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How do you square your Christian faith with hatred of Muslims?

Anonymous found this goldmine - fascinating thread!

A Freeper asks the above question. His fellows call him a troll, and ask that he be zotted, but many try their best to answer. I'd say about half just say "I hate Islam, not Muslims, but they're all a threat and need to be banned from America" and then go on their hateful way, content that what the distinction between faith and faithful is enough of a fig leaf.

But some try to dig deeper more. Because their theology may be shallow, but it is as much a part of Freepers' self image as their xenophobia is.

Which means if you wait around you get some truly weird takes on Christianity.

nopardons recalls that Christians used to hate and kill all the time:
Were the Popes who called for ALL of the Crusades not "good" Christians then ?

Jesus told his followers to even sell the clothes off their backs and buy swords with which to smite their enemies with. So just what does that make Jesus the Christ ?
Considering how many Freepers are protestants, it tells you a lot about what they want for them to defend old Catholic fails.

MIA_eccl1212 seems to think Jesus was all about turning the other cheek...ONCE. Then it was killing time.
If we let the crazies kill or harm those for whom we are accountable, God will NOT approve. We can turn our own cheek... ONCE. Not a requirement that we do so as a NATION twice or three times... and under no circumstance can we expect our families to turn their cheeks and face destruction... as we are sworn under oath to God to love THEM more than our own bodies.

There comes a time to sell your cloak and buy a sword. Jesus said so himself... and Jesus is NOT wrong. Ever.
JParris tries to explain that it isn't hate:
Me thinks the modern world mistakenly equates criticism for hate.......
calling for a new Holocaust and making up nicknames like Mud-slimes is just criticism, guys!

Speaking of nicknames, on this thread about not haring Muslims, Joe Boucher has a new one:
Mookabookers killed my Nephew in Fallujah.
As a Christian i believe in an eye for an eye.
To hell with em.
Funny how some words are just onomatopoetically racist

elcid1970 doesn't hate, but isn't down with Jesus's command to love:
Hatred is a powerful thing and should be directed only at individuals who have earned it; Tashfeen Malik is just one of many examples.

On the other hand, loving even one member of a religion that has proven extremely dangerous toward what it deems “infidels”, is IMO highly problematic.

In the case of Muslims, I’m going with guilty until proven innocent, and the proof is leaving Islam forever.

Even “infidels” have a right to safety for themselves & their families.
matt1234 explains that God couldn't imagine Islam when he wrote the New Testament:
Very simple answer. When scripture was written, Islam did not yet exist.

The OT contains many warnings about tribes and nations, particularly those in opposition to God and Israel.

I have no doubt that if Islam predated scripture, it would contain warnings about Islam and the wrath muslims would incur from God and His people.
going hot also seems to think the Bible was mostly for when things were peaceful like 2000 years ago:
If there were mooslimbs during His time, he probably would have made exceptions.
excalibur21 knows it's not hate to think another group all hates you and prepare to kill them:
I don’t know of any Christians that actually hate Muslims. Obviously there are plenty of Muslims who hate Christians and Jews, though. You don’t have to hate them to be protective of your family and yourself.
Defiant explains that all Christians obviously have a right to kill all the Muslims because evangelism isn't allowed:

No one here hates muslims. They hate islam. Like hating communism, nazism, King George. Not that hard to distinguish.

If Islam motivates a muslim to want to kill us, then we have a problem with them. There is an inherent right of self defense, even for Christians. Preferably, instead of fighting them because they follow their religion, we should be actively working to convince them why their religion is phony, ridiculous and barbaric. However, that wouldn't be allowed in a morally relative age, so we must suffer them getting worse every generation.
...It's okay to hate belief systems, and also...King George? Now that's a grudge!

EternalVigilance knows Jesus wasn't no wimp!
Historically, every nation, including Christian nations, that adopted a wimpy view toward Islam was annihilated.

Nowhere does the Bible teach that God’s people are simply to bow their necks, and the necks of their children, to evil.
grey_whiskers found some scripture that evil is bad:
Hate evil; hold fast to that which is good. Romans 12:9.

When did you convert to Islam?
Califreak prays for Muslims, but also shuns them and thinks they're evil:
We can pray they will be delivered from their death cult and be saved.

I do this often.

But I don’t want them in my country if they’re not.

Evil is evil.
pallis joins the group that thinks all Muslims are evil, but doesn't hate them somehow:
For myself, I don’t hate Muslims, but I do hate Islam in the same way God hated Ba’al, who is Allah, and the same as the false religion of Babylon. Telling the truth about what Muslims believe and how they feel about non believers isn’t hate. I’ve known Muslims who I considered to be good people, but I was more naive then, and now I won’t trust any Muslim, no matter how peaceful they may seem to be. Who I will trust are Muslims who have repented and turned to Jesus.
I like how in his callow youth he once trusted some Muslims.

doc maverick doesn't have much time for people who think this is anything more than presuming all Muslims want to kill him. Without hate.
The Premise: Christians hate muslims.
Premise is false.
Christians are defending themselves from being killed by muslims.
So many are operating on false inflammatory premises at this time that it’s just getting ridiculous.
TigersEye only wants Muslims all to die, guys!
I’m not a Christian but I don’t hate muslims I just want them dead.
They wanted me dead first so I have no ethical problem with that.
The_Media_never_lie invokes the usual Freeper excuse for extremism, and then has an odd coda:
Christian faith is not a suicide pact. Who hates them? Attempt to impose guilt.
impose guilt? Does he mean shame?

NorthMountain is also one of those whose faith is fine with preemptive killing:
I pray for their repentance and conversion ... right up to the moment the bullet goes through their skull.
Arthur McGowan knows you gotta trust him on this not some stupid Pope:
Pope Francis is a huckster. A knee-jerk political Leftist who hates the Catholic Church. He takes his orders from the totalitarians who control, among other institutions, the U.N.

We have, simultaneously, a “President” who hates the United States and a Pope who hates the Catholic Church.
Arthur McGowan - it's not hate, it's LOATHING!
Hatred for Muslims CANNOT be reconciled with Christianity.

Loathing for Islam, which is organized demonic possession, and realistic fear of Muslims, are perfectly consistent with Christianity.
JT Hatter is also all on for the 'loathing isn't hate' loophole:
Jesus did recognize that there were times we needed to take up swords and He said so.

Have you ever tried to reason with a Moslem? Have you ever been to one of their countries and seen the demonic possession of the place and people? I have.

If we cannot reason with Moslems or drive out their demons we have only one recourse.

And that is to take up swords.

And I’m certain you misconstrue the real concern and resolve of Freepers for hatred. That’s a strong word...too strong. We really disrespect and despise them, even loathe them, as we would any evil demon or impure anti-Christian thing. And that’s a healthy thing, purely human.
There's the demon thing too, but that's de rigueur at this point.

Count central_va doesn't think Muslims are human, but that's not hate, right?
Hate the sin love the sinner.

I view radical Muslims like cockroaches. Roaches disgust me, need to be eradicated but I don't really hate them, they are unworthy of the emotion.
Loving John O covers all his bases, citing the Old Testament's constant Jewish massacres, adds in some demon hocus pocus, and then compares Muslims to rabid dogs. So many reasons to hate loath!
Many times in the OT God commanded that entire peoples be wiped out to protect His children Israel. Did He not love those people? Of course HE did. But He also knew that they had been infected with a plague for which there was no cure. They turned away from Him and chose to follow demons.

We have that very same thing in action today with islam. Moslems are commanded to lie by their scriptures if they can gain advantage by it. Who is the father of lies? So who do moslems worship?

Unfortunately because of this command to lie, no moslems can ever be trusted, ever. Even if they claim to have been saved they cannot be trusted (until the Holy Spirit Himself witnesses for them). In order to protect the innocents of the world we have no other option but to remove the plague.

I have a met a few moslems who were actually pretty nice people (aside form the fact that they were commanded to kill me and my children). But that does not make them safe to be around.

Do I hate moslems? No. Do you hate a rabid dog? No. You just do whatever needs to be done to protect yourself and your loved ones (and other innocents) from the actions of that dog. You may love the dog (old yeller) but you still have to destroy it.

By their actions (and the commands of their scriptures)moslems have lowered themselves to dog status.
IronJack tries not to hate, but would massacre Muslims were it not for the police. So he makes due trying to convince everyone else to realize Muslims are savage animals:
If I fail as a Christian in my loathing of muslimes, I will be judged by the Almighty for my lapse. In the meantime, I live in a world where evil men plot to randomly kill innocent people, which makes me and my loved ones potential targets. By eliminating the threat, I can better protect them and any other potential victims.

I could vanquish that threat by literally murdering muslimes, and I might even be able to get rid of a few before the authorities caught up with me and killed me, which would then leave my family unprotected. So I act by pointing out the sheer treachery, savagery, and incomaptibility with civilization that constitutes islime, hoping that that will awaken in others a hostility that will drive these animals from our midst.
wardaddy shows up, as usual too smug in his supremacy to worry much about faith:
I don’t know what sort of Chrustianity you cotton to where you can’t bear ill will towards folks who butcher women and children and man burn

There’s even despicable film out there where they decapitate toddlers

Another where they are gang raping a very pale and beautiful buck naked Christian girl and slice her throat open and bleed her out into a bucket while the last gang banger cretin is still inside her

These are sick puppies bringing the Devils doing to us yet again

I feel it’s perfectly normal to hate those effing animals with every fiber of my being

They are evil em effers subhuman Satan lovers that need killing

The fact that you are namby pamby about hating them spells doom for all of us if too many others think that way

We already have a President who supports them more than us

You need to get your mind right

And go buy a gun Mr I don’t own a gun

Good lord

Where are you from?

Good thing Martel and Sobieski had a different outlook on Christendom than yer pickle exemplifies

They knew what they faced


Islam is a Raider’s Religion

It ain’t complicated son

All the crazies have to be killed and the rest brought to heel

We are not the first to face this but even though we’re the strongest materially we are by far the weakest of heart and mind
CatherineofAragon also continues to be more a Freep wannabe than really feeling the doublethink:
Look, I guess I’m not a very good Christian, because I have no use for Muslims nor the thing in the White House. I understand that Jesus died for everyone, including Muslims, and we are to bring the Gospel to them....when and if it is possible.

But it doesn’t seem possible to do so when they are raving, slavering animals who will run at you with a machete and take off your head in broad daylight in the middle of the street. Jesus didn’t expect us to be sheep to the slaughter.

IMO Islam is a demonic cult, and its adherents are possessed by demons. It’s hard to lump them in with the rest of humanity.
Twink just lets the hate flow through him:
I hate them (Muslims). If they, the Muslims, believe in Islam and all it teaches, then yeah I hate them as much as I hate their ideology. Maybe more, because their ideology is nothing if it has no followers. The followers are the ones who act on what the ideology promotes.

Mohammed was an evil pervert. Anyone who follows him has some screws loose at the very least.

So yeah, I hate them.


  1. We can turn our own cheek . . . ONCE . . . or seven times . . . er, seventy times seven . . .

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