for a very long time. When it comes to politics, reality only intrudes about once every two years. Until that time, anything you want can be true, and all your friends will back you up.

Along with the liberals control all media despair, you also have hope. No small part is for Civil War 2, but one can't be a political message board without having some hopes for the next election. Hopes that said delusional echo chamber is rapidly turning into faith in miracles.

Like unskewing the polls, but worse, Freepers are furiously convincing themselves that Trump is going to win all the states in the general election. From New York to California, he's totally going to pull a Reagan!

dp0622 knows New Yorkers aren't super political:
they dont see him as an evil republican. He’s the guy from The Apprentice and who used to have his name on a casino.

He’s also the guy that gets jobs done in NYC when no one else could seem to.

Cruz and Trump. Both great points and some issues. I’d take either one.
GrandJediMasterYoda worries Americans just aren't political enough to understand how awesome Trump is...
I can’t possibly see how Hitlery can beat Trump if she agrees to a debate unless the Democraps cheat as usual or she is able to forgo a debate with him entirely and the low infos are too numerous to overcome.

The low infos are Trumps biggest threat, I see a LOT of them on the net, it’s mind blowing how in the dark they are. They totally and utterly buy into the Hitlery myth and nothing you say will convince them otherwise. It’s like telling children Santa doesn’t exist, they go into tantrums and scream and stamp their feet “ No no no no!”

That’s Hitlerys voter base, she is like a God to them. Somehow Trump has to get through their cement filled skulls and to me the only way to do that is to debate the witch, and I don’t think she is going to do that.

Remember: She has absolutely NO obligation to debate him. She doesn’t NEED to debate him! She has almost the entire US press promoting her as well as the Democraps and the backstabbing lying Ryan GOP-Es, she could quite easily beat Trump by simply keeping him at arms length and letting him mouth off. The MSM/Democraps and treasonous GOP_Es will continue to bash Trump to protect the Queen and she will win the Presidency.
TigerClaws explains how he's going to get loads of blacks, and California too!
He going to win California too.

Between that's 40% of the delegates needed to win the nomination.

He's going to win Illinois, Penn and FLA too.

Those 5 states are enough to win 50% +1 of all GOP delegates, and they each are winner-take-all.

He’s polling 25% of the black vote.

There’s a reason ALL the networks and newspapers in the country are attacking Trump non-stop. He can destroy the Uniparty and create a new coalition of Reagan Democrats, conservatives, and young people suffering under the Obama recession.

Exciting times!
Beyond mistaking the primary for the general, dennisw allows only 48 states for Trump:
California and Hawaii are the only states that Trump cannot win. Every other state is a either a Trump lock, a probable for Trump or a possibility for him.

TRUMP is slamming the shyte out of Hillary for lying about Trump being in ISIS recruitment videos. Trump is not going to let this one go. Hillary has never been slammed like this and this is just the beginning of Donald Trump bringing down Hillary’s poll numbers by highlighting all her lies and extreme incompetence at the State Department (Benghazi etc)

Hillary is going to wish she never entered this Presidential race
Yeah, Hillary has never had to put up with anything negative before!

Awgie marvels at how awesome his imagination makes Trump:
My My My, what an amazing contrast with your traditional politician. Donald Trump defies every traditional category. We the people see him, hear him, feel him. The establishment shivers in fear.
Uh-oh, Little Ray's delusions are getting in the way of his hatred.
That actually worries me.
Just like I didn’t think much of the Republican Governor of a very Democrat state, I have my doubts about any ‘Pubbie who can win the People’s Democratic Republics of New York or California.
SamAdams76 has New York figured out:
I work in Manhattan. A lot of people are jazzed about Trump.
Jim Noble has also done some informal polling, and things look good!
I was born and grew up in NY and lived in MA for 22 years.

Trump is a lock in both of these states.

I agree about CA, although the autopsy on the GOP collapse there is yet to be written.I do not believe it’s about minorities, I believe the white liberals on the coast have developed a form of collective insanity. They believe things about the world that nobody else does.
Wallace T. lays out Trump's path to victory through Illinois and New Jersey:
I see Trump as being stronger than any Republican candidate since Reagan in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all heavily blue collar industrial states that have lost a lot of their industry since the 1980s. Illinois and New Jersey are not impossible, either. Trump, unlike Cruz, Rubio, and the rest, is an economic nationalist, more like Buchanan and Perot. His positions will not hurt him in the Republican base states of the South, the Plains, and Rockies.

If he wins the key Rust Belt states, adding New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc., would be an added gift. My key concern, whoever the GOP nominee is, is voter fraud. If Trump has a comfortable vote margin in western Michigan and the rural areas, ballot box stuffing in Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, and Lansing would reverse this victory. Voter fraud cost Nixon the election in 1960, and probably Ford in 1976. Trump has the resources, both in cash and otherwise, to fight this.
Yeah, Ford was super popular in 1976.

cradle of freedom shows how far Freepers have gone:
Reagan was the last one like him.


  1. Win or lose, Trump has already deeply wounded the Republican Party.

    If Trump does win, two years from now the freepers and the fat ninnies who are attending his rallies are going to be shedding the heaviest tears of impotent rage.

  2. She has almost the entire US press promoting her as well as the Democraps and the backstabbing lying Ryan GOP-Es..."

    Yeah, it's a shame Donald Trump never gets any press coverage.

  3. I can’t possibly see how Hitlery can beat Trump if she agrees to a debate

    Ladies and gentlemen, the right-wing Pauline Kael.

    I was born and grew up in NY and lived in MA for 22 years.

    Trump is a lock in both of these states.

    This, and many other posts are just Dean Chambers on steroids. It's like they didn't learn the lessons from 2012 and are doubling down on the mistakes. Well, November 9, 2016 will be a fun read.

  4. Trump is headed for an election victory of Saddam Hussein proportions....99.8% of the popular vote.... Unless voter fraud causes him to lose. I learn everything I need to know on Freak Rethuglic

  5. Huh? I have lived in The US, UK and Canada, and always have aeen it spelled "Judgement". Hell, freepers prayimg for Judgement Day spell it that way too

    1. I've always seen it and spelled it "judgment", but apparently "judgement" is correct, too. My spelling dictionary only recognizes "judgment" though.