Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Caipirabob really explains why Freepers love Trump regardless of what he does or says:
No one cares if Trump did this or not because it’s irrelevant as a factor regarding his position and what he offers as a Washington outsider being sent to crush e DC elite.

We don’t want a president, we want a wrecking aimed at the hopes and dreams of socialist weenies.

Trumps election is basically the whole of America quoting the Conan line “Crush your enemies, drive them before you, and listen to the Lamentations of their lobbyists...” (Ok, a little liberty taken here.)
Objective Scrutator has turned No True Scottsman into the only true thing:
All liberals are criminals, and all criminals are liberals.

The above statement is 100% certain; the other details are irrelevant.
Objective Scrutator also REALLY hates kids today:
There’s plenty to critique about other generations, but Millenials are absolutely worthless and need to be left to starve in the streets. Make them think twice about Satanism and socialism.
Newtoidaho thinks after the 2016 election the mass lynchings will begin:
What we need to do is build a whole bunch of gallows because in about a year we’re going to need to do a lot of hanging of these criminals currently occupying the federal gov.starting with everyone at the white hut.
Windflier thinks Obama is super-special evil:
None of us has ever seen anything like Obama in our lifetimes. There isn’t one solitary thing he’s done while in office that has benefited the American people. Not one.

He honestly hates this country and its citizens, and has worked tirelessly to harm us in every way possible. I think future Americans will wonder how on earth we kept our cool during his eight long years of wanton destruction.
rarestia fondly remembers when everyone conformed slavishly:
It used to be that society set the rules and the templates, and parents raised their children to abide by those rules. Nowadays, kids are left to “find themselves” and become rogues to conformity. Add on top of that this idea that everyone is a special little flower, and we’ve got a world full of weirdos. Problem is... when everyone’s weird, doesn’t that make weirdness the norm? When will our definition of “normal” become “nonconformist” again?
MayflowerMadam is certain Trump was just using a telescope and not BSing about 9-11:
My husband’s PhD is in Physics/Adaptive Optics and was in charge of the mega telescope at a space surveillance site. He checked out the photos of the telescope in Trump’s penthouse and identified the size, make, etc. He did some calculations and said that with a line of sight to the WTC, the jumpers could’ve been seen — easily and clearly.

I cannot understand why the people in our own party are so vicious when it comes to Trump. I can’t understand why they’d rather see Hillary as president than Trump, but that’s exactly the mindset.
holyscroller reserves his hate for only one corporation:
Anyplace but Starbucks. The owner DESPISES Christians and has stated he does not want Christians even patronizing Starbucks. OK by me!
chasio649 hates Christmas:
If it bothers you, don't shop anywhere. Make Christmas be about Christ and serving others. Shop for groceries only and give them away.

Nice idea....Tired of swapping money with folks that have have very little knowledge of Christ.
Mechanicos want to the Ayn Rand school for indoctrination, I guess:
Thanksgiving used to be taught as an example of why Americans should reject collectivism. This history has been erased from our schools ...
polymuser had a kinda weird plan for Thanksgiving:
Think we’ll all bring our guns, have an after-dinner cleaning & oiling party (love that smell), and talk about government gun grabbing.
marvel5's Putin boner is getting out of control:
Putin is Reagan on steroids.
Pollster1 thinks God Obama is both super weak and super evil:
To the extent that Obama "lacks fire", that is another reason why we should be thankful to God on this Thanksgiving Day. To deal with someone at Obama's level of evil who had all that malice and bigotry plus fire/energy would be too much. God, in His mercy, chose not to throw quite as much at us as he might have.
wideawake explains why every nonviolent drug offender is actually unemployable and violent, and so should stay in jail:
Drug addicts are unemployable and spend all their money on their habits.

Legalizers assume that there are zero consequences to society telling addicts that their life decisions are valid and should be guaranteed by law.

Legalization means more unemployable addicts who will survive by either directly robbing and assaulting productive human beings, or by giving votes to politicians who will indirectly rob productive human beings through taxes and through insane employment laws.

And all addicts are inherently violent - for every "nonviolent" drug addict there is usually at least one friend or family member who has been menaced or assaulted, and who is too embarrassed to file charges.


  1. Did anyone else read rarestia's post in the voice of Sam the Eagle from The Muppet Show?

    1. I didn't, but I went back and did it after your suggestion.

    2. It was the word "weirdo" that did it for me. That, and the rest of the post just seemed to be Sam's style.

  2. At one point during the day the media started calling the rooftop celebrators in NJ Israelis, until it was confirmed they were Israeli MUSLIMS! Every local channel in the NY area was running non stop with these stories.

    Freepers are all furiously Googling to find stories or video footage that will vindicate their hero Donald Trump for claiming to have seen massive Muslim tailgate parties on rooftops on 9/11, so I can't believe that by now one of them hasn't come across the Urban Movers / Mossad story about the men who were seen filming and cheering the towers as they burned, detained for questioning, failed lie detectors, and were deported. If they have come across them, they are quietly sweeping it under the rug like parcel_of_rogues, above, by calling them Israeli MUSLIMS. All for the sake of their narrative -- and we all know how they hate people who push "narratives," as with the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter.

    Even though there's no evidence of these tailgate parties, why would celebrating a tragedy offend them? They're all busy doing a victory lap over the PP shooting because they certainly haven't expressed any sympathy for the victims (none of whom were even getting an abortion: a mother of two, a cop, and an Iraq war veteran). I thought "all lives" mattered.

    I didn't think they could get any crazier, but they're all full-on crazy now, and getting more whipped up by the day.

  3. "He did some calculations and said that with a line of sight to the WTC, the jumpers could’ve been seen — easily and clearly."

    But then you'd have to wonder what kind of disgusting fuck would be looking through a telescope just to see people jump out of buildings...and then wonder why you'd want someone like that as your president.