Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Freepers who want to kill

In a story that didn't go national that I could see, a concealed-carry licensee just went and opened fire on a fleeing shoplifter. No one was hurt, except for a tire, but such recklessness is hardly the 'good guy with a gun' narrative the gun folks fervently believe.

And Freepers go along - most dismiss this woman as just a bad egg, (or a media hoax). But a nontrivial proportion of Freepers seem to have a huge desire to shoot a stranger. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised - this is just the logical extreme of the Freeper bullying mindset. But to see violent fantasies in the absence of any of the usual tribal partisanship is rather chilling.

ASA Vet is emblematic of the majority of the folks on the thread:
If there is any truth to this yarn, the woman won’t have a CPL or her own freedom for long.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin hates shoplifters more than is warranted, but keeps things on the straight and narrow:
Urge to stop the human filth was strong, but it was not the CC holder’s responsibility to stop the perp.
samtheman goes with the media hoax:
My first thought is don’t believe anything the media says in any story involving a gun. I could be wrong, and I’ll wait and see.
equaviator diagnoses penis envy:
The woman probably regrets being born with an additional orifice between her legs and thinks she can do anything a man can do, including being able to shoot straight. No Annie Oakley is she!
Therapsid makes an extremely false equivalence:
This lady is probly in trouble legally.....

But I think she would not run and hide like the guys....:(

At Oregon community college.
princess leah remembers when we were free and shooting petty criminals all the time:
It used to be we would applaud a person for being helpful in trying to stop a criminal - man, we have lost a whole lot more than just freedoms!
Crazieman is amazed at what Free Republic has become:
I agree. Look how well even conservatives have been retrained, right here on FR.
Not even sure what MikeSteelBe is getting at:
If Hitlary had a son...
antceecee laments all those who just follow along and don't fire wildly at the slightest provocation:
Amazing isn’t it? Sheeple among us. Many steeple.
antceecee seriously just wants more shootings:
the law is clear when a ccw is within their legal rights to use their firearm. i know what they are around me. unless they were putting her life in grave danger or severe injury, she had no basis to do that.

Anyone carrying that engages a criminal should shoot and ask questions later. Sorry I strongly disagree with you!
exnavy thinks the Civil War era was just a better time:
i require a legal reason to use my weapon. you may want to play police officer. i do not.

One hundred fifty years ago, that would have been a “legal” reason.
Roman_War_Criminal wistfully tells a random story of someone shooting a black carjacker:
Few years ago near me a young lady was car jacked at a gas station by an Obama son and forced to move to the passenger seat. CCW Permit Holder saw the whole thing and followed. The woman’s car was T-Boned by a garbage truck and she was instantly killed. Said Obama son got out and started running. Permit Holder followed and shot him DRT.

No charges....

His life wasn’t in danger either. Based on half the cowardly responses on this thread, I’d say most have been reprogrammed to just shrug off violence and let ‘The Authorities’ handle it. No wonder libs are winning!
Kicking it with the old-timey slang, Roman_War_Criminal calls us all 'yellow' for not shooting shoplifters:
I’d truly sad & depressing to see how yellow our society has gotten over years of programming.

I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to let an innocent get beated/abused in my presence....If it means jail for me—so be it!

Those who disagree can carry on and let the “authorities” do the clean up and draw the chalk.
minnesota_bound is a hypothetical petty criminal killing machine!
I could never be a police officer.

I would be returning to the station every few hours for more ammunition..... : )
editor-surveyor whips out the Goodwin:
Opening fire in a public place with no threat to herself or others is not okay. She’s watched too many cop movies, and she is going to face charges.

Blow out brownshirt!

You’re a joke.
editor-surveyor does not take the high road:
Lets follow up on this story in a week or two and we shall see. Name calling is the last resort of those that have lost the argument.

Arrogant bastards like you are the ones losing arguments.

The evidence appears to all be in the woman’s favor.

I know that pisses you off too.
teeman8r has never heard of reckless endangerment:
shall not be infringed

now, what laws were broken
Confronted with the fact of actual charges, teeman8r just bloviates with righteousness:
In case you hadn’t noticed, your opinion on the original subject matter is among the minority, not only within this thread but in general.

but I am right brownshirt
The best part of equaviator's long screed is you can't even tell what side he's on. Doesn't matter, really - liberal is the broadest-spectrum of insults on Freep:
It’s no big deal...Every now and then, bedwetting snapperheads like you guys come along and smell the place up. We’ve seen it here before and it won’t be the last time, either. I’ll bet you’re like that on the job...Where the quality of your work is mediocre at best and you feel threatened by anyone who you think is better at it than you. Your solution to the problem is to engage in the politics of personal destruction, where you play the “gay” card, the sexism card, the race card and whatever cards you think are playable. You abuse the power of suggestion with rhetoric and inuendo but no matter what you do or say, the reality of your unprofessionalism and incompetence is a fact of your pathetic liberal lifestyle(s) and you’d better do something about it because you’re all in for a rude awakening.


  1. Seems to me that eqivacator's long screed is about some issues that he is having at work.

    "... because you're all in for a rude awakening."

    Hmmm ... if I was a co-worker of equivacator, I'd be keeping a close eye on him.

  2. "Lets follow up on this story in a week or two and we shall see. Name calling is the last resort of those that have lost the argument.

    Arrogant bastards like you are the ones losing arguments. "

    Bwa ha ha ha!

  3. These people on FR are so hateful.

    I applaud the minority of posters on that thread who rightfully point out that the woman's use of her concealed-carry firearm was irresponsible to say the least.

    But I swear some Freepers are just looking for an excuse to shoot somebody--ANYBODY--and get away with it.