Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Trump or Cruz. Monty22002 knows what's coming:
There will be a point where JR picks a side and a purge will happen. We’ll see which side survives.
arthurus explicitly wants a dictator:
I want to see Trump do a dictator act when he assumes office. Alla yall protest against that thought because it is so unConstitutional but the Constitution is dead. It cannot be revived so long as the EPA and the other Agencies still exist. The President is NOW a dictator. A Trump cannot give the powers back to Congress that Congress has ceded and if he tries to work within the Constitution and not simply abolish the structures of the totalitarian bureaucracy then he cedes his dictatorial power to the Agencies led by the EPA and there is no hope left for regaining the Republic.
After, he hopes Trump pulls a Cincinnatus and resigns after rewriting the Constitution, but it's all very fall of the Roman Republic.

Yaelle did some sweet espionage on Muslim cabdrivers, and found lots of jihad:
After 9/11 I traveled in taxis a fair amount in several big American cities, like Chicago, Las Vegas, a bunch. And whenever I got a driver from the ME I started up a religious conversation, got into terrorism, and it was always an interesting, friendly conversation, and I’d slip in my big question casually, “But there are some people at your mosque who support al quaeda...” And, sad to say, in 100% of the cases the answer was something like “Well, sure, but I have nothing to do with those crazy people.”


So I learned this back then and am not surprised that still, at every mosque, there are some who are waiting for the violent path to the caliphate.

And the liberals of all western countries don’t believe this. They are the doofuses being used for their bleeding hearts. There are a lot more parts going to end up bleeding. Thanks, you stupid do-gooder idiots who have replaced logic and common sense with political pandering.
In an amazing and new conspiracy theory, Utilizer remembers how Bill Clinton's security detail was executed on live television during the Branch Dividian raid in Waco:
I also remember watching live on the telly as three former state troopers that were employed during BJ’s time as governer were killed during the storming of the Branch Davidian buildings.

The three and another SWAT-ted out individual were up on the first floor roof of a building and smashed out a window on the second level in preparation for entry and then the three troopers piled into the room -while the fourth waited for a couple of beats...

Then took a step back, pointed his weapon at the window the three others had just gone through and proceeded to let off a long waving stream of full auto rounds directly into the room.

I knew immediately that whoever those three were, the fourth person had just deliberately killed them. Didn’t find out until later that it was Clintoon’s former guards.
Haha, that goes to show how malleable memory is, and how immune to logic someone can get.

Similarly, odawg's friend's sister's husband said that Mosques were all about terrorist training:
Back in 80s, long before all this became an issue, I had a friend whose sister has married a Muslim. He told me then that the youths were being taught how to build bombs at the mosque. This has been going on for some time.
mkjessup is hoping unrelenting attacks on Hillary will kill her:
Trump and Cruz will have so many anti-Hitlery cards to play that she'll flip out, stumble over the podium and go into cardiac arrest.

From your keyboard to God's Flat Panel Monitor.
Old Yeller remembers the Satan-planned terrorist attacks that happen every single Christmas:
You have to figure that there will be a major terrorist event on Christmas Day because Satan hates the fact that a Savior was born.
Shockingly, central_va has contempt for the standards of the Ivy League:
The secret is once you get into Ivy League school the students are pampered and academically it isn’t really that hard. There are cutthroat engineering programs at major state universities that are 100 times harder academically.
The upcoming movie based on Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick reminds Eccl 10:2 of how Hollywood makes crappy Bible movies to undermine conservatives:
This will certainly be spun in the most favorable way toward the Democrats.

Just as Noah and the Left Behind remake were deliberately scuttled into the worst movies imaginable.
Don Corleone knew it. He's surrounded by socialists!
Just how hard is it to get all of the socialists on one page?

You need more than one page because there are so damn many of them and they are everywhere!
JoSixChip will not be moved!
If I have to choose between Runsh and Trump, Rush can go sell some more GMs for obumber for all I care.
The All Knowing All Seeing Oz adds Bowe Bergdahl to the list of Obama pardons:
The pardon, with all back pay, etc, will come on the evening of January 19, 2017.

It will not get that much media coverage, as it will be a minor one compared to some to other pardons Obama is sure to issue.
ConservativeMind joins the Freepers rooting for ISIS:
Hmm, I am sure there are innocents somewhere in Chicago for whom I should feel concern, but, on the other hand, ISIS could eliminate the need to kick Chicago out of Illinois...
silverleaf thinks the US is probably protecting the head of ISIS:
I wanna bet ISIS leader Al Baghdadi is under US protection
silverleaf follows up with some choice Jews Control the World old-style antisemitism:
There is a persistent street rumor that al Baghdadi is jewish, perhaps an Israeli agent. and that Israel has a stake in supporting IS

I certainly hope not but nothing surprises me anymore
blueunicorn6 is working really hard to turn the Hillary e-mail thing into a bloody shirt:
Hillary may have thought that the information she made available to our enemies was really nothing, but she couldn’t possibly be sure of that.

She may have provided the enemy with information that would kill millions of her supporters.

I have yet to see the enemy that asked the victims if they were Hillary supporters so they could be spared.

Hillary will get a lot of Americans killed with her greed.
huldah1776 doesn't believe economists, or scientists, or statisticians:
The Federal Reserve and economists are as honorable as first research study scientists and statisticians. Won’t it be nice when the One who knows the hearts and minds of man rules? Joy to the world, everyone!
DaveA37 made his own Consumer Price Index:
DO NOT tell me that there is NO INFLATION. A simple test is to have found an old grocery receipt for basic items as compared to today’s prices for the exact same items. Many of those items have nearly doubled in price.
From how long ago? I've been buying groceries for over a decade, and seen nothing double in price.

Lazamataz is still doing his laconic 'kill everyone' thing:
The only solution is the widespread extermination of all those I call ‘enemy’.
Alas Babylon! heard some Muslim judge rule Downs Syndrome babies should be killed. Awful. But it's Freep, so he solves the problem, with barbarism about the same as the ruling:
a Saudi judge named as Abu Said Aljazrawi

He needs to be marked for death. His family, too.

We've got to start taking these bastards out. Bullet to the brain.
rdcbn explains how Obamas army of Negros and immigrants all have Obamaphones to coordinate the attacks:
Whoever is orgainizing and funding this invasion is buying each one of these people an iPhone and giving each o e a passport, an Internet and email account, a train or passenger boat ticket and between 500-1000 dollars cash.

Why would anyone want to give a refugee an iPhone, you ask?

Well, one of Obama’s first acts in office was to make sure every gang banger and baby momma in he hood had three or four free Obama Phones.

The phones are totally plugged into social media and are used to set up drug deals , communicate and coordinate with fellow gang members and look outs to warn when police , and basically pretty much everything else needed to take care of business in the hood.

The police always had an advantage because you can’t run away from good old Mr Two Way. Too bad Ms iPhone like ass on Mr Two Way. Because of the free Obama phones and they have given the thugs a big advantage over the cops.

The constant messing around on social media makes it easy to incite riots and mobilize people for mass. Protests.

The Ferguson riots were largely manufactured and nurtured by a team of community orgainizers working social media via Obama phone.

If you want to raise an army you have to had a way to organize and communicate too coordinate attacks.

That’s what the phones are for
NKP_Vet likes most of a poll, but not all of a poll. No problem!
Another poll showing Trump blowing away the field. Of course it says he can't beat Clinton, but we all know that's BS.
SkyPilot explains how everything he doesn't like is a tool for the Antichrist:
Globalism is setting the stage for Antichrist.

"Climate Change" is their main chosen vehicle to bring the world under one government.

"Open Borders" is now in full swing.

"Extremism" will be used as an excuse to persecute Jews and Christians (but not Muslims).

Economic collapse will bring about the one world currency and economic system.
Wow, unixfox.
Sanders has lashed out at the media over what his team refers to as a corporate news "blackout" of his campaign.

Typical little liberal. Thinks he is being treated unfairly.

I am positive Bernie was picked on and beat up a lot in school.
Come for mocking claims of media bias. Stay for some smugness about bullying.

NorthMountain goes there:
The point I’m making is that when people use Nazis as a comparison, the image they’re playing on is the gas chamber. The concentration camps. In this way, the person making the comparison wants people to think “This thing at which I am upset is the just as evil as marching concentration camp jews and gypsies in to the gas chamber”

Unless that’s what’s actually happening (like I said with Stalin, Mao, ISIS), then the Nazi comparison is BS.

Mohammedanism is worse than Hitlerism.
stinkerpot65 thinks liberals like myself are Stalin without the power:
Every liberal is a thug who will imprison, torture, and murder you for having the wrong opinion.

Look at their heroes - Mao, Stalin, Castro.

Mass murderers.
I like the elevation of Castro. I mean, he sucks, but he ain't in that league.

conservative98's unhappy with his radio news not being as liberal as his talk radio:
Also investigate ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox for teaming up with CAIR to attack Trump at the top of every news hour on the radio.


  1. " was Clintoon’s former guards."

    See, THIS is why there are people who believe there is video showing "thousands and thousands of Muslims in Jersey City celebrating 9-11." Because these guys are so delusional that reality often escapes them.

  2. A New Year is upon us and we are reminded once again that time waits for no man. This may be last Presidential election for many Freepers. This will be last chance many "true conservatives" will have to save our nation. Are you sending the gift of cash or a check to your ungrateful, liberal grandchildren (and great grandchildren)? Why go to all that bother? Why waste so many stamps? Why not send that money to our sainted Jim who is, after all, on a mission for God? Let this be your gift to Him! Give to Free Republic. Give to Jim and to God and for His mission on Earth. Hallelujah! Jingle Bells!