Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Planned Parenthood shooting

Freepers love to fantasize about violence as an end to their frustration with the crisis of America not being Freepish. But they are also all about their side's virtue, which will not allow them to be the ones to originate violence.

This is a very mixed message, especially for a cohort who eschews nuance. So when you get something like a Planned Parenthood shooting by a white guy ranting about baby parts, you have Freepers furiously trying to prove it was a liberal and Freepers sullenly saying this was justified.

Gasshog sees a silver lining:
At least the baby killers got the holy crap scared out of them. Maybe some will repent. unlikely.
Gasshog also thinks the shooter musta been liberal:
Is the guy is a “pro-life Christian terrorist” like all of Leftdom is dreaming and drooling to hear? Doubt it.

More Likely a liberal mental case on drugs.

If so there will be a few suppressed mumblings from Pravda USA and then crickets.
Karl Spooner is also pretty stoked:
I wonder how many abortions never got performed today.
Karl Spooner is pretty sure God sent that shooter:
Well, whoever (baby or babies) who got spared today must have been very special in Gods plan.
hsmomx3 seems not to think cop lives matter:
At least some lives were saved today!
bergmeid tries to argue a liberal double standard:
Killing aborters is bad, bad, bad but killing abortees is FINE! I am going to throw up.
Timpanagos1 is joking??????????
He was tall?

That could mean that he is liberal.
Other Freepers seem to take him seriously.

PghBaldy knows the important thing is how the liberals in his head feel:
The left is rubbing their hands with glee over this, I assume.
Sarah Barracuda is on the case, finding the Facebook page of some random guy:
Rahm... I’m afraid you are going down for this one. There are not words for how this cover-up went down!!! I’m calling out ALL minorities and liberals this year!!! Get REGISTERED... GO VOTE... AND LETS GET THIS THING DONE ONCE AND FOR ALL ACROSS THE BOARD ON ELECTION DAY!!! I’m done!

Flaming Liberal idiot..when leftists want gun control, I agree, ban ALL liberals from having guns
OK, so that wasn't right. Sarah Barracuda moves on to hating strawman liberals:
Leftists are going to very conflicted with this story..they wanted SO badly to accuse white Christian Republicans of being terrorists yet the person who died is a cop, who the left hates
Sarah Barracuda cannot be stopped, and is soon back on the case, noting the shooter had long hair and Colorado has weed...
The picture of him that was circulating online, he looks like a hippie which would make sense, I mean after all its Colorado, but they won’t blame this on marijuana, the media can’t since they keep on saying that taking weed is absolutely harmless.

There is a bank in the area and Bernie Sanders has been going on and on about how he hates big banks I wonder if the media will blame Bernie’s rhetoric for what happened, nah of course not.

Someone shoots cops and runs into a PP office, has to be a white Christian terrorist, says the media..but when a Muslim Jihadist screams ALLAH AKBAR and starts shooting the media says “We don’t know what the motive is”
Sarah Barracuda has parsed Planned Parenthood's press release and has now decided this was a bank robbery:
The media has always been in the lefts pocket, we just notice it now more but its always been the case..I notice that PP has dropped the “Domestic Extremism” from their official statement, my spidey senses tell me they already know from the police that this was a botched bank robbery and had absolutely nothing to do with them slaughtering babies and selling their baby parts to the highest bidder
17th Miss Regt brings the inevitable:
Serious false flag?
virgil agrees:
I suspect false flag. Left wing nut cases doing this. You know, the biggest terrorist threat is white Christians.
GOPJ even has an algorithm to dismiss any shooter that doesn't fit his narrative:
Will he fit the Manchurina pattern? Young man - recently ‘right wing’ - kills himself or his killed by police?
Gateway Pundit, never one to be into the truth, found this guy's voter registration has him as female. Chickensoup runs with it:
Why does this document refer to this guy as “she”?

I have no idea. Wont be the first trans off their rocker.

One killed a woman in our area, slit her throat in the food aisle of a supermarket.
Some other Freepers also pick this up, and now it's gospel. A CA Guy:
Wasn’t this some transgender person who either identified as female or was a female on hormones with a name change and no political affiliation that did this?
How does this fit anything good for Obama?
Sacajaweau joins the crowd of people happy about the shooting:
And how many active killings going on inside the building?
DBrow explains that True Christians don't do this, unlike True Muslims:
A Christian might commit a terror act, but usually not in the very name of Christianity. A Muslim will commit an act of terror because someone else is not following Islam (Ikea beheading), has insulted Islam or Mohammed (Charlie Hebdo), or because some non-Muslim harmed a Muslim somewhere sometime (Boston Marathon bombing, Madrid bombings).
paristexas got zotted for noting Freepers' inconsistency:
So you are saying you fully support anyone who goes into a Planned Parenthood clinic and starts killing everyone connected with abortions? If not, why not?
TBP has his suspicions:
Distraction to make pro-lifers look bad and counterbalance the videos?

These people have the same moral code as the Nazis or the Communists — so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is for show.

As much as the Planned Parenthood billionaires love to play the victim, the fact that even the (friendly) media is being kept away seems suspicious to me.
7 posts later, TBP's suspicions have crystallized into a plot he knows is too awesome not to be true:
1. Equate white Christians with Muslim terrorists
2. Gun control.
3. Counterbalance the memory of the videos
4. Damage pro-lifers.

Too many benefits for the left for it NOT to be a flase flag.
Partisan Gunslinger knows past BS delusions mean all BS delusions must be true:
And stop with the false flag tinfoil hat crap.

Seven years of Obama, with Fast and Furious, Benghazi tapes, ISIS funding, no such thing as Islamic terrorism, IRS targeting Republicans, etc, and you still think this government is on the up and up?

There's thick, and then there's THICK.
familyop speculates, and then demands real answers, not this damn uncomfortable truth:
From what so many witnesses have said about his occasional, terse speech, maybe the CO Springs police should have neurological (physical) exams done on him. Could be an old physical brain injury or even a birth defect. It appears that his speech may have been more or less limited to things that others have told him.

Incompetent or not, he killed several people. They should stop trying to play political games and get to the real answers regardless of the likely lack of excitement for media or politics.
bdplp has already figured out a narrative of how the left has already figured out a narrative:
No matter what the left is convinced it’s an attack by a right winger against planned parenthood. The left makes up their minds before an investigation. No matter what the reason it does not change the fact that planned parenthood slaughteres unborn babies by the millions.


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