Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Obama shoots down Russian Jet, is Gay.

It's a helluva international incident, and I'm still not quite sure what to make of the ramifications. But Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet after it flew over their airspace. Obama backed up Turkey, who is a member of NATO. So if Putin attacks Turkey, we're at war with Russia barring some fancy diplomatic footwork.

But Freepers don't much care about that - World War 3 is already happening in their heads, so all they care about is how to use this against Obama, or whoever else they don't like this momen.

Cue the half-baked conspiracies! Always good for when you're confused by events, but know you want to use them to attack Obama.

Neoliberalnot finds deciding who to side with is independent of what happened:
I side with Putin any day over a pack of Turkish Muslims.
soycd agrees - Turkey is preemptively evil.
Ethnic Russians are not evil islamo filth like Snackbar refuge in turkey. turkey should be removed from NATO or have its islamo government removed.
Democratic-Republican will NEVAR FORGET!
I'll warm up to Turkey when they give us back Constantinople. This would be a wonderful gesture of peace towards the West because as we all know, Islam is a religion of peace.
Cruz2Victory also digs deep into history to find a reason to resent Turkey:
Putin is right. Our muslims in the white house are happy that Turkey went all muslim again. Isis IS Islam, without all the head fakes. Turkey is where the muslims ended up last worldwide jihad, I think. They are just staging where they can pick up where they left off.
Zuben Elgenubi thinks Russia is just a catspaw of...Iran?
Somebody is bankrolling Putin during this war. Russia's GDP equals that of Italy. Does anyone think Italy could afford such military adventures?

Question is who is bankrolling. Putin was in Teheran the past two day, claiming part of that $150 billion in Iranian money, selling anti aircraft missles and uranium (of all things).
Blackyce thinks everyone is working for some Muslim!
Seems Turkey and Obama are working for the Jihadist.

Seems like Putin is working for the Ayatollahs.
Just like the Jews of the 1930s, the Muslims secretly control everything!

Biggirl loves her some Putin.
Turkey must have lost its collective mind.

Don’t f*** around with Putin. Unlike Obama, he actually means business.

BINGO! We have a WINNER!
Jeez, Biggirl! Calm yourself!
Unlike Obama, Putin puts his money where his mouth is. Erdogan had better watch his step.

Yep, because you cannot mess around with Putin.
manc thinks Obama ordered Turkey to do this:
Hmmm, doubt Turkey gave this order on their own..something stinks & it’s coming from the White Hut.

My thoughts too.

Fairy boy needs a diversion and a break from Russia’s bombing. What better way than to get the Turks who are and have never been a friend of ours to shoot a Russian plane down, thus hide behind NATO.

This all stinks of the white house yet again protecting ISIS and their crony pals.
butlerweave also thinks Obama's behind this:
Shooting down a Russian jet ,a little something Obama’s people and Turkey’s President cooked up at the G20 meeting to try to stop Putin bombing their friends
CivilWarBrewing doesn't really bother to think too hard about his Obama blaming:
Our Satan-in-Chief is trying to start WWIII.
Trumpinator does not take kindly to people noting that Russia isn't a superpower:
Russia does not have the means to declare and enforce a no fly zone over Syria. The US could do it, but not Russia.

Sorry for the Putanista’s reading this, but Russia’s military isn’t really all that strong. Only a fraction of it is considered 1st world and even Turkey could chase them out of Syria is they wanted.

Go back to Mecca.
dp0622 also finds blind hate to be a simplifying force on foreign affairs:
Not one drop of blood defending muslims anywhere anymore!!!!

and @$#@#$ the term “moderate rebels”.

What does that mean anyway? will someone PLEASE explain that to me.

Is that admitting that there are extremist muslim rebels? Obummer never uses that term, so what’s a moderate muslim look like.
dragnet2 is very pro-Putin, and is all over these boards defending him with some choice Freeper logic:
Our sovereign borders are violated by millions from God knows where during war time, leaving hundreds of thousands of American victims.

How come you and Obama not all concerned with that?
dragnet2 in a similarly fallacious vein:
Obama agrees with Turkey’s actions, and it appears you agree with Obama. No?
The best part? in Freeperland, that's legit reasoning!

dragnet2's rhetorical dudgeon gets so high he kinda throws over France and England and all US allies:
Anyone Obama supports or allies himself with, such as Turkey and ISIS, is suspect and questionable from my perspective.
Mat_Helm wants Obama impeached for treating our NATO ally Turkey like an ally:
Why is Obama still in office and not impeached? The muslim president is a traitor. Obomination arms ISIS and sends in U.S. aircraft to protect Turkey who is supplying ISIS and buying and shipping the ISIS oil in turn supplying ISIS with arms and Toyota trucks. Turkey bombs the Kurds who are the only folks standing their ground and killing ISIS. Why on earth are we letting Obama get away with this?
I know it's sorta sarcastic, but Forward the Light Brigade seems pretty excited about nuclear war, actually.
how many Nukes would turn the USA into a 3rd World pest hole?

The Good news—The illegals will flee first rather than glow and be drafted. Black Lives Matter will fade as the fake crisis it is when the Urban Blacks are killed in the Millions by Russian Nukes. We will not need to worry about Bruce Jenner when there is no internet or electricity any more. It will not be Global Warming—but Nuclear Winter to worry about. The draft will end unimployment problems. No need to worry about elections when Obama has the congress make him President-for-life.
Realizing that America hates Obama, stboz prays to Putin to save us all:
Here’s hoping Vladimir Vladimirovich realizes the p_Resident is no longer our “favorite” to live in the White Hut. Perhaps he can suggest that the Congress do its constitutional duty and impeach the boy.
Meanwhile, Cedar wishes Free Republic would stop with the humor already!
This thread is great. Lots of information. And no (lame) jokes being posted. This is FR at its best.

I know so little about the subject, I sure can’t comment on Putin and Turkey. But this thread is a place to learn— and an example of what FR can be once again if the constant joking will stop. A little humor is fine, but the comedians are trying to take over. I wonder sometimes if they are liberal plants just trying to wear everyone out. Many threads will have 50 joke attempts but only 3 or 4 informed posts.


  1. I don't know, Trump supporters have beat up a homeless man and now a protestor at a Trump rally. Some bigots shot at black lives matter protest.
    The violence and ignorance they espouse isn't so funny when some of them seem to be acting on it. I only hope this is the worst of it, but it's a pretty faint hope.

  2. Freeper's on coping with them liberal kin...again

  3. Rush is talking about this right now (11:30 AM, CDT, 25 NOV 2015). Basically talking points for liberals to memorize for talking about current events with their Republican relatives at Thanksgiving gatherings...

    Said the guys who lives in an echo chamber that permits no dissent.

    The irony of quoting Rush Limbaugh to complain about people who don't know what to think without receiving talking points . . . .