Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Spotlight: Sooth2222

This Freeper is a poll watcher and prognosticator. And he's been a member since 2000. So we get the whole Romney unskewed polling drama. And then we get the whole Hillary v. Obama spy-vs-spy thing that Freepers have been speculation about since 2008, and continue to assume guides all Hillary's electoral woes. Recently obsessed with Joe Biden sweeping in, and he's still having some trouble letting go:

He's a "native American."
It makes my native American blood boil to see an Indian on the flag of the liberal cesspool of Massachusetts. (If libs can complain about the Confederate flag, I can have hurty feelers about the Massachusetts flag.)
Grimly joking about how many immoral entitlements he's on:
I am a card carrying geezer so I appreciate our nation's youth toiling under the hot sun to enhance the quality of my golden years (in addition to paying off their overpriced school loans), but my point is that Medicare premiums are heavily subsidized by other taxpayers.
Some 2008 political predictions:
There have been three (3) Democrats who have won the White house since the Civil War with a majority of the popular vote -- FDR, LBJ and Jimmy Carter. When Republicans win, they usually win with a majority of the popular vote, 2000 being an anomaly. When Democrats win, there is usually a third-party candidate to split the conservative vote, and they win with less than 50% (like Clinton did twice).
And in 2012, Romney's height will assure victory:
ABC News: "Caveman Politics: Americans Like Their Presidents Tall"

(This was probably written before ABC received their marching orders from the Obama campaign!)

Human beings are visual creatures, so I doubt it. Romney will be one-up on Zero before he even opens his mouth. He's taller, frankly much better looking than 0bama and just looks more "presidential".
More fun with historical statistics:
I don't think anyone has ever been re-elected with the unemployment rate above 8% in the post-WW2 era. (That would be a "real" unemployment rate, not a gov't-massaged number.)

I don't see how that can happen. Even if the Supremes kill that huge Obamacare employment penalty before November 2012.
Obama is doooomed in 2012:
I doubt he'll win either in 2012. Many conservatives just stayed home in 2008. They'll crawl to the polls over burning embers in November to vote against Zero.
Alas, he seems to have taken election night off so far as I can tell. The next post his has is on gasoline rationing on November 8, 2012.

Well in 2014, Obama will be revealed to be gay:
Look for Mossad to post some of the video they took of Obama and Reggie to YouTube shortly.
College didn't seem to go well:
"University students emotionally disturbed"

That was true when I was in college and it's even more true today!
Technically, science is never settled!
"it is not a settled science"

What science has ever been settled? The UN is like the medieval church, except their god is environmentalism.
But the idea that police have stepped back since Ferguson is settled as hell:
to a theory that is far from settled: that the increased attention on the police has made officers less aggressive and emboldened criminals.

Not settled???? In other news today, water is wet and fire is hot.

OF COURSE if you threaten someone with prosecution and imprisonment for doing his job, he is going to be less enthusiastic about doing his job!!!!!!
That racist church shooter? Does anyone really know what color anyone is, man?
"a younger white man"

I'd agree with "younger", but "white"???? He looks to have a skin tone similar to Rachel Dolezal.

Or Obama.
His theory about the FBI investigation of Hillary:
I think this may all be kabuki.

Valerie Jarrett started the ball rolling on the e-mail scandal.

Obama can't appear to be working to eliminate the first serious female presidential candidate. The FBI needs to make its recommendations and then Obama's Justice Department needs to "reluctantly" go along with the recommendations. But meanwhile, Creepy Uncle Joe is tanned, rested and waiting in the wings.

This seems to be an open-and-shut case. What is taking the FBI so long?
Hillary is unelectable:
If the Republicans nominate Trump and he's unelectable, and the Democrats nominate ... any one of their candidates, and he or she is unelectable -- somebody must still win!

The Democrats wouldn't be trying so hard to get Biden into the race if they thought Hillary was electable. Joe Biden as the Democrat's "Hail Mary" pass is pathetic!
And then Biden drops out. PROOF he'll be nominated!
IMO, this is a sign of increased chances of Hillary being indicted, not decreased chances. (The cover story might be "suddenly" discovering serious health problems and needing to spend more time with Bill, Chelsea, Charlotte... A plea bargain should spare her prison time -- imagine the logistics of Secret Service protection in a Federal prison?)
It's all getting waaaaaaay to complicated:
This is the first time I can recall Obama disagreeing with Comey on anything. And .. therefore .. I’m wondering if this is the beginning of the Admin’s disapproval of Comey; causing the DOJ to stop him from charging Hillary with anything ..??

But Obama's Rasputin, Valerie Jarrett hates Clinton. But Biden just denied Maureen Dowd's story about Beau Biden begging his father to run while on his deathbed.

So the Obama Justice department should prosecute Clinton. Which the FBI wouldn't want to do because they are fighting with Obama? Unless Obama is setting up a scenario where he has "plausible deniability" about influencing a prosecution of Clinton.

This is all getting waaaaaaaay too complicated.


  1. If it's getting too complicated, I recommend writing it down. Check the grammar and spelling, flesh out the characters and add some original characters to the story if needed. Maybe once it's done, it can be submitted it to a fan fiction website.

  2. Crazy Muslims get crazy when you destroy the Qu'ran...crazy FReepers get crazy when you destroy a copy of the Constitution:

    Tell me...what's the difference?

  3. "Key Clinton's emails did not contain highly classified secrets, inquiry finds"

    Gen.Blather: "This article is intended to reach the yeah-but-it’s-not- rape-rape liberal."

    hmm ... let's ask todd akin

    Freepers share totally true stories of their badass exploits in 5th grade
    Freepers bicker on for pages of name-calling over the exact wording of a sentence on the West Point web site