Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

dragonblustar is thinking seriously about the logistics behind the Pope calling a crusade:
How about instead starting a new crusade?

Big problem is that majority of Europe has become atheist or agnostic since the last crusade.

When reading the Bible, every time Israel strayed from God, God would use foreign armies to destroy her. Seems this same thing is happening to Europe.

America has been invaded too, but most of our invaders are at least from Catholic countries. That is until recently, when Obama has increased the number of muslims coming in.
Mr Ramsbotham knows compassion and empathy are just weapons of the enemy now:
Too bad for the orphans, but the enemies of Western civilization have used our compassion and empathy, the likes of which have never been seen in human history, as a bludgeon to continually beat us with. We haven’t any more the luxury of allowing it, just as the ancient Jews discovered that they could no longer honor the Sabbath when under attack.
Chgogal knows what to do with refugees, or as he calls them 'combatants in civilian garb.'
[T]he rubber boats with combatants in civilian garb need to be sunk on sight.
Biggirl is pretty happy with the carnage in Paris:
Pretty much the events of last week handed to Mr. Trump the 2016 Presidential election.
Prolixus is sure Hillary will institute the police state Obama never did:
If the SPLC gets their way, and they often do, we will be charged with hate crimes for visiting FR. Hillary Clinton quite readily stated that the NRA and "probably" Republicans are her enemies. If she is elected POTUS, what do you think will happen?
CivilWarBrewing continues to be angry and paranoid re: Obama and Muslims:
I'm sure this will 'inspire' 0bamadullah to ACCELERATE the import of Syrian 'refugees'. Dirty rotten TRAITOR SOB MARXIST MUSLIM GAY ILLEGAL ALIEN HE IS.

How many people have to DIE at the hand of the DEATH CULT CALLED ISLAM before people realize that ISLAM MUST BE OUTLAWED AS IT IS A DEATH CULT THAT PREYS ON THE INNOCENT?

Walkingfeather is carefully parsing Obama's speech about Paris:
notice how he is careful to say “ How We need to make sure children are not being infected with this twisted notion that they can somehow kill innocent people....”

You are focusing on the wrong part... you are focusing on the “We” It is the last part of the sentence ... the notion of killing “ INNOCENT” people. You see he believes that the Koran is Holy and scared, he believes that alah has judged already and therefore others ARE NOT INNOCENT! That is the point.
Salvavida wants some quality Franch ethnic cleansing:
The only metrics that are real are those that correspond to reality: kick the Muslims out of France, burn their mosques to the ground, and bring the sword to them without quarter.
JimSEA finds new depths to his hate:
I had thought that nothing Obama could say could further deepen my hatred for Obama. I was wrong, his speech was stunning.
miss marmelstein, who claims an encyclopedic understanding of gay people, is going to burn bridges with some transsexual she knows.
What do you tell a friend who has just told you that his niece is now a nephew (a scientist, by the way) and you have to accept it?

She, of course, was a lesbian who decided to do The Full Monty. My friend expected me to jump with joy and I didn’t. I told him it was ridiculous and that I had no intention of honoring her choice. I just will avoid her like the plague!
txrefugee slanders Truman:
Putin sounds like Truman.
I Hired Craig Livingston may not be clear on the Nazi philosophy:
Himmler, at least, is on record as bemoaning the fact that Germans hadn’t adopted Islam because it was compatible with their aims and Christianity was counterproductive to it.
Norm Lenhart is hoping Russia takes us over:
We proved we are too collectively stupid to live as free people and govern ourselves. A guy like Putin looks good to anyone remaining sane when compared to the tribal chaos of Obamerica.

When Russia traces these guys to a Barry/GOP funding source, we should turn them ALL over willingly and wash our hands of it. Them and any of their lesser evil accomplices.
dp0622 is too furious to copyedit his story about how his coworkers were all strawman liberals whose bedroom habits he knows very well:
guy in nyc told me there were only 8. out of ALL those refugees.

heard the same thing when i worked at rock plaza during 9/11 from some gay dude

i wanted to slug the guy..

another guy actually told me the following,



Sorry, forgot to shut off caps.

Very German looks. blond/blue. that was different.

lots of gay guys in graphics. maybe 20 percent of us were straight. which was cool because the gals in the office were gorgeous. INSANE but gorgeous.

the only conservative besides boss out of 50 workers, was i.

boss was a real white power kind of guy lol.

i went along with it and had it made Then a fellow paesono took over and i had it made :)
Jim Robinson is pining for McCarthyism, but against Muslims:
Muslims use our laws and freedoms of religion to fight against any constrictions or interference in their agenda and establishment of their Mosques and Community Centers as their beach heads.....they utilize a vast number of ‘Attorneys’ who focus on just how to ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ our laws and freedoms favorably toward Muslims but their motives have nothing to do with “freedom’.....rather to continue the march of making America an Islamic Nation.

‘Stealth Jihad” is making huge progress here ...and they have many times said they will conquer this nation without firing a single bullet as they infiltrate our political and legal systems. There is no pushback currently to speak of against this.

Someone in congress needs to take this subversive un-American activity into question. Are you now or have you ever been a jihadist?
Jane Long is sure all the people she has made up are working together:
Jihadists an Commies are in cahoots to achieve their ultimate goal of infiltrating and destroying the USA.
Objective Scrutator wishes we had the election while people are at their most objective:
I wish the election was held today. Conservatives would win in a blowout, and no realistic amount of Dhimmicrat poll-tampering would change that.
Dead Corpse is still making dire threats of violence:
If you want to see what “deadly rage” really looks like, keep pushing us you jug-eared freak.

Shall not be infringed.


  1. Oz, some GREAT Trump "thousands of Muslims cheered 9-11" posts with the typical horseshit responses you'd expect and enjoy.

    My favorite are the "my friend knows a guy who met a stranger who said....."


    1. RimJob does his best to carry water for Trump's statement about "thousands and thousands of Muslims cheering 9-11."

      This is all he could find:

      Northern New Jersey Draws Probers' Eyes [muslims cheer in NJ after 9/11]: "In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners' plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river."

      ...followed by the sycophantic "good find boss!" and "I knew this happened!"

      An example of Freepers REALLY stretching the bounds of reality.

    2. But no mention at all of the guys from Urban Moving Systems, Inc. who were deported after they were picked up for cheering and filming 9/11?

    3. FR is totally not a cult, you guys.


  2. I thought that if a site owner profited from hate (see above), PayPal would dump them?

    1. The threshold for "hate" must be pretty friggin' high these days, if that site doesn't qualify.

    2. Has anyone tried contacting PayPal about it? What about the southern poverty law center?

  3. "INSANE but gorgeous" = sane enough to freeze out dp0622

  4. "Jihadists an Commies are in cahoots"

    even freeptards know there just aren't enough jihadis to destroy america, but they can always rely on the commies to help.