Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Pix

The war in Freep is intensifying.
Noted conservative Sam Elliott.
The man to lead our nation.
They try so hard to cry racism.
Obama is gonna kill us all and then be gay!
Travis McGee has decided that Obama is behind all the college protests lately.
Patton@Bastogne has started awful attack-collages about Carson like he did Romney.
Nice of the Founding Fathers to sign their note.
Waaah, our angry brand of Christianity is losing the culture war!


  1. I wonder how it feels to make money running a racist hate site. Jim has salted away enough money to last him the rest of his life and then leave something to his family. He's taken in millions. Is this the way he want's to present himself to St. Peter? Hi, I'm Jim Robinson and I ran a hate group. You hate niggers too, don't you Jesus? And Mexicans. You hate them too, don't you? Wait... what? Why is everything on fire here?

  2. Patton@Bastogne fashions himself as some political prognosticator, but he's really just some self-inflated guy who reads FR and thinks he's some mastermind because he can gather 9 other like-minded morons in a rented Holiday Inn boardroom to watch the debate.

    We REALLY need a spotlight on him Oz!

    1. Haha, I had him on my list a couple of years ago but he was so repetitive in his copypastes I took him off again.

      You're right - he's back on!

  3. God wants you to pack heat in church.
    Because screw faith. Also, prayers don't keep you safe, only guns do.
    Remind me again what we need God for?