Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Art in Idaho is letting Trump know how to lock up the coveted NewsMax demographic:
Levin, Rush and Hannity as moderators or no more debates. They'll also be the moderators in the Trump/Hillary or Cruz/Hillary debates - or no debates. End of story. Start doing the Art of the Deal. Why should the left always determine the agenda? The MSM are all dem activists. To hell with them. These are our terms. Take it or leave it. Oh, and we need to know in one hour. .
KGeorge had some darker folks open a store near him, and is ready to start shooting:
Our government won’t take *common sense* steps to remove the threat of terrorism from our communities, then the people in those communities need to drive them out & God Willing, law enforcement will look the other way.

If the government can make lame excuses, then so should we.

(My neighborhood is overrun. Another new muzzie business opened up a little ways down the street just last weekend.)
frnewsjunkie is pretty excited about firing all Muslims, and forgetting about the Constitution:
I have no, absolutely NO qualms about shutting down mosques, keeping refugees out.. firing muslims from teaching, preaching, government jobs.. this is not normal times when we have the luxury of giving any of them due rights afforded to the rest of Americans.

This has gone on long enough. They are not here to assimilate.. they are here to take over.. to kill if they can and if we don’t conform to their ways.. to their sharia laws.. to their beliefs.

they are not here to be nice... they are here to take over this country.. America.. and take Jerusalem as their capital.. where they believe they can rule the world..

Given the fact they believe they are the only ones who have a god... forgetting/disbelieving in THE GOD.
WilliamofCarmichael thinks going Nazi on the Muslims would just be karma:
Talk about Karma! What if the very same Islamists partnered with Hitler to rid the planet of Jews really were subject to the very same abuse.

The difference of course is the Jews were not beheading, raping, murdering . . . .

Nothing wrong with nice comfortable "Sharia Camps" for Islamists, Jihadists..

while secular Muslims are accepted and protected. In my view.
Cen-Tejas is very excited about the idea of a new World War 2, but this time versus Muslims:
I think we are close to a WW II type effort! Meaning “The Allies” took on the Axix powers and devoted 100% of all nations human and material and emotional resources to the eradication of the Nazis and the Japs and the fascists of Mussolini.

Now, WW III will concern itself with turning Islam into the same dirty word “Nazi” has evolved to and the N word!

All western countries are going to have to join in and occupy whatever and whichever Muslim lands to eradicate 12th Century Islam. In the course of executing the “occupation” all principles and adherents of radical Islam will be hung, just like we hung the Nazis and the Japs and Hussein.
KittenClaws is all about literally branding Muslims:
I was thinking more along the lines of an image of a pig branded onto their foreheads.

Terrorists can not be compared to Jewish suffering. The Jews of Germany did noting to deserve their treatment, but muslim pigs have.
Sans-Culotte cites with approval previous attempts at genocide:
To me, this has to be handled the same way as the persecution of the medieval Jews or the American Indians. If we decide we cannot live with bombings and mass shootings and sabotage on a regular basis, we are going to have to expunge the people who are doing this.

It would mean we would be living in a place where there are signs that say things like "no Muslims allowed". Muslims will walk into establishments and be told "we don't serve your kind here!"

They will have to be run off, or treated so badly they carry themselves off. They are too entrenched in our society to do this any other way.

Do we as a people want to go there? Surely some innocent people would be caught in the nets along with the guilty. But it is clear that Islam is simply not compatible with any of the ideals of the West.
dragnet2 has decided zombie-like is just an insult and needn't have anything to do with zombies:
It’s a no brainer really. The violent zombie like fanatics want in so they can kill us. So why not just come in like millions of others have done illegally for decades. Things need to change fast.
silverleaf saw a sinister tour bus!!!
I have read other reports of people seeng buses loaded with ui people, heavily tinted windows , heading to parts unknown

Time to start paying attention
DungeonMaster hates his Democratic parents:
Everything he says is so infuriating I can no longer talk peaceable with any Democrats. Maybe my parents but I don’t like doing it.
subterfuge tells what everyone knows:
Trumpinator explains that electing Obama made America Muslim property:
Once a Muslim like Obama rules a country it falls under the Islamic concept of religious conquest of the infidel aka fatih and is to be forever ruled by a Muslim or to be retaken in jihad if need be.

As soon as Obama became president, in the eyes of the "Ummah" the USA is fatih and the non Muslims dhimmis of that land to be enslaved as the Muslims see fit.
lgjhn23 thinks it's time to assassinate Mr. Media:
When a fish stinks, the head stinks first.
Who is the head of most of the Media?
That’s the person that’s pulling the strings.
Take that person out of the picture and the media should go back to being just the media.
Dagnabitt thinks Carson only got where he is because he's black:
Ben Carson is the least qualified candidate running for president. A serial exaggerator with zero executive experience and zero legislative experience - were he white, he would be anonymous.
Norm Lenhart goes one step further and speculates that only a white dude could actually be a good a brain surgeon:
I am starting to seriously wonder if all the stories of his brilliance as a surgeon arent like those of Obama being a constitutional scholar. Did Carson do all there freat feats in the OR or was he assisting someone else of a lighter color that actually did the work?

I am not saying that is the case. But I have one hell of a hard time equating the ‘reputation’ with the reality of the man.
I love it when Freepers like dhs12345 thinks some petty little tantrum would actually be a grand gesture and bring America over to the GOP:
The candidates should show up and then refuse to answer any questions. And use CNNs expensive air time to demand an apology and to discuss the selective editing of the audio tape.

And then, spend the remaining time walking out to the audience and shaking everyone’’s hands.


  1. I can never get enough of how freepers think that Donald Trump is running for "King of America".

    I could almost welcome a Trump presidency just to witness the tea-bag tears when he doesn't do one damned thing about gays, illegals, or muslims, and cavorts with the same liberal friends he has always cavorted with.

  2. "this is not normal times when we have the luxury of giving any of them due rights afforded to the rest of Americans."

    in freeperville, rights are like umbrellas we let certain people carry around only on sunny days.

  3. Amendment XXV, Section 4 - Removal of incapacitated President

    JimRob weighs in on the question of Obama's sanity:

    Obviously, Obama is pretty close to insanity. They should not allow an insane president to run our country into the ground.

    The thread is a rich mine for conspiracy theories, but there's also a side conversation engaging in a bit of nostalgia for 5.25 inch floppy discs.